Debaltseve evacuated — 600 choose Ukraine, 30 Russia



On Friday, February 6, units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)  and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine evacuated some 600 people from Debaltseve to a safe zone,

MIA advisor Zorian Shkiriak wrote about it on his Facebook page, reports Espreso TV.

debaltseve2“Debaltseve. Today units of the Ministry of Interior and the State Emergency Service continued to evacuate people to a safe zone. Over all, we were able to evacuate almost 600 people. Everything was organized quite clearly and efficiently. Together with (Ukrainian National Guard officer) Ilya Kiva we talked with people, trying to convince them. It is worth noting that those who even several days ago did not trust anyone or were cautious asked for help today. Some of those who still were not ready in the morning spontaneously decided to leave Debaltseve. We found room for everyone. All our vehicles that left for Artemivsk, Sloviansk, Kramatorsk were overflowing. However, the buses provided by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the militants stood empty,” he wrote.

According to Shkiriak, a  bus convoy was not formed to avoid becoming an easy target for the terrorists. Therefore they “sent the filled vehicles under the supervision of MIA and the State Emergency Service.”

Shkiriak added that the representative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General (Oleksandr) Rozmaznin, who has been staying in the area in recent days, was in attendance. Also present were representatives of the OSCE and Russian generals, members of the Contact Group on Ukraine (monitoring the ceasefire agreed to during negotiations by the Tripartite Contact Group in Minsk — Ed.)

“Everyone else who decided to stay for now has been given all possible assistance to survive in these hellish conditions,” Shkiriak said, adding that evacuations of those willing to leave Debaltseve would continue in the coming days.

debaltseve5He also called on citizens to be guided solely by official information received directly from the ATO and National Security and Defense staff regarding the organization of the so-called “green corridors.”

According to Shkiriak, about 2,000 inhabitants remain in Debaltseve currently.

“Thirty people expressed a desire to go to the territory controlled by the Russian horde. It should be noted that the Russian generals, together with the terrorists, sent almost 25 large buses here. They probably were counting on crowds of the willing. However, that didn’t happen. They were not able to fill even a single bus. I think no comments are needed,” he concluded.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Espreso TV

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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Sums it all up I guess. This explains why Crimea was seized as it was. Russia’s neighbors will soon be building walls around Russia to keep muscovites out.

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      Would be funny to read their comments !

    2. Avatar Slitzh says:

      Go figure, the Crimean people voted to be free from the pro-USA nazi/oligarch government imposted on them.. Not only the election but post-election polls by both Ukraine and USA has verified the referendum results several times. Even pro-USA propaganda outlets seized by nazists after the coup cannot hide that fact.

      “A total of 82% of the population of the Crimea fully support
      Russia’s annexation of the peninsula, according to a poll carried out by
      the GfK Group research institute in Ukraine, Ukrainian online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda reported on Wednesday.”

      “The results of the survey by the Broadcasting Board of Governors,
      conducted 21–29 April 2014, showed that 83% of Crimeans felt that the
      results of the March 16 referendum on Crimea’s status likely reflected
      the views of most people there. Whereas, this view is shared only by 30%
      in the rest of Ukraine.”,_2014

      1. Avatar gmab says:

        You must be a new troll. Even your “Hero” Strelkov/Girkin” said the Vote was a Sham. Crawl back into your RT box & shut the lid!

      2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

        Dude, this is just pathetic. Do you really believe that readers outside of Russia are so ill-informed as Russians, so you can say anything you want and everyone will just believe you? You, the reliable fount of information? Are you people for real?

        Putin’s own Human Rights Commission, a Russian government body, published its report on the Crimean “referendum.” It was quickly taken down from their website by other Russian authorities, but lots of copies survived. Other readers interested can find it (maybe someone can post a link?). Putins own people reported a 35% actual turn out, and 25% ish voting to seperate from Ukraine.

        Unfortunately, regardless of the numbers, private property owners in Crimea had/have no legal power to determine the national alignment of their property without the rest of Ukraine also voting. In order to secure huge funding for their annual budget from the citizens of the rest if Ukraine (the rest of Ukraine paid 75% of their budget), they agreed to live under the Ukrainian constitution. And changing of borders requires a full national referendum in Ukraine. That’s why almost every other nation and legal body on the planet refused to recognize the “referendum” in any way.

