Russian satirical artist lampoons Putin in Syrian-North Korean inspired mashup



Editor’s note: This article’s original title & body may have mislead readers into believing Budaev’s piece was genuine and non-satirical

Russian satirical artist is Andrei Budaev released the following photoshopped image, titled The Peace Maker, in a digital book titled “Metamorphosis XXI Book VIII,” page 157. The piece, which depicts Putin as glorified strongman in a Soviet realist art style (example here) also gives him the added height of Russian Imperial Tsar Peter I (‘The Great’) and flanks him with various anti-Ukrainian or anti-Western figures, such as Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

The image is based off a mural by North Korean artists of late Syrian president Hafez al-Assad at the October War Panorama in Damascus, Syria; which in turn was inspired by the  Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Portrait of Hafez al-Assad, October War Panorama, Damascus, Syria

Some of Budaev’s other work humorously depicting Vladimir Putin:

Budaev Putin Budaev Putin Budaev Putin

Edited by: Mat Babiak

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  1. steve34609 says:

    Every notorious murderer from the USSR’s past cultivated a personality cult around themselves:Stalin,Lenin,Derzhinsky…Putin. This is nothing new. The USSR was defeated, USSR 2.0 will also be defeated.

  2. Rein Raud says:

    Not celebrated. Ridiculed. Look at the site of the artist and some of his other work.

    1. Mat says:

      Article was fixed, original editor didn’t do due diligence.

  3. FUCK putin , FUCK cccp. AMIN.

  4. Hanya Krill-Pyziur says:

    You should have included his actual height in this piece. It doesn’t have much meaning otherwise. According to online sources, Vladimir Putin’s actual height is 5ft 7in or 170 cm tall. And don’t forget that ridiculous picture of him riding naked torso on a “horse”. In the photo he looks enormous, but for his true height, Putin would have been dwarfed by any average-sized horse. So, what they must have done was to deliberately pose him on a small-sized horse, or maybe even a pony in order to make him look much larger. See Wiki on horse and pony sizes: