Demonstrators protest anti-Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa



Article by: Adrian Bryttan

Incensed by the constant stream of  savage anti-Ukrainian Tweets of Ms. Lisitsa, outraged protestors picketed in front of Pittsburgh Symphony’s Heinz Hall on the evening of the season opening concert on September 20. For several months, Ms. Lisitsa has been reviling Ukraine over the internet ( in the most hateful and vulgar manner, while supporting Russian terrorists and Putin’s invasions. Complaints about the hiring of Ms. Lisitsa had previously been emailed to the Pittsburgh Symphony management, principal donors and local media.

Protestors from Pennsylvania and New York carried placards and kept up a steady vocal chant, handing out information leaflets to Pittsburgh ticket holders, orchestra members, pedestrians and passing motorists. In an unusual move, the Symphony had a policeman stationed in front of the concert hall.


Borys Wowczuk, Adrian Bryttan handing out flyers


George Honchar , Adrian Bryttan at Heinz Hall

Ms. Lisitsa has an enormous international following owing to her hundreds of YouTube videos with over 72 million views, so it is especially troubling to see her social media pages spread her abhorrent racist and anti-Ukrainian convictions. On August 28, she Tweeted the following two photographs of African villagers juxtaposed with Ukrainians with the caption:

“New school year begins in Odessa with teachers forced to wear
Ukrainian tribal dress, a truly European custom”

It is deplorable to see Ms. Lisitsa attempt to use her so-called European “high culture” to attempt to defame the patriotic feelings of Ukrainians, and at the same time to slander all Africans with the same brush. The stated mission of the Pittsburgh Symphony is to be “musical ambassadors” and to “represent their communities.” To hire someone like Ms. Lisitsa is, therefore, not only unbecoming but highly improper.

Ms. Lisitsa praises the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (“Go Novorossiya”), and has taken multiple opportunities to smear Marko Paslawsky (the first American killed while serving with ATO forces). Her Tweets contain the following comments: “Kiev kills scores of civilians, NATO enables murderers… Russia sent 1,000 men to Ukraine?Does it make sense? Why not send 100 times more and finish it in 3 days?…”  Many of Ms. Lisitsa’s hate-filled images are too vulgar to reproduce, but here are several of the ‘less outrageous’ posts:



For more information about the Valentina Lisitsa scandal, please visit Valentina Lisitsa Performance 

Source: Valentina Lisitsa Twitter

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  1. Avatar nysq1 says:

    Great action – thank you for fighting!

  2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Who is this cow? Had to look up who that piece of trash was and found on wiki that she didn’t want to be “just another blonde Russian pianist”. She was born in Kyiv. She is from Kyiv. And the stupid cow thinks she’s russian? Wow, what a blonde ditz.

    1. Avatar Vasja Piterskij says:

      Obviously someone with the name Milton Devonair knows better who’s Russian and who’s not. And what it actually means to be Russian. What a delight to read these comments, haha.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        sorry if I’m confusing you by posting what she says about herself, how she described herself.
        Ukraine isn’t russia.
        Belarus isn’t russia.
        Chechnya isn’t russia.
        Georgia isn’t russia.
        Crimea isn’t russia.
        Karelia isn’t russia.
        Poland isn’t russia.
        Estonia isn’t russia.
        Latvia isn’t russia.
        Lithuania isn’t russia.
        Konigsberg isn’t russia.
        and yes, mars isn’t russia and martians aren’t russians.

        1. Avatar Vasja Piterskij says:

          I don’t care much for what you have to post since obviously you’re a clueless troll, so why bother?

          1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Oh come come comrade, are you going to get a cut from all of your mongol president’s conquests? Monthly checks or are you one of his paid boi toi trolls?

            I saw you on another board where you said the USA is an oligarchy, just like china or somemthing as ignorant. You do know you don’t have to still read those old soviet russian comic books, no?

          2. Avatar Guest says:

            Unfortunately you’re the definition of a troll just as those clowns in the article’s picture, hence as I said, – not interested. Adios.