      3. Avatar LorCanada says:

        This is further information:

        Crimea annexed:

        See this explanation by a Ukrainian parliamentarian in March 2014:

        [Mustafa Dzhemilev says]:
        Giving Crimea up to Russia, he said, would be a violation of 1994’s Budapest Agreement in which Russia and Western powers guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

        “It would be a great tragedy for all Crimean people – not only for Crimean Tatars but also for ethnic Ukrainians and tens of thousands of ethnic Russians – who do not accept the Russian citizenship.”

        Russia says over 95% of Crimeans voted in favor of joining Russia in a referendum held among the presence of Russian troops, but Dzhemilev said it was hardly a representative vote.

        “The official authorities claim that officially 82% of Crimean population voted; but in fact we do have evidence that only 32.4% of Crimean people voted.”

        He said it was based on data that was “quite accurate.”

        Tatars, who he said represent 14% of the Crimean population, boycotted the vote; Dzhemilev said only 0.5% of Tatars voted.

        Dzhemilev had a chance to plead his case in a conversation with the Russian president himself, Vladimir Putin, before Crimea held its referendum.

        “We had half an hour talk.”

        “I told Mister Putin that we do not accept this planned, forthcoming referendum, because it’s an absurd referendum under an occupational regime, and this regime contradicts some elementary, basic norms.”

        The future of any particular Ukrainian territory cannot be decided locally, he said, without agreement of the rest of the country.

  2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    NO COMMENT ! That is worth more than any useless pro-russian referedum or elections. 4,76% for how many busses RIDICULOUS !

    1. Avatar Guest says:

      Not that I want to ruin your brainwashing but…The pro-USA Ukrainian authorities did not inform the citizens that they could evacuate to Novorossiya..Also it was too Novorossiya they evacuated not to Russia..But facts is not something that matter much on propaganda outlets such as this, for that matter 1.2 million Ukrainians have already fled to Russia to escape forced conscripts and nazi violence..

      1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        Well , where are your 1,2 millions ukrainians ?
        Calculators, computer, and vodka do not go well together. You have to make a choice , I recommend vodka, more accurate !

        1. Avatar LAWL says:

          Check UN and OSCE sources.
          And BTW, that attempt to discredit your interlocutor by using some ethinc stereotypes was extremly lame.
          If I had to lower to your level I would say that you ate too much salo and horilka. But I won’t do that.

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            This United Nations source? That points out 980,000 Donbas refugees are registered in free Ukraine? As of February 6th?


            Thank you for pointing that out

            How many refugees from Ukraine to Russia were exiled to Siberia? Curious why Russia doesn’t post some numbers about that….they should take a few more named Zakharchenko, Pushulin, Gubarov, Plotnisky and all the other Russian sponsored terrorist leaders and take back all their own Russian citizens fighting in Donbas.

      2. Avatar JJ says:

        Slitzh again… Russian troll alert!

      3. Avatar Brent says:

        You are the one brainwashed. There is no such thing as “Novorossiya” other than in the minds of Putin, his terrorists, and USEFUL IDIOTS like you. You mindless sheep will try to spin anything.

        As an example of what a stupid Kremlin propaganda lying troll you are, here’s the U.N.s latest numbers on the number of INTERNALLY DISPLACED UKRAINIANS: 980,000. The overall that have left the region is over 1.5 million BUT CLEARLY, MOST CHOOSE TO STAY IN UKRAINE. Those numbers are as of YESTERDAY. The source of those numbers? The United Nations. The same organization Russia keeps blocking from sending peacekeepers into Donbas

        How does it feel to know you support a tyrant like Putin, a murdering lying little runt of a being, and a country that has forced over 1.5 million people from their homes and killed over 11,000 people in less than a year. Does it feel good to know you support them?

        Some of those 1.6 million people should be given your home and you should be the one forced out because of Putin.

      4. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

        78% that’s…SEVENTY EIGHT PERCENT…of the russian parliament are neo nazi, protofascist and extreme right nationalists. This is a FACT. Simply research russian parliament or russian Duma online. Russia will continue to shrivel to an insignificant impoverished regional mafia state- on the level of a Nigeria. Meanwhile Ukraine will prevail and will prosper

      5. Avatar Miroslaw says:

        My understanding of your opinion is that the action taken by a small portion of evacuees justifies Russia’s military insurrection into Ukrainian territory. Following your statement, one can reason a hypothetical example where I should move into your house and kick you out by force because your dog like me.

