Valentina Lisita’s trolling inadvertently exposes more on ‘Material Evidence’ campaign in New York



In a series of typically vitriolic Tweets,  pro-Putin pianist and part time Twitter troll Valentina Lisitsa took time today to support the anti-Ukrainian photo exhibit in New York – Material Evidence – and help cover up its dirty handlers while also smearing Euromaidan Press. As readers may recall, in a previous article I uncovered the truth behind this exhibit and its connections to Russia’s extremist far-right, as well as its part in an anti-American content farm. The exhibit’s website’s association to propaganda efforts were extensively documented.

Ms. Lisitsa is partially correct, the domain ‘’ shows its administrative contact to be the exhibit’s curator, Mr. Benjamin Hiller. The reason for this is simple and anyone can see in the WHOIS report: it was updated October 8, 2014. Ostensibly, this was to disassociate the involvement of any Ms. Zakharova. ‘She’ remains the registered owner for sites like and (the associated site of the far-right Journalistic Truth, working with Material Evidence and promoted through them).

The original owner

The original owner

The registrar for remains REG.RU, a Russian service; its contact email the same associated with all of the other extremist or propaganda content farms.

We have since reached out to Mr. Hiller and he has informed us that in light of this news he is going to reevaluate his involvement in the project and whether our claims were true, and issue a statement regarding the situation. He reiterated that he does not support Russia’s far-right, and informed us that the Russian government involved itself in the Moscow exhibit:

“The Russian Government pressured the photographers not to show two images in Moscow as “it would shed bad light” on the “Pro-Russian Separatists” in Crimea. These images are shown in NY.”

He also took time to address the name issue, saying he was made the owner for legal reasons:

“We had to change the admin after the webpage developer used the name from this crazy Pro-Putin ballerina – we warned him that he gets sued for that if he keeps on going.”

We will continue to update the public on the Material Evidence campaign, and future statements from those involved. We will also continue to debunk any and all statements from Ms. Lisitsa in her campaign to discredit Euromaidan Press and journalists exposing the truth everywhere.


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  1. Avatar Paul P. Valtos says:

    How could someone with an education think like that. Must be Communist indoctrination and the Moscow psychopaths instigation.

    1. Avatar Mat says:

      We have a suspicion that she lets Russian trolls use her account or something. She’s like non-stop, like she has no life.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        ” smearing Euromaidan Press”
        That’d be my guess as that ditz isn’t exactly, well, bright or even average in intelligence. Her claim to fame is just moving her fingers to movements that other people wrote. So she’s just a blonde ditz that uses parts of her body as her claim to fame.

    2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Some of the most ignorant people I’ve met have been college and even post college graduates. What these people have in common is they have an abundance of “ignorance and arrogance”. But that defines most russians too, so it seems like a natural fit.

  2. Avatar sandy miller says:

    So what are Ukrainians doing to fight back in New York? Should’nt they publicly discredit the show and Lisitsa? Shame on her she was born in Ukraine. She shits on her own country. Shameless creature;. Hopefully she will be fired from Ballet and large numbers of Ukrainians should be boycotting her shows. I did meet a young jewess Ukrainian girl in New York…she and parents came from Ukraine. She said her mother hated Ukrainians because they were so anti-semitic…I felt bad and didn’t believe all Ukrainians were anti-semitic like I wasn’t. But I’ve heard that same story from several young jewish Ukrainians like Mila Kunis. Did they get that from experience, their parents or communist history? I wonder??? Can anyone answer me that?

    1. Jim Jim says:

      That attitude is also the result of long-term propaganda campaigns. Ukrainians are not antisemitic, they do not eat children, do not crucify them in public — so many falsehoods. Russia has such a level of insecurity that they must degrade their neighbors in order to feel better about themselves.

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Ukrainians in Pittsburgh should bring attention to this prostitute’s thoughts and beliefs along with hockey player Evgeni Malkin. These hypocrites despise the West despite enjoying life in the West. Send both of them back to Russia now that Russia’s economy is crumbling.