Pro-Ukraine demonstrations held in Luhansk, Odesa, and Kryvyy Rih


Demonstration for a united Ukraine in Luhansk


Demonstrations for the unity of Ukraine took place in Luhansk, Odesa, and Kryvyy Rih on Sunday, April 13, reports Ukrainska Pravda, citing Ukrinform and other sources.

In Luhansk, on the square by the Taras Shevchenko monument, a demonstration took place with blue and yellow Ukrainian flags and slogans “Luhansk is Ukraine.” Police stood together with the Luhansk self-defense forces.

As reported by Ukrinform, some 1,000 people gathered on the square and appealed to the country’s leadership to end separatism in the Donbas region and to bring to criminal prosecution those who finance separatist activities.

Demonstrators also demanded the transfer of the government and public utility accounts of the Luhansk region from UkrComBank, which according to several media sources is controlled by one of the leaders of the Party of Regions, Oleksandr Yefremov, to a government bank.

The demonstrators also announced the formation of a “Luhansk self-defense unit” responsible for defending Luhansk citizens from attacks by separatist occupiers. Demonstrators proposed working jointly with the police to maintain order.

Luhansk police stand with pro-Ukraine protesters

In addition, some 300 participants held a rally for a united Ukraine in Kryvyy Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Demonstrators chanted “Glory to the nation, death to the enemies,” “Ukraine above all,” “Heroes do not die,” Glory to Ukraine,” Kryvyy Rih is Ukraine” and other slogans. They carried placards stating “East and West Together,” “Euromaidan of Kryvyy Rih” and others.

A demonstration for the unity of Ukraine also took place in Odesa, where protesters gathered by the monument to Duc de Richelieu.

As reported previously, separate demonstrations supporting the integrity of Ukraine and for federalization were held in Kharkiv. Shootings occurred during clashes between the two groups, resulting in casualties.

A demonstration for the unity of Ukraine is also taking place in Zaporizhzhya, where Euromaidan activists are confronting pro-Russian demonstrators. Police are separating the two groups to avoid conflicts.


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