        1. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

          Good analogy, but trust me, no matter how nice a dog the Putinbot has, you don’t want to live where it lives. 🙂 Even the Putinbot would leave if it could. Why do you think the children of all the Russian politicians and oligarchs live abroad, many even in the US? Nobody wants to live in Russia if they have any other possibility.

        2. Avatar Brent says:

          Read the U.N. article I posted. As of Friday February 6th, over 1.5 million had fled Donbas, over 980,000 of which have fled to Ukraine. Where you get your “1 million fled to Russia” which is the clear aggressor state from. The U.N. also states the 600,000 fled to ‘other countries, not all to Russia. Some have gone to Belarus and no one is disputing a large number have gone to Russia.

          BUT PLEASE ANSWER THIS: If Putin had NOT invaded Ukraine, would any of them had to flee? If the Russian sponsored terrorists in Donbas had not started seizing buildings, had not started murdering innocent citizens like Volodomyr Rybak, Yuri Papravko and others BEFORE Ukraine even sent in their ATO forces, would any of them have had to flee?

        3. Avatar Brent says:

          Read the U.N. article I posted. As of Friday February 6th, over 1.5 million had fled Donbas, over 980,000 of which have fled to Ukraine. Where you get your “1 million fled to Russia” which is the clear aggressor state from. The U.N. also states the 600,000 fled to ‘other countries, not all to Russia. Some have gone to Belarus and no one is disputing a large number have gone to Russia.

          BUT PLEASE ANSWER THIS: If Putin had NOT invaded Ukraine, would any of them had to flee? If the Russian sponsored terrorists in Donbas had not started seizing buildings, had not started murdering innocent citizens like Volodomyr Rybak, Yuri Papravko and others BEFORE Ukraine even sent in their ATO forces, would any of them have had to flee?

        4. Avatar LorCanada says:

          makis, you keep harping on the fact of refugees all heading to Russia but that is not so. They fled in ALL directions, some to relatives or friends in Europe. To western Ukraine, see this of September 2014:

          According to official statistics currently there are over 200 thousand displaced persons in Ukraine – mostly from the Donbas, but some from Crimea. Refugees arriving in Kyiv are provided housing; school places for children are generally arranged (my son’s class will have 2 war refugee children joining it). However, it is very common to hear residents of the capital expressing annoyance at Donbas refugees’ refusals to accept offers of housing in rural areas, demanding instead to be housed (at no cost) in Kyiv. Apparently, those residents of Donbas who chose to seek refuge from the war in Russian-controlled Crimea have now been evicted by the local Russian authorities, and have been summarily shipped by train to Siberia (Magadan region) for settlement. This fact provides additional ammunition for those in Kyiv who would prefer to see more gratitude for their hospitality from Donbas refugees.


        5. Avatar Milan Schulz says:

          easy, affiliation to Soviet era bi-gone and mass misinformation and propaganda. You either fail to look further or are another troll, at the fact that Mr Putin’s war on Ukraine started with propaganda, not with guns. And by Gods do the Russians do it well but in the age of the technology that you are now using makis; the ‘internet’, you can look a little further then RT or ITARTASS and find the truth. Good luck to ya mate, or not

      6. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

        And 25 buses waiting to take them to Russia are easy to overlook. Buses are pretty small, after all. So there’s no real way anyone could have known they had an option.

        And speaking of brainwashing, you obviously haven’t spoken to anyone in or from the glorious Novorussia, but rely on the ever-reliable Russian media for your, um “knowledge.” Of our dozens of friends and family blessed to live under the wise and gentle rule of the armed thugs and mercenaries roaming the streets of Donetsk and Donbas in general, everyone who had any family or even a sliver of help in any direction has left behind everything they worked their lives to attain, and left Donbas in order to stay alive. Those who remain are barely surviving. Truly a glorious place; hard to imagine why the good citizens of Debaltsive wouldn’t jump at the chance to move there. I guess they don’t yet realize that Putin knows what’s best for them better than they do themselves.

        We are lucky to have people like you here to set us straight on these matters. Thanks so much.

