Russian passports handed out in occupied cities in Eastern Ukraine: first steps in annexation of Donbas

russian passports


War in the Donbas

At a press conference in New York on Thursday, Yuriy Sergeyev, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Nations, said that Russia is preparing a large-scale occupation of eastern Ukraine. In the words of Sergeyev, after the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine met in Minsk the situation in eastern Ukraine has only gotten worse. According to the United Nations News Service, Sergeyev appealed for help from the international community.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN told reporters on Thursday morning that Russian tanks have started moving from Novoazovsk to Mariupol.

As stated by Segeyev, Ukrainian soldiers together with local residents blocked their advance. Sergeyev also noted that Smerch and Urahan rocket launchers continue to be fired from Russian territory. OSCE monitors confirmed this fact last week.

“These recent actions taken by Russia demonstrate that they are preparing a large-scale occupation, just like we witnessed in Ossetia,” said Sergeyev. “Russian authorities have launched the full-scale issuing of Russian passports