          3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            lol comrade. One post you have a (fake) name, spreading putin-ganda to humans, and on another post your name is ‘guest’.
            So simple minded, so ignorant, such a russian.

            Great example for the humans that, yet again, humans can never, ever trust russia or russians.

  3. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Did the symphony brother to observe this sick persons behavior on the internet. How could they have possibly have hired someone who is so vulgur and racist? I hope the orchestra patrons demand she be removed. Please make sure that everyone in that area knows what they have done. Start a petition to have her remove. disgusting. A person born in Kyiv could be such a traitor to her own country . Truly sad. I wonder what Putin is paying her for this disgusting diatribe and most unprofessional.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      She’s gotta defend the russians as they probably are the only ones that could be even remotely interested in such a lowly, self absorbed creature…..

  4. Avatar Bohdan Wynnycky says:

    Pelt her with rotten eggs in public. Chauvanistic Russian swine.

  5. Avatar Dave Ralph says:

    Deportation, NOW. The North American diaspora community has enough heft to stop this skanky, no-talent witch from ever setting foot in the US/Canada again.

    1. Avatar Vasja Piterskij says:

      “this skanky, no-talent witch” – are you seriously typing this rubbish or is it just to express solidarity with the rest of the mindless horde of russophobes?

      I’m simply curious because Lisitsa’s talent has been recognized pretty much world-wide (ironically, except for the beacon of civilization – Ukraine, as that’s probably the only place where she hasn’t been invited to perform), totally disregarding what the ‘euromaidan “press”‘ (notice the double quotes) and its utterly bright audience has to say on the subject.

      Too bad.

      1. Avatar Michael Couck says:

        Is she talented at dodging 7.62s? Better be.

  6. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Throw her and Evgeni Malkin out of Pittsburgh!!

    1. Avatar Mat says:

      A movement to get behind.

  7. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Another stupid bitch who does not know the difference between a microwave and a flat TV. She should move to Luhansk and have concerts there !

    1. Avatar Michael Couck says:


  8. Avatar Jennifer Cohagen says:

    Thanks for the article. Never knew about Lisitsa, but now I can say I’m a big fan. PS: you got it right, “Donetsk People’s Republic”. No need to use “so-called”, you spelled and referenced it properly.

    1. phantomfantom phantomfantom says:

      Dear Ms. Cohagen, well, now that you have a new hero to admire in Ms. Lisitsa, you should explain to all her other ‘fans’ why Ms.Lisitsa persists in posting her despicable racist and hate-filled sentiments over the social media… or did she just ‘slip up’ when she posted those Tweets about Africans and Ukrainians?

      1. Avatar Jennifer Cohagen says:

        I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll say Ms. Lisitsa was wrong for doing whatever you think she was wrong for doing, if you agree that its wrong for your Ukrainian army Nazi’s to have committed the Odessa massacre, burning over 40 civilians alive in a building.

        And if you agree that it was wrong for Ukrainian army Nazi’s to fill up mass graves with over 400 civilians in the Donetsk areas they controlled.

        Racism is as racism does. Ukraine has a problem with ethnic cleansing, actually killing people. Whatever Lisitsa has done compared to the Nazis in Azov battalion is like comparing a jay walker vs a serial murderer. I just don’t see how you can criticize her for anything compared to your so-called national heros?

        1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

          OOPS Jenny, you forgot to mention the Russian monkey invasion of Ukraine. Keep the convoys coming as they will need them to return the dead katsaps back to third-world Russia. Slava Bandera!!

        2. phantomfantom phantomfantom says:

          Oooooo, look… another one of Putin’s racist trolls busted!… 8, 9, 10 and you’re out!… O well, you can always console yourself with the “sex toys” and “thrusting vibrators” you list on your fake Facebook page, ‘erotic writer’/’Jennifer Cohagen’…. time to find another cover :-))

  9. Avatar Jennifer Cohagen says:

    I’m curious, how hard the author has to go to stick his head in the sand. Azov Battalion are supposedly your national heros in western Ukraine right now (correct me if I’m wrong), and they use the Nazi wolfsangel SS insignia (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Lenin was just toppled in Kharkiv by a group holding up Nazi symbols, insignia of the Azov battalion, again wolfsangel SS. Nobody is branding this on them against their wishes, they openly and wholeheartedly embrace the Nazi label.

