Humanitarian aid from ordinary citizens of Ukraine is the real proof of magnanimity

Humanitarian aid to Mariupol from Dnipropetrovsk

Humanitarian aid to Mariupol from Dnipropetrovsk 


Article by: Maxym Borodin

Dear apologists of “Russian world and spiritual braces”!

You can endlessly tell me about all Slavs being “brothers” to each other.

But all your stories are contradicted by the fact that I do not see in Mariupol any humanitarian aid collected by ordinary Russian citizens, but I see aid from ordinary Ukrainian citizens!

Today, thanks to the participation of Peter Andryushchenko, one fund from Dnipropetrovsk brought to Mariupol humanitarian aid collected by residents of Dnipropetrovsk.

Almost 6(!) pallets with foodstuffs. It is evident that the food was bought in supermarkets by residents themselves – quality of many items were selected “as for themselves”!

When you see such help, you realize why we resist Russia with its imperial idea that a man is nothing, and the empire is everything. Together, we are building a new civil society, in which the main value is the person. And however hard it will be, we will succeed. In spite of everything.

P.S. Today, part of the aid already we already sorted, tomorrow we’ll finish the rest. All will be transferred to those most in need of assistance. A priority will be to those who left their houses without anything, i.e. from the area of Shirokino, etc. Part of the aid will be shared with the Telmanovskiy area.

Humanitarian aid to Mariupol from Dnipropetrovsk

Humanitarian aid to refugees in Mariupol from ordinary people of Dnipropetrovsk

Translated by: A. N.

Source: UAINFO

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