Russian journalist: Ukraine’s military successes are truly impressive

Ukrainian armor / tank



The ability of the Ukrainian army to “defend the perimeter” across the entire “front line” in the east of the country indicates that Ukraine is winning in the Donbas stated the Russian playwright and journalist Vladimir Golyshev in an interview to “Obozrevatel.”

“We’re talking about a country that at the time when this military campaign began, practically had no weapons. It is easy to remember that at the end of August – September all forces that could be mobilized and put under arms to that point suffered a very serious defeat. But since September, to this day, while the fighting was limited, every day Ukraine used as efficiently as possible,” – said the expert.

He drew attention to the fact that the military power of Russia during these months has increased considerably. “The number of Russian troops brought inside Ukraine now cannot be compared with that little limited contingent, which was in September. How many heavy weapons was brought in this time, how many rocket artillery systems. Now Russia conducts the war with Ukraine using forces an order of magnitude more potent than it was in September. Ukraine, however, defends the perimeter. Nowhere along the line of contact there is a breakthrough” – reminded Golyshev.

“That should impress Ukrainians. I do not understand why they are not too impressed,” – he said. “Now they are asking: Who is to blame for the fact that Ukraine wins. It is a paradox that from aside looks like schizophrenia,” – said the expert.

Translated by: A. N.

Source: Obozrevatel

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  1. Avatar Mader Levap says:

    What win? This guy is nuts.
    Donetsk airport fell. Vuhlehirs’k is already almost completely taken and Debaltseve will soon follow. Have a nice Ilovaisk 2.0.

    1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

      He’s right on target! You’re just an ass! Enjoy your worthless ruble and your $45 a barrel oil, fathead!!!

      1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

        By the way! How’s the weather in St. Petersburg!?

        1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

          Hey! Are you guys still located up there at 55 Savushkina in Moscow? I have a reliable source that says Putin’s cutting back on that “aggressive” $500M propaganda budget and you may wind up being a drunk on the street again! Should find some honorable work next time!!!

      2. Avatar Mader Levap says:

        Lol what? I am not Putinbot and I support Ukraine. I just can see how bad situation is.

        1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

          That’s because you’re looking out your ass!

        2. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

          No one who supports Ukraine says something like “have a nice Ilovaisk 2.0.” No one with any human decency, regardless of who they support, would so carelessly and callously speak of what happened there. You make me sick. Please take your commentary elsewhere.

          1. Avatar Mader Levap says:

            Do you understand concept of sarcasm?

          2. Avatar sandy miller says:

            Mader women, children, men are dying to save their country this is no good time to be sarcastic. We must give Ukrainians courage. We must send more men and arms to Ukraine to fight Putin. All the countries around Ukraine have a stack in this fight and they should all have men in Ukraine helping them win this war with Putin. Putin will not back down unless he is badly damaged. Ukraine needs all the help it can get…so if you’re a Pole get over to Ukraine and help instead of making sarcastic remarks that help no one. Not a time to be cute.

        3. Avatar Lord Lucan says:

          I can see how bad things are getting for Russia too….. You strike me as pro RUSSIAN. If you are you should be ashamed of the way your nation is treating Ukraine. It’s not your country or people so clear off

        4. Avatar Kruton says:

          So you are a defeatist!?

          1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

            He’s a Putin clown with no morals. He’s going to have to lie better than this if they’re going to keep on staff!

    2. Avatar canuke says:

      Moron. Soon you’ll be wiping your ass with your worthless rubles.

    3. Avatar Kruton says:

      All Bolshevik child molesters will be obliterated!Glory to Right Sector!!

    4. Avatar Murf says:

      As of 1/31/15 the UA army has counter attacked and regained control of Debleville and is continuing to contest Vuhlehirs’k.
      Ilovaisk was a massive Charlie Foxtrot (A polite term for messed up situation) due to incompetence by commanders and staff officers. Keep in mind that it took Russia a week to reduce several light infantry battalions. Your not seeing that this time.
      This is only round two
      Round three will be the Reckoning.

  2. Avatar Urias Wesclei says:

    Peroshenko sucks

    1. Avatar Cristián Hugo Muñoz Campos says:

      POOtin Bot and wanna-be-ruSSki.
      .l. .l.

