The fear and rage of Vladimir Putin



Article by: Vitaly Portnikov

In light of the mass renewals of combat in he east of Ukraine, the retreat of military units from what used to be Donetsk Airport today seems to only been one episode in the endless conflict with the Russian troops and their mercenaries in Donbas. However, in reality, this conflict will become part of history. Throughout many weeks, the small, constantly fired-upon, badly-armed, almost entirely besieged group of servicemen maintained a strategic object in their hands, warding off the army of a nuclear state which constantly received reinforcements from the east. It is not important how the attackers called themselves, the ‘DNR’ army, the ‘liberators,’ armed forces of Novorossiya or otherwise. We understand very well whom our men were fighting against: the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. And they only managed to beat them after the complete destruction of the ruins of Donetsk Airport.

Political and military observers are yet to spend a long time thinking why Moscow needed to spend so much manpower on capturing a completely strategically useless point. Some will say they tried to straighten the front line, others will talk about the ‘viability’ of the ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR,’ some – about the first stage in Vladimir Putin’s new advance. However, I would not look for a lot of sense in the actions of the Russian President. Why did he need to occupy Crimea? Why start a war in Donbas? Why take the airport by storm? For the ratings? To put pressure on Ukraine? For equal standing with Western leaders? Putin’s ratings were high even before Crimea. He had more than enough triggers of influence on Ukraine after Yanukovych’s flight. And Putin rid himself of equal standing with the Western leaders after starting the war in Ukraine – he was simply shown the door.

No, the reason for everything are Putin’s fear and rage. Fear in the face of the possible infection with the virus of civil consciousness and dignity by the people in his own country. And rage because he was unable to keep a marionette ruler as head of Ukraine, who had sold himself to the Kremlin for several billion dollars.

Donetsk Airport is also rage. The madman, Zakharchenko, is Putin’s rage, pulled out from the master and aimed to rampage across the blood-flooded Donetsk steppes. If you want to know what Putin really feels, and how he behaves when there are no cameras or Lavrov and Medvedev, just watch what Zakharchenko does and says.

The Ukrainian heroes angered Putin with their readiness to oppose him and fight to the death. He simply cannot understand: why? He doesn’t want to understand. A fearful bureaucrat who merited power with his want to please and readiness to execute any wishes of his former master Boris Yeltsin, he doesn’t even know that there is something more important than power and money in the world – dignity and heroism. For Putin, these words are empty, but they are the lives of Ukrainian servicemen and volunteers.

Today, Putin is balancing not between war and peace, but between fear and fiasco. It is very difficult to say which scenario he will choose and what his rage will decide. But what is already clear today is that there is no room for Putin and his eternal fear in history. But there is room for the defenders of Donetsk Airport.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

Source: Radio Liberty

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  1. Avatar chris hawkins says:

    I very much agree with the idea that Putin is primarily pursuing domestic political ends using an aggressive foreign policy; it justifies his pseudo paranoid “us versus them” agenda and so justifies his increasing domestic control.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Yes, that’s all very nice for Pootie to find a scapegoat and deflect attention from his schemes but the crucial point will be what happens to the Russian economy under Putin. If it continues to slide downward it will spell disaster for him in months ahead. I rather think the world would be much better off without Putin at the helm. He is not a wise statesman but rather an opportunist who only knows how to take advantage of others and greatly to benefit himself and his oligarch gang of cronies.

  2. Avatar tkirk says:

    What you write is true.
    However Ukraine is it’s own worst enemy. In the face of the danger from Putin
    (he wants to take over all of Ukraine for his Eurasian scheme) no total
    mobilisation has occurred in Ukraine to fight a war?!

    The army is not properly supplied and still relies on volunteers to do this even at times at the aiport the “Cyborgs” were short of ammunition?!

    What were and are they thinking in Kyiv?!
    Are they daydreaming or asleep and totally unaware of the danger they are in from Putin’s schemes?!

    Ukraine should forget about nato and obama (he will give you only blankets) and mobilise to fight a war for Ukraine and Ukrainians.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Various countries in Europe are willing and have stepped up to the plate to provide Ukraine with some militariel hardware, so all is not lost. It’d be unwise politically for Ukraine to close the door on NATO or USA and I don’t see why they should.

  3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Putin will destroy Ukraine to show the world that he is a great man. But mainly for revenge against the West , which did dare to challenge him and the lovely people of Russia, (he says). But people of Russia, Putin wants to be president for life, and for that he will send to death your young sons and you will be left with your cryings.

  4. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Psychological or rather psychiatric analysis of Putin’s personality is becoming more and more important in understanding and dealing with Russia as a whole because he is close to achieving what all tru dictators have achieved before him-I am the state, without me, there is no state.
    Mass psychosis coming out of one mind and like a plague poisoning millions.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      It is perhaps an ordeal rather like a thunderstorm that Russians must go through, yes the poisonous plague coming up to the surface, to be lived through and learned from by Pootie’s senseless destruction.