      7. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

        Your knowledge of history is pretty laughable, but do continue making such assertions; it reflects te level of truth in all your statements.

        People flee in the direction that they have family or friends who might extend a helping hand. Many people in Ukraine have family in both Ukraine and Russia. This is why it was so unbelievable to Ukrainians that Russia would hire thugs and send in armor to kill them.

        1. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

          I’m talking about reports I get directly, personally from people I am close with in Donbas. What are you talking about? And from which orifice?

          1. Avatar Timothy Speer says:

            Hey bud, I’m headed to reddit to find an example of that, I doubt it’ll be very difficult. I’ll be back

          2. Avatar LorCanada says:

            makis — Don’t be misleading. The refugees fled in ALL directions. Some were fortunate to have family and/or friends to turn to. Some fled to Crimea but they were then put in trains and sent to Siberia. Many sought refuge in west Ukraine and were taken in and provided for, housing, medical care, school for kids, etc.

        2. Avatar Miroslaw says:

          That’s the equivalent of NYPD invading the Bronx. The term “invasion” denotes an unwanted and aggressive insertion into another’s territory. Ukraine can’t “invade” itself. Further, if Russia is on a humanitarian mission, why have they not accepted the willing refugees back into Russian territory? By maintaining and supporting further military conflict within Ukraine, your I would argue that Russia’s interest are more sinister that you proclaim. This is an evident land gran and a Russian foothold.

          1. Avatar Miroslaw says:

            Your argument is lackluster. America’s fight for independence was rooted in the long standing oppression by a foreign entity. There was no such situation in Ukraine. You’re trying to compare apples to oranges. Your arguments seem to be drawn from emotion rather than inductive reasoning.

          2. Avatar Miroslaw says:

            You can have an emotional bias without having a direct connection to a person, place or situation.
            I did answer your initial argument, read above. What happens in Ukraine is and should be Ukraine’s business. If you believe otherwise, then just as they have done in Ukraine, Russia should send tanks and troops to the western Thrace in Greece and aid the oppressed Turks native to the region.

          3. Avatar Miroslaw says:

            I have not personally invaded anyone and you are going off topic. Russia has as much business inserting itself into Ukraine as it would into Greece.

            I am interested in knowing how you would like for this conflict to end. Be mindful that what resolution you apply elsewhere, you apply for your homeland as well.

            Were the inherent Greek Turks to revolt and proclaim statehood, should Turkey then insert militarily into Greece?

          4. Avatar Miroslaw says:

            A liberal nazi is an oxymoron. Look it up. i don’t see how reinstating Ukraine as a Soviet state will help Europe or the remaining 45+ million Ukrainins.

          5. Avatar Brent says:

            “Nazi-liberal”….do you realize what a contradiction that is? Yes, you are just regurgitating Kremlin propaganda!!!

            Too funny! Think of what you’re saying before you type such nonsense. “Nazi-liberal’…..

          6. Avatar disqus60 says:

            No they don’t realize much of anything that requires reason or simple logic.. or in this case, any semblance of intelligence.

          7. Avatar hannes says:

            Well, you could compare it with the the division of the island Cypres in an greek and a turkish part This Makis guy would love his country to recognize the indepent turkish part. (which most of europe doesn’t

          8. Avatar Brent says:

            But I’m sure any referendum or vote for independence in Greece would be run properly, WITHOUT ARMED SOLDIERS AT THE POLLING STATIONS, with a fair and proper question. What happened in the DPR was a farce, and not something a civilized country would try to hide behind.

            Even look at the Crimea referendum. There was no option for the status quo of remaining in Ukraine. You call that a fair referendum?

            I have no problem with Donbas or Crimea seceding if a fair and honest and open question is being asked, under clearly acceptable conditions and not the jokes held in Crimea and Donbas. For the Crimean referendum, the # of votes received was 123% of the actual residents.


          9. Avatar Brent says:

            Don’t be a ‘useful idiot’. There are no Nazi leaders in power in Ukraine. Now you’re just regurgitating Kremlin fed propanda. The two parties the Kremlin loves to call neo-Nazi’s (Svoboda and Right Sektor) received 1.86% of the vote in the Presidential election in May.

            After seeing your nonsense about the ‘invaded’ countries, you really need to check other news sources other than those coming out of Russia.