  3. Avatar Murf says:

    There is room for criticism for the way the General Staff is handling the war but some things need to be kept in mind:
    1)This time last year only 15% of the UA military could exit the motor pool, raise their landing gears,or cast off lines. Now they are going toe to toe with the best Russia can politically throw at them and holding.
    2)They lost 65% of their vehicles in three months of intense fighting. They replaced them in five months. Neither Europe or the US could do that.(the US has ONE tank factory and our genius leaders want to close it)
    3) Ukraine wins by not being militarily crushed. Now is not the time for a general counter attack,30k fresh troops are on the way. Attack at the tie and place of YOUR choosing when YOU are ready and at your strongest.
    4) In three weeks of the most intense fighting in Europe since WWII, Russia has gained;two burned out airport buildings, 2 Check Points 30 and partially 31. A smattering of small towns and villages. Some Sunflower fields. They are nowhere close to taking Mariupol, the Coke plant at Avdiivka,the power station in Luhansk. or Debaltseve These are the real prizes.
    By contrast, In 03 after three weeks of fighting the US and Britain were approaching Baghdad, In 67 Israel had destroyed five separate Arab armies.
    Zhukov would not be impressed.
    5) In the defense, loosing ground is inevitable. UA is fighting smart. Giving ground when out matched. Holding hard when necessary laying traps when the opportunity present them selves. Preserving the UA Army is more important then some village in the middle of now where,
    6) None of this has happened by accident. The boys of spring have become the hard core professionals of winter.

    1. Avatar Mader Levap says:

      I really hope Ukrainian Army know what it is doing. Some nitpicks:

      “They lost 65% of their vehicles in three months of intense fighting.”
      Nope, they lost 65% of what they sent to front, not 65% of all vehicles in Ukraine. Big difference.

      “They are nowhere close to taking Mariupol, the Coke plant at Avdiivka,the power station in Luhansk. or Debaltseve”
      Yeah, this will take some more weeks.

      “These are the real prizes.”
      I find interesting you call Devaltseve simultaneously prize and village in middle of nowhere. What will happen to Mariupol when it will be taken? Unimportant small port city? We didn’t need that coke plant/power station anyway?

      “Preserving the UA Army is more important then some village in the middle of now where,”
      If so, then they should GTFO ASAP from Debaltseve.

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        I think you miss apprehend.
        Just because keeping the Army intact is is the most important goal doesn’t mean they don’t fight and pack up and run at the first sign of the enemy. It means they develop a strong defensible position that the enemy needs. They hold it as long as possible. When the position is no longer tenable, they withdraw to a other defensible position and repeat the process.
        The operative phrase is “that the enemy needs” other wise they can attack in a less defended area.
        Debelville, as I think of it, is an exposed position n there fore entails risk by the the enemy sacrifice every thing to take it. UA has had months to prepare. the Russian attacks have been very predictable and UA artillery has become very effective. Losing it will be a victory for Russia but they already have paid a high price for it.

        The Airport lost it’s military value to UA when the control tower collapsed. They should have pulled out then.
        Mariupol is the ultimate prize of the economically motivated war. As long as UA holds it Russia has not winning.
        My complaint with the General Staff is that up until the counter attack at the airport they have been VERY slow to relive positions that were in danger of falling. They seen to be doing better. some what.
        Considering Putin’s boast he could be in Kyiv in two weeks, they seem to be well short of that goal.
        We should call this “Winter War the squeal- Some lessons have to be relearned.”

        1. Avatar Mader Levap says:

          “Losing it will be a victory for Russia but they already have paid a high price for it.”
          In other words you count on them holding position very long before being defeated? I agree they could hold very long with supplies. Not if supply routes are cut off…

          Anyway this tactic makes sense only if you assume that time works more for Ukraine than for Russia. Only then this kind of stalling (paid with lifes of Ukrainian soldiers) makes sense.

          Is this assumption correct? I don’t know. Analysts of Ukraine, Russia, USA and other countries would have way more experience, knowledge and access to classified info to make more correct assessment.

          “Considering Putin’s boast he could be in Kyiv in two weeks, they seem to be well short of that goal.”
          I assume this timeline was in case of all-out war. Russia currently fights with its arm tied too – and currently Kiev is not their goal.

          Of course, it could change and Ukraine leadership does everything to avoid this scenario*. This is probably why they are purely defensive. It is still annoying and it is why i made that emotional other post.