    So, from what I can see, is Western Ukraine and Nazi Nazi Nazi. Maybe I’m overemphasizing their importance, maybe they’re not as big of a deal to you guys or a huge percentage of your government, but nonetheless they’re there, they’re “in your face” and no one in western media is either challenging that fact.

    Valentina Lisitsa is against the Ukraine government. She’s against Nazi’s (see

    Ok, so here is my question. How far do you have to bury your head in the sand to accuse Valentina of being a Nazi, when the complete opposite is the truth? Western Ukraine, embrace your Nazi’s — love them and claim them — or reject them.

    Explain this. If there’s a good explanation for it, my ears are open.

    1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      More brilliant insight from a katsap parrot. lol.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Isn’t it funny how ignorant russians are? And what makes it hilarious is they try their russian ape script on humans, then don’t understand why we humans don’t understand them…..

  10. Avatar Mila Mila says:

    People, like you Sandy have no idea what is going on in Ukraine. So.. My advise to all of you. Stop to talk about what you don’t know. I am from UKRAINE and I know real story that is not different that Valentine was talking about

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      lol kommerade, the mistake all you russians constantly make is you russians think that humans are as ignorant as you russians are, so we’ll believe any of the absurdities you russians bleat out.

      “bleat (blt)
      a. The characteristic cry of a goat or sheep.
      b. A sound similar to this cry.
      2. A whining, feeble complaint.
      v. bleat·ed, bleat·ing, bleats
      1. To utter the characteristic cry of a goat or sheep.
      2. To utter a sound similar to this cry, especially a whine.
      To utter in a whining way.”

  11. Avatar PianoLion says:

    MR. Bryttan when I read you’re article I hardly can believe that you’re a musician with sense for tolerance to accept other people’s opinions.
    It seems Ukrainians have a huge deficit of liberalism.
    Vulgar accusations and terms I only find here in very poor comments below about a great musician : Valentina Lisitsa !

    1. phantomfantom phantomfantom says:

      Dear Mr. PianoLion, I find it difficult to believe you read this article and did not learn that it is Ms. Lisitsa who has a visceral intolerance for all things Ukrainian, and it is this all-consuming hate which drove her to post her abhorrent racist Tweets that smeared Africans and Ukrainians with the same brush. Or do you perhaps believe she really did not mean what she wrote? You as a “PianoLion” should be the first to recognize that musicianship, whether ‘great’, or as in the case of Ms. Lisitsa, garden-variety, does not excuse all her vulgar and abominable sentiments she chooses to spread on social media.

      1. Avatar PianoLion says:

        There is nothing to learn in this article. I only read accusations to Mrs Lisitsa from offended Ukrainians.
        And this only cause she write in a frank way, sometimes ironic and sharp tongued.
        And all her remarks are for me at least founded.!!
        Musicians are full of emotions so this is for me OK when emotions come also in speech and words especially when its reasoned.

        1. phantomfantom phantomfantom says:

          Ok, so you agree Lisitsa makes racist remarks, yet you don’t care because “musicians are full of emotions”… but how can any racist remarks be well “founded” and “reasoned”, pray tell?

          How soon you have forgotten the toadying collaboration of German artists who worked for the Reich, like Party Members Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, von Karajan, and Hitler’s favorite pianist Elly Ney who used to read extracts of Hitler’s writings from the stage, Carl Orff and many others…

          You must be so proud that Karajan conducted at the celebration of the Reich after the annexation of Austria! Was his conducting at that deplorable event an example of a merely “ironic and sharp tongued” statement from a musician?