          10. Avatar LorCanada says:

            On May 25, 2014 the Ukrainian people voted in a new leader, President Poroshenko, with a 54% vote. The Nazi party got 2% of the vote which means they didn’t even qualify as a presence in the Ukrainian government.

          11. Avatar Brent says:

            then why has no country, NOT EVEN RUSSIA, recognized the DPR and LPR as an independent country? To this day, the only ones who have is South Ossetia, which itself is not even a country, but another stolen territory,.

            Do you think you can walk out your front your door, incite your neighbors to join you, openly declare you are now an independent state and have the Greek government accept that/

          12. Avatar LorCanada says:

            Of interest, a translation of an article:

            Kharkov separatists refused to hold a referendum on May 11 (2014) in the area because they could not agree with the Donetsk and Luhansk questions that are put to the vote. On it informs RIA “Novosti” , citing the coordinator of the “South-East” Yuri Apukhtina. “The referendum in Kharkov May 11 will not take place due to the fact that the questions that are put to a referendum in Luhansk, Donetsk and Kharkov are quite different, and we could not find common ground on these issues,” he said. He explained that in Donetsk and Luhansk it raised the question of the recognition of state sovereignty of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic People’s Republic, while in Kharkov require federalization of Ukraine and the empowerment of the south-eastern region.



          13. Avatar LorCanada says:

            Recently disgruntled Siberians thought of holding a Referendum on Independence from Russia and they even set up a website about it. Putin was not amused and shut down their website. He then passed a new law forbidding anyone to talk, write, or promote independence. Yet the hypocrite Putin extends himself to support the breakup of east Ukraine! This is an example of Pootie’s “double speak”, you know, the saying: What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is ours.”

          14. Avatar Milan Schulz says:

            Unfortunately Miroslaw, you are talking to a brick-wall or perhaps a sheep. Maybe a little of both. Mr makis’s opinion stretches the imagination into the realm of Grand Russian Empire

          15. Avatar Milan Schulz says:

            You need to google the definition of referendum please. I am seriously begging you to do it

        3. Avatar Brent says:

          ‘regime’s troops invade to east Ukraine’
          >>>HOW DOES A COUNTRY INVADE ITSELF? The Donbas is still Ukrainian territory to this day.

      8. Avatar Joanna Agnuscovicz says:

        The most stupid thing to do, to flee into the hands of the aggressor. Who deported a number of them to Siberia, where they did not want to end up….

      9. Avatar Milan Schulz says:

        troll toll boya

  3. Avatar BMVH says:

    It is hilarious how bad this site is a propaganda. There’s prop. in all media but this euro site is one big lie after another… the Russian media needs a lot of discerning and don’t get me started on our NA media, but this site is pure BS.

    1. Avatar Murf says:

      Google “Crucified child of Sloviansk” by channel one and get back to me about propaganda.

      1. Avatar Guest says:

        Actually that is nothing, the pro-USA oligarch, corrupt even by USA standards has openly said that he will defeated the heroic rebels by bombing civilians and forcing their children to live in basements..

        “Poroshenko: “Their children will hole up in the basements – this is how we win the war!” [ENG SUBS]”

        It is common for USA to overthrow democracies and installed extreme right lunatics to torture and murder the civilan population. Nazism and islamic terrorism goes hand in hand with americanism.

        “The 1953 Iranian coup d’état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup, was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name ‘Operation Boot’) and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project)”

        “Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists”

        1. Avatar JJ says:

          Give it up Slitzh, the way you write reveals you every time regardless how you try to hide.

        2. Avatar Brent says:

          And what about this speech that Putin made after invading Crimea

          Putin: Listen to me. Listen to me carefully. I want you to correctly understand me.

          If we reach that decision, only if we reach that decision, it will only be for the defense of Ukrainian citizens, let anyone from the military dare shoot at their own people which we will be behind, not in front but behind, let them try and shoot at women and children.

          Using Ukrainians as human shields. Shows what a scumbag he is and those like you that support him. Hiding his artillery inside cities, his terrorist soldiers using Ukrainians as shields.

