Yatsenyuk: The failure of Europe to provide gas to Ukraine via reverse flow is result of blackmail by Gazprom




Article by: Anna Sergeeva

Kyiv calls on the European Council to gather for an emergency meeting and take a decision on preventing the blackmail by Russia. On this, as the correspondent of “New Region.” Prime Minister Yatsenyuk made the statement in a press conference at the Boryspol Airport.

“Russia is an aggressor, while Gazprom has demonstrated to be an unreliable partner by questioning the supply of gas not only to Ukraine but also to Europe. During the winter, Russia may freeze not only Ukraine, but also the European Union,” – Yatsenyuk said while commenting on Hungary’s stoppage of the reverse gas flow to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister believes that the failure of Europe to deliver gas to Ukraine via reverse flow is the result of blackmail by Gazprom and European gas companies’ lobbying for Russian interests.

“Russia has violated the basic principle of operation of the European energy reverse by cutting off gas supplies to European companies. Therefore, I believe that the EU should immediately gather at the meeting to present a unified and coordinated position and decision. The main thing that it be the decision by all members of the EU, all EU gas companies” – said Yatsenyuk. “We must not allow Gazprom to blackmail Europe and Ukraine. But this is possible only if the position will be unified.”

Translated by: A. N.
Source: Novyi Region 2

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  • Brent

    Viktor Orban is a noted Putin-pologist and has extremist right wing ideology is behind Hungary’s desire for the EU dropping of sanctions against Russia and NATO not getting involved militarily. The Jobbik party has stated they want to reclaim parts of Ukraine that used to be Hungarian territory. Hungary is bought and paid for with their agreement for Russia to assist them with building up their nuclear power so they cannot be trusted.

    Hopefully, they crash and burn in the Russian 2015 collapse

    • rifak

      There is nothing wrong with nationalism, but sometimes it is a very selfish animal that self-destructs. If Orban were smart, he would secure the friendship and alliance of nationalists of other nations rather than trampling around at their expense.

  • Dirk Smith

    Hungary has a distinct history of making bad decisions and/or choosing the wrong side. Nothing has changed apparently……