          * There are opinions that Russia cannot afford to occupy entire Ukraine, so it would not escalate THAT much. But it is too risky when survival of entire country is on stake. You should also take in account Putin is commited and may be forced to do pretty irrational things to at least give him chance to hold on power.

          1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

            Murf, ignore this sorry bastiche! He’s a troll.

          2. Avatar Murf says:

            It’a good conversation.
            He is no where close to the worst I have encountered.

          3. Avatar Randall Cook says:

            damn right! slobo-huilo

          4. Avatar Murf says:

            Holding Debleville (I hope nobody minds my GI-ification of the the city’s name?) is not without risk. A lot in fact. However knowing the enemy can not resist the bait can make it worth it.

            “Not if supply routes are cut off…”

            To quoit the great observer of human interaction,Han Solo; “Well that’s the trick isn’t?” I the this case the Russian’s attempted to conduct the standard pincers attack and UA hammered them with arty.
            In the past two days they attacked from the south west and according to the latest reports UA has counter attacked and relived Debleville.
            So far their strategy is working.
            Short term (30 days out) it’s about even it depends on who loses more and who can replace the loses.
            Med term (6 months out) time is on UA’s side. They are mobilizing up to 60k more troops. 30k will be reaching the front lines in a month.Their factories are doubling production and they will be filling foreign orders with the excess. In four weeks or so, The ice will start melting and General Mud will rule the battle field. Maneuver warfare will be problematic at best. This favors the defense.
            By mid may Putin will have to rotate out his one year conscripts just like last year. If not there will be a lot of questions about why and the Russian babushkas are getting a little…miffed in a very Russian sort a way. UA’s new troops will be fully integrated. UA will be at it’s strongest Russia will be at limited as to their ability to respond.
            Long term (6 months +) Anybodies guess. The West seems willing to pump what ever amount of money necessary to keep UA in the fight.
            The Russian economy is not going to get better any time soon.

          5. Avatar Mader Levap says:

            What I can say? You are really optimistic. It is good to see such optimism, I already lost it.

      2. Avatar Doug Retter says:

        So, what’s the weather like in St. Petersburg, today!? Pulling in any more drunks off the street to work in your troll house!? I hear the work you do is really stressful; one of your ex-troll buddies referred to it as “Soul-robbing!” Cameras all over the place watching you like hawks! What kinds of people will do these sorts of things for money. Don’t ever say mean things about prostitutes because at least they are honest!
        I understand none of you last very long because one can only ignore their conscience for so long! How long will you be there!? Years from now, when your kids ask you what you did for a living, will you tell them you worked for Vladimir Putin in a St. Petersburg troll house!? Maybe it would be better to tell them you were a piano player in a whore house!

        Me!? I enjoy exposing and ridiculing you unprincipled bastiches, and I’m in it for the long haul!!!

        1. Avatar Mader Levap says:

          Man, this is pretty hilarious. Not that you will believe, but to be clear – I support Ukraine in this war, no one pays me for these posts and I am Pole.

          1. Avatar Doug Retter says:

            Alright, I’ll take your word for it! 😀 Has been a long day! Besides! Now I can cut and paste this somewhere else!!! 😀 hahaha!

          2. Avatar Doug Retter says:

            P.S. Mader, I just gave you a break. Take it!

  4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Easy–Ukraine is a great country. russia is a corrupt cesspool.
    Ukrainians are great people. russians are apes stuck in the tar pits of history.
    russians can never be Ukrainians…so they try to destroy them…..

  5. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    And one more thing: Ukrainians are the just party. They’re not fighting for money or bloodthirst or adrenaline rush but because they are protecting their country and standing up to a cruel injustice and evil of Putin who feels he has the right and power to rule sovereign nation and to erase great sascrifice of Maidan into oblivion.

    We must provide Ukraine with military aid as soon as possible and make sure Russians pay heavy price in their mad adventure. The fate of Europe is being decided in Ukraine yet Europe somehow fails to notice that.

    Let’s help the victim and punish the criminal, let’s ARM Ukraine!

  6. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Katzapska zaraza have ALWAYS been easy to kill. These are nothing more than drunk, cowardly mockal monkeys hiding behind women and children as they launch their heavy artillery. The ENTIRE WORLD understands that the russian army is composed of nothing but cowards and degenerates.
    Smert mockalyam.