        3. Avatar Brent says:

          Speaking of ISIS, the only difference between them and Russia’s terrorists is that at least ISIS will admit what they do. Putin keeps lying….”those aren’t my troops, that’s not my army”…..soon it will be “that’s not my bullet lodged in my brain”

        4. Avatar Murf says:

          How many governments did the USSR and China attempt or actually overthrow during the same period?
          How about the invasions of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, The crackdown on Solidarity, the cultural genocide of Tibet, Chechnya?
          Yea, like to forget those don’t you?

        5. Avatar Ілар Хоругин says:

          this is montage. russian propaganda that has nothing to do with reality.

      2. Avatar LAWL says:

        The fact that Russia has propaganda, does not mean that your pro-West media don’t have.
        Remember that news about Iraqi soldiers killing babies? Or Saddam’s nuclear weapons? All of them were later proven fake and this is the same league of BS as crucified kid.
        So don’t pretend that West is any better…

        1. Avatar Brent says:

          Or Saddam Hussein gassing Kurds in Northern Iraq, or about Bashar Assad’s regime using ‘barrel bombs’ on his Syrian citizens, or Qaddafi fighting Libyans….

          But at least I give you credit for recognizing the ‘crucified kid’ was b.s. Want to see some more?

        2. Avatar Murf says:

          There is a difference between reporting an intelligence failure that EVERY intelligence agency in the free world agreed with and reporting an outrageous lie. With out any attempt at verification.
          I don’t expect any media to be 100% accurate.

    2. Avatar JJ says:

      Is it? Could you make a few examples please and do back it with some facts would you old chap.

      1. Avatar Guest says:

        This article for example, the pro-USA coup government never informed the people that they could leave to Novorossiya, also, the people where not given to choice between Russia or Ukraine, but Novorossiya and Ukraine, and they were not even given that choice.. So this entire article is a lie and propaganda.

        Already over 1.2 million Ukrainians have fled from Ukraine to Russia. Funny how the majority choose to flee to Russia instead of the pro-USA coup government of Ukraine huh? I suppose nazism and oligarchism is not so popular among Ukrainians as with americans.

        “Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists”

        1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          Novorossiya does not exists ! Just a farce for Zakharchenko the killer, he loves, buses, kindergardens, hospitals.
          4, 76 % choose to go to russia ! 25 buses that give 1, 2 person per bus, not included the driver of course !
          of course for a so called troll, that someone should dare to have a free will to decide is apprehensive and therefore must it be propaganda ! What else ?

        2. Avatar JJ says:

          Oh the Russian troll Slitzh is back hiding as guest. Your comments are otherwise just as full of it as usual. Not worth discussing.

        3. Avatar Brent says:

          Here’s your fabled “Novorossiya”. It’s so much smaller than Putin dreamt of…and so many people inside of Donbas still don’t support it.

          Three words for you and Putin

          KATSAP, GO HOME!

        4. Avatar LorCanada says:

          Are you trying to hide behind a screen of morality? Think again. Can you deny that NEO NAZIS are very present in Russia? The ruskies have their share of barbarians. So point the finger in your, or Putin’s, direction for a change.

    3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      You are right, and you soil it perfectly with your organized BS !

    4. Avatar gmab says:

      Fortunately for us, you can go elsewhere for your news. Goodbye!

  4. Avatar Guest says:

    Lol, actually the pro-USA Ukrainian authorities did not inform the citizens that they could evacuate to Russia..

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      Tell Zakhenchenko to come out of his bunker and speak softly and nice to the people. It will work ! After his heroism on hospitals, buses and kindergardens he does not dare to get out !

    2. Avatar Brent says:

      Stupid. They could see the terrorist Russian buses waiting for them. Why would they go to Donetsk, to starve because Zakharchenko can’t even feed them?

  5. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Sorry I was wrong ! Novorossiya is in the far east, near the borders of China !
    I had to consult my friends at CIA when we were moving around to pull down lenin´s statues and statuettes and frames all over Ukraine ! Plenty to do ! No time to comment BS from radical extremists. I am still trying to find out how to put 30 persons in 25 buses ! (Isis radical fanatic with sabre, maybe ?)

  6. Avatar Joanna Agnuscovicz says:

    A votum by feet… very pitiful for the Terrorists, and hard to fake as ordered by telephone call from Moscow.

  7. Avatar kardsufur says:

    This article is a lie

  8. Avatar kardsufur says:

    over 1-2 million have already fled from east ukraine INTO russia.