          But compare Lisitsa’s racist and hate-filled rhetoric to major artists like Nathan Milstein and Mstislav Rostropovich, who always spoke out against the atrocities of the Soviet Union, and today’s Daniel Barenboim, who conducts a Youth Orchestra where Israelis and Palestinians play side by side… what a moral cripple Lisitsa is when compared to these noble artists!

          I assumed your aspirations to be a music amator (in the true sense of the word) would have been joined with higher analytical abilities but alas, i have been proved wrong once again. It is still surprising to see how aspirations to “high culture” go together with race-baiting, hate-mongering and supporting Putin’s (today’s Hitler) bloody invasion of Ukraine.

          Either Lisitsa is too stupid to understand she is supporting an invading power and propagating fascism and racism (my condolences)… or else she understands everything only too well, and has either sold herself out or is a fascist herself…. this goes ditto for her lemming supporters.

          1. Avatar PianoLion says:

   all fake or only Ukrainian lemming supporters??? I see parallels to Hitlers Germany ! Thought-provoking !

          2. phantomfantom phantomfantom says:

            LOL, so u admit you and Lisitsa are racists!

          3. Avatar PianoLion says:

            You boring me, people with their own opinion are racists?? Ridiculous! Thanks for you’re “splendit” answer.

          4. phantomfantom phantomfantom says:

            Bored? i would have thought you loved nothing more than to regurgitate all your pro Rashka crap! … but no need to get testy… i’m here to help you… go ahead, just admit that you are a proud racist like your hero Valentina… everyone knows it, but once you say it, you’ll surely feel so much better… all your other troll friends got relief that way, so why hide it? … the truth will set you free – even a lost soul like yourself… you might even learn how to spell correctly…

          5. Avatar PianoLion says:

            The more words the more you boring me , repetitions after repetitions, don’t you recognise you’re terms get rough more and more. Your fellows above would even say vulgar… That’s very poor….

          6. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            kommrade, you are here for our entertainment. We humans love to interact with you russians so other humans can see exactly who russians are and why humans need to be very wary of them.

            russia is ebola.

          7. phantomfantom phantomfantom says:

            o, and by the way, i hope you informed the real that you appropriated his identity to post on this page… that is illegal, you know, even for a Kremlin brainwashed troll like yourself :-))

  12. Avatar IOUCO says:

    All the followers os this page have some kind of mentally disease. Shame of you fascist!! Gringos cabrones!

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      You mom is back from getting her russian welfare check. She wants to use her computer now….

  13. Avatar Natalie Hursky says:

    Maybe there’s just no accounting for taste. Hers is exceptionally bad.

  14. Avatar Michael Couck says:

    Good grief, will somebody put this woman out of her misery, please?

  15. Avatar Mauricio Quintero says:

    So disgusting

    1. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

      More disgusting than killing your opponents? More disgusting than invading a sovereign country and trying to deny it? More disgusting than kidnapping people and trying to pin crimes on them that they supposedly committed while in custody???

  16. Avatar Otto Maier says:

    You ukinazis are as disgusting as it gets
    Hopefully Putin will send you all to Gulags

    1. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

      And in no time, after your Angela works her magic, all of Europe will be under Pootin’s control. Then you’ll have all the freedom that he allows you to have. Don’t be a dolt. If you don’t know what happened in 1938, then go read some history. This young woman is a pawn to Pootin’s territorial ambitions. We should NOT allow this type of misinformation to be spread. He’s doing enough of that through his own networks.

    2. Avatar Michael McNew says:

      Putin is the new Ronald Reagan!

    3. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

      Your cubicle not getting crowded, Otto?? Maybe Angela is trying to get in on your comments??? Remember, you Germans are at the top of Russia’s hit list when they break through Poland or the Baltics or Ukraine!!!

      1. Avatar Otto Maier says:

        Hey little schlomo
        Don’t worry Putin will start with you first
        Germany isn’t first on his hitlist
        First you chosen people will pay
        Shalom… Suker

        1. Avatar im2late says:

          Hateful, Otto! UGH!

