Russian journalist: Ukraine’s military successes are truly impressive

Ukrainian armor / tank



Source: Obozrevatel
Translated by: A. N.

The ability of the Ukrainian army to “defend the perimeter” across the entire “front line” in the east of the country indicates that Ukraine is winning in the Donbas stated the Russian playwright and journalist Vladimir Golyshev in an interview to “Obozrevatel.”

“We’re talking about a country that at the time when this military campaign began, practically had no weapons. It is easy to remember that at the end of August – September all forces that could be mobilized and put under arms to that point suffered a very serious defeat. But since September, to this day, while the fighting was limited, every day Ukraine used as efficiently as possible,” – said the expert.

He drew attention to the fact that the military power of Russia during these months has increased considerably. “The number of Russian troops brought inside Ukraine now cannot be compared with that little limited contingent, which was in September. How many heavy weapons was brought in this time, how many rocket artillery systems. Now Russia conducts the war with Ukraine using forces an order of magnitude more potent than it was in September. Ukraine, however, defends the perimeter. Nowhere along the line of contact there is a breakthrough” – reminded Golyshev.

“That should impress Ukrainians. I do not understand why they are not too impressed,” – he said. “Now they are asking: Who is to blame for the fact that Ukraine wins. It is a paradox that from aside looks like schizophrenia,” – said the expert.

Source: Obozrevatel
Translated by: A. N.

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