Suspected saboteur leader detained near Donetsk


War in the Donbas

Article by: Peter Dutczyn

The counterintelligence division of the Security Service of Ukraine has detained a 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen, the head of a subversive group which operated on a territory controlled by the Ukrainian military in the antiterrorist operation area, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported at 18:53 Kyiv time.

According to the SBU press centre, the Ukrainian saboteur nicknamed Volk [Wolf] was detained in the early hours of 7 October while he was carrying out an act of sabotage near Donetsk.

“The citizen had set up an underground network of informers who collected information about the positions, strength, amount and types of military equipment and movements across Donetsk Region of detachments of the Armed Forces, the National Guard and volunteer battalions involved in the antiterrorist operation,” the report said.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine the saboteur passed the information to the leaders of separatist armed groups known as Dzho and Khmuryy.
An inquiry is under way.

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  1. Milton Devonair says:

    He is an enemy of his own country. The only thing that should be keeping him alive is his giving up his network, person by person, of other traitors to Ukraine.

  2. Michel Cloarec says:

    He is a traitor ! But also a criminal ! He knew that informations would initiate shelling even on habited parts of the city. Lynching forbiden in Ukrainia ?

  3. Murf says:

    “Hay! We’re gonna get you too, another one bites the dust.”
    I thought quote from Queen was appropriate.