  17. Avatar Mike says:

    Three clowns with signs does not exactly constitute a massive protest. People are entitled to their opinions which should not impinge upon their rights to perform. Personal excellence not politics should be the ultimate arbiter who deserves to perform.

    1. This is business decisions not to offend people who buying tickets to concerts of this Orchestra.

      It’s not like they put her in jail or GULAG.

      She is free to go to any other place where people won’t be offended by her behavior.

  18. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

    Kudos to TSO for not allowing a Russian Troll to disseminate propaganda in Canada. She’s free to do so in Moscow where such trash is appreciated. In Canada, we believe in TRUTH not Pootinesque lies.

    1. Avatar Michael McNew says:

      Is that what democracy is all about? Let someone speak their mind as long as the government supports it?

      1. This has nothing to do with democracy or government.

        This is decision made by public institution about individual, who behave disrespectful to other people and abused public position by spreading lies and hatred.

        Patrons of this institution publicly protested her behavior since last fall, but she didn’t learn to respect people.

        That’s it. Here is more details

        Why Valentina Lisitsa was fired

        1. Avatar Michael McNew says:

          Ah, an uppity woman spoke her mind. Makes perfect sense to ban her – that is what democracy is all about.

          1. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

            No, she’s spewing Pootinite b.s. THAT’S why she was banned. Educate yourself on what’s happening before you open your ignorant yap.

          2. Avatar Michael McNew says:

            If you understood freedom of speech you would support her right to “spew” anything she liked. Please tell me, is this the attitude of those who support the Kiev regime? Is freedom only to be extended to women (and men) who agree with the party line?

          3. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

            Even in Canada, there are laws about libel and slander. You can say what you want as long as you use facts and proper evidence to support your claim. She did neither. She’s not being beaten up, jailed, tortured or even killed for what she said. Her hero, Pootin, does all of these things to those who oppose him. Stick that into your FOS pipe.

          4. Avatar Michael McNew says:

            She expresses her views on politics and that is slander. Well, that is a new one…no wait, that is what they did in the USSR.

          5. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

            When she calls this a “civil war” when it’s an invasion, that is not an accurate statement. When she says that these are Ukrainians fighting Ukrainians, that is not an accurate statement. Please, Michael, get to know some facts. She supports a govt that kidnaps people, puts them on trial for crimes that they committed while in custody?? A govt. that poisons its dissidents?? A govt that kills its critics?? And you think she’s not political?? That’s a load of crap. In fact, she is supporting a govt that has reverted back to USSR times. Again, check the facts.

          6. Avatar Michael McNew says:

            She supports the USA and NDAA?

          7. Avatar nelsontdsilva says:

            The more abusive you get the more your argument sounds hollow. If you have the freedom to write what you want, why not have the same tolerance of others, however unpalatable it may be politically?

          8. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

            I guess it has something to do with knowing a bit about history and how, in the past, propagandists put spins on events that were heinous and the world bought the propaganda and ignored the event. For example, when the USSR was starving about 10 million Ukrainians, the NY Times actually wrote stories complimentary to Stalin and his collectivization program and denying the fact that people were starving. Here, Pootin is telling his people that the West is trying to take over Ukraine, Russia and all of Eastern Europe as well as other blatant lies. Again, e.g. that there are NO Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Well, that is totally false. So, when this woman spews her lies and vitriol vs Ukraine, I have a very thin skin.

      2. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

        Someone can speak his/her mind as long as the facts are correct and truthful. If they try to propagandize, then they shouldn’t be allowed to air their views publically. Besides, TSO is the boss and can hire whoever it wants or not! We all are aware that public figures, when they take a certain view do influence others. She is a public figure/artist and has a duty to be truthful.

        1. Avatar Michael McNew says:

          Which “Ministry of Truth” gets to certify whose “facts” are correct enough to share? Maybe that throng of three protestors could enlighten us?

