President Poroshenko to the people of Ukraine: Vote for Ukraine


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Dear Fellow Citizens:

October 26 — elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

These elections are taking place exactly five months after the election of the president. As a presidential candidate, I promised the Association Agreement with the European Union. And we have succeeded in having it signed and ratified and have begun to implement it. Despite the difficulties. Even on the day of signing, on June 27, when I had already landed in Brussels, a few European leaders still hesitated to give the green light to the Agreement.

I promised to clean the government — the lustration law has been signed and is being enforced.

I promised early parliamentary elections — they will take place tomorrow.

I dissolved the old Verkhovna Rada not only because it has long been the obedient tool in the hands of a dictator. And not only because it includes dozens of deputies who are Russia’s fifth column. But because, over several months, I became convinced of its extremely low reformist potential. Friends, something that is wet will not burn. And it is very difficult to push the gas pedal when, at the same time and by agreement, hundreds of deputies are applying the brakes!

The time has come to complete the total transformation of power. I believe in the profound renewal and rejuvenation of the Verkhovna Rada. You will see that it will be a completely new parliament.

I absolutely do not lack the political will to implement the strategy of reform that has been developed. However, to do that we still need a majority in the Verkhovna Rada. Reformist — not corrupted. Pro-Ukrainian and pro-European — not pro-Soviet.

Without such a majority in parliament the presidential program that millions of Ukrainians had supported in June will remain on paper.

My team has prepared a draft of the coalition agreement. It is based on Strategy 2020. It is a plan developed for change that will guarantee the introduction of European living standards and the country’s rightful place in the world. By 2020, Ukraine should be ready to apply for membership in the European Union.


We are well aware that Ukraine’s chance for development has been damaged not only by corruption and oligarchy but by the irresponsibility of politicians and unlimited populism.

The basis of the new coalition agreement must include a very clear plan for reform and not empty promises or the distribution of posts based on compromised party quotas.

If we follow this approach then nothing and no one will be able to get in the way of reforms. Their final result — perhaps not quickly and not right away — will be felt in everyone’s wallet. The implementation of Strategy 2020 will mean economic growth, jobs, decent wages, decent pensions, generous scholarships, successful private businesses.

I will do everything I can so that the new coalition and the new government is formed with maximum speed and that, with rolled up sleeves and clenched teeth, it takes on the reforms.

Dear fellow citizens!

You can only guess about my preferences because I have no right to campaign for any political force, especially today. You have an exceptionally wide choice. The government has ensured an honest, competitive, free, and transparent election campaign. It completely and fully conforms to European standards.

Choose according to your conscience. Only remember that a vote for money is now a criminal offense not only for those who buy but also for those who sell. Measuring your vote in hryvnias means selling your Homeland. It is a hundred times more criminal and sinful in conditions where thousands of people are risking their lives defending their Homeland.

Our most important goal is peace. Our valiant soldiers have liberated most of the Donbas from the terrorists, and elections will be held there tomorrow as well. But only a political settlement will allow us to return those territories where a military solution to the problem does not and cannot exist. Can we seize Donetsk without destroying it? For Putin, it is a foreign city. But for me, it is our own, native Ukrainian city, where our compatriots have been taken hostage. This is why no criticism — no matter how sharp and painful it may be — will keep me from seeking a peaceful way out of the situation.

However, we are not forgetting to strengthen the army. We are keeping our powder dry and we are acting according to the principle “everything for the front, everything for victory.”

The ceasefire decision primarily benefitted our defense. It allowed us to catch our breath, to heal wounds, reinforce manpower, deliver weapons, build fortifications. All four armored vehicle factories are working for ATO in three shifts. And today we are much stronger than six months ago. God forbid, but let them just try to invade!

We are building our own new Ukrainian home on reliable European values and the patriotic enthusiasm of all our people.

Vote for Ukraine — free, united, indivisible, European!

Translated by: Anna Mostovych


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  1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

    Great speech, I hope the people of Ukraine heed his warning about carefully choosing for whom they vote. If this election does not provide a Rada that is pro-Ukrainian I honestly do not think that the people of Ukraine will get another chance at the freedom they want and need to modernize Ukraine into a country that every man, women and child will be proud to claim, I am a Ukrainian!

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Well said!
      ;- )

    2. I agree, this is their one chance to re-take the path that has been denied to them for a thousand years by eastern invaders. Ukraine’s location, their sacrifices and struggles for survival have indirectly protected Europe. Now is their one chance to self determine their path, and I truly believe that path will lead them to becoming the most prosperous, leading and resilient European country. History and migration shows they are the ‘father’ of Europe. It’s long time that Ukraine comes home and take their place at our family table.

  2. Avatar LorCanada says:

    I appreciate learning of Ukraine’s intensive efforts at increasing their military power and manpower as well. Stay strong and I wish them the best in years ahead.

  3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    I think that people of Ukrainia are now aware that they have their chances this time to build up their own future for themselves and their children. The young people will vote right ! Great expectations ly on this election day which will make history.

  4. Avatar Paul P. Valtos says:

    The more I hear from this guy the more I like him .If I were not so old I would go over and help him or help reform the Ukraine armed forces. As a Viet Vet he pulls at my heart strings. Go get ’em

    1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      Know what you mean!

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        Yep me to.

  5. Avatar Murf says:

    Vote for what is best for Ukraine!
    It doesn’t matter what the EU,the US or the Russians want.
    Peace stability and prosperity are what Ukraine needs. Everything else is crap.
    Vote for the party that you feel will work hardest to achieve those goals.
    The best revenge is living happily and prosperously.

    1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      100% Agree Murf!

  6. Avatar Mike Kostelny says:

    Despite all the false starts and disappointments from abroad, Ukraine remains a beacon to the world! Even in Hong Kong and other landmarks around our global village, we see a fresh rebirth of freedom. No longer will people tolerate the blatant abuses of power thanks to the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity!

    Let the Ukrainian Diaspora movement pitch in and help Ukraine to fulfill it’s potential! Just as Israelis living outside Israel significantly contribute to help Israel defend itself, so likewise Ukrainians living outside Ukraine should seek to strengthen this land of their ancestors!

    I see a new vision for Ukraine! A vision of solidarity, of united resolve, of determination to defeat this Russian bear come what may! And who knows with this burning desire within the hearts of true Ukrainians (Ukrainians true to the integrity of their homeland!), they can win this war–because wishy-washy wishing won’t! The future is as bright as their faith!

    May the LORD GOD Almighty, the God of Ukraine, the Living God of all Freedom-lovers around the world bless this beautiful and cultured land, that it may prosper and that it’s love of freedom may continue to permeate throughout our Mother Earth as it already has begun!

    Dignity, respect, and tolerance is what this conflict is all about! And, as far as I have seen to date, the peoples of Ukraine have excelled in all of the above qualities as well as in their love for PEACE, and GOOD-WILL toward all mankind!

    Slava Ukraine!

    1. Avatar Don Casavant says:

      Great post Mike!

  7. Avatar DDJ says:

    I’m looking forward to Ukraine’s future contributions to space exploration.
    Ballot’s been caste the outcome belongs to the future history.

  8. Avatar John Ireland says:

    I will go there soon, old or not.