New York’s anti-Ukrainian art gallery, and the far-right Russian network behind it



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  • LorCanada

    Hm, very murky stuff to delve into. Why promote Russian propaganda in USA?

    • Frank Fileccia

      Because they don’t want the west to support Ukraine

    • Antonio

      because there are a lot of ruSSian morons in the US!

    • Pecisk

      Because US have lot of anti-estabilishment sentiment? It’s pure classic propaganda. Weaken enemies resolve by sawing doubts about your evil deeds. Worked in 2nd WW perfectly, kept US off the Hitler’s and later Stalin’s scent for long enough time for them to complete their evil tasks.

  • Paul P. Valtos

    Well looks like Brighton Beach mob is working as usual with Putin and the rest of the Russian Mafiosi. They are hand in hand but they control Russia. What else can you say. The average Russian has no idea.

  • Pecisk

    US might want to think 2nd WW is in the past, but Russia is till fighting it – with all means necessary. Because….yeah, they are very short on reasons, but it seems they don’t care that much about it anymore. They just go with it.

  • sandy miller

    You should send this info to Bill Maher and the New York Times.

    • Mat

      Know where / how?

  • mlpo

    Yes, it should be in America because this is America and all opinions are allowed here, even blatant lies. That’s what we call democracy. However, the truth about it should be told and publicized and people should not be going to it. Shame on John Jay Criminal College!

  • Murf

    This may play well in New York but if they try it down South here the good old boys will be all over them like white on rice.
    All you would have to do is tell them it was sponsored by Russians and that would be all she wrote.

  • andor_2001

    The display of swastika made of the St.George ribbon was the evidence of Ukrainian hatred toward the Russians. To smear memory of millions perished in the Great Patriotic War, liberating Europe, including Ukraine, is unthinkable Fascism. Why would the Russians try to smear the evidence of the Ukrainian fascism? Your logic escapes me.

  • Milton Devonair

    Dang, sorry I missed this gem. I would have given them a glass jar with a putin chimp statue in it, filled with urine. Give russians something else to worship about the chimp.

  • Alina Chorna

    Hard to argue, no one can spread out lies and misinformation better than Russia. There are years of practice and experience. Putler’s propaganda machine spends millions of dollars on things like that and many others. Said, that some Americans and Europeans pick it up as a truth. You gotta be an idiot to trust anything from Kremlin.