          1. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

            How about the people who actually LIVE in the areas affected? This woman doesn’t even live in Ukraine–she lives in Paris. How is she to know what’s happening? And, contrary to her tweets, this is not a CIVIL war. There is an invasion by Russian soldiers and nothing else. Again, get YOUR facts straight. Otherwise, you are just another idiot troll.

          2. Avatar Michael McNew says:

            Got pictures of those soldiers invading?

            You live in Ukraine?

          3. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

            As a matter of fact, I live in Canada but I have a computer through which I can view posted pictures from people who live there. Stills and video clips. Plus, there are interviews with captured Russian soldiers who carry RUSSIAN passports and who willingly tell interviewers where they’re from and it’s from RUSSIA. The demoed armaments that the Russians have left behind have been traced back to Russia. Pootin has admitted that he had 20,000 little green men in Crimea to help the people there make the right decision. Need more evidence?? BTW, the locals have indicated that all of the “humanitarian convoys” that the Russians have sent in were strictly for the fighters and contained arms and ammo.

          4. Avatar Michael McNew says:

            Really? Got links? So the corporate press of the USA can’t afford to send one team in and get a news story when they can send teams to ISIS areas and get interviews with ISIS?

            Yeah, you have a computer. Well, you can also go to clips of the Cylons attacking and destroying the home worlds of humans 150,000 years ago. That is probably as accurate as your claims.

  19. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

    All those of you who cry “freedom of speech” should check into what FOS is being allowed by the regime that this woman supports. Dissenters are beaten up, imprisoned or killed if they don’t agree with Pootin. That’s what she’s supporting. He invaded a sovereign country, destroyed its infrastructure, pleaded ignorance and then gloated how he stole Crimea back from under everyones’ noses. If that’s what you’re supporting, then you have no idea what true freedom of speech is or what Canadian democracy is.

    1. Avatar Joe Ibanez says:

      Freedom of speech means that a ignorant scum like you can say those kind of absurd bullshit?

    2. Exactly.
      She abused freedom of speech by promoting hate speech.

  20. Avatar Magalaan says:

    Demonstrating against people having the wrong opinion?

  21. Avatar john_willow says:

    Not the Tweets I read by her. I would check into whether these people are fabricating Tweets.

    1. Avatar ᅠᅠᅠ says:

      Click them. They are linked to the originals on her account.

  22. Avatar Joe Ibanez says:

    EuroMaishit press. Fuck You

    1. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

      Go collect your paycheck from Pooootin, TROLL. Very ignorant comment.

  23. Avatar Michael McNew says:

    Putin is the new Reagan and it appears leftists in the west are the new USSR.

    1. Putin is new Hitler – usurping power, oppressing freedoms in his country and then invading other countries and annexing their territories.

      1938 all over again

      1. Avatar Michael McNew says:

        Strange, the people of Crimea had a vote and it appears they prefer Russia. Don’t you support democracy?

        1. Who told you that?

          Same people who occupied Crimea and in 2 weeks faked referendum to justify somehow this occupation?

          Or was is somebody else?

        2. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

          Yes, Michael. There were more voted cast than there were eligible voters. Cars with premarked ballots were stopped at the border prior to the “vote” and coming from Russia. That’s democracy??? Where are you writing from, Michael? Your cubicle in Moscow????

          1. Avatar Michael McNew says:

            Moscow is a nice city, but no. Are you writing from the offices of George Soros?

    2. Avatar Lu Bobyk says:

      Did you actually go to any school and learn ANY world history??

      1. Avatar Michael McNew says:

        Why you ask? You want recommendations for programs? 😉

  24. Yeah, she may be good piano payer, but this this alone doesn’t seem to guarantee enough intelligence to resist brainwashing by Kremlin;in propaganda.

    Sad story actually, when people continue mentally live in their countries even after moving across the pond long time ago.and still being influenced by old style propaganda from old times

  25. Avatar Hryhorii Ivantsiv says:

    I can’t get how she was able to get away with this so long. And I don’t think real world-class musician can be so hateful. Miserable person.

  26. Avatar Roberta Edwards says:

    Putin’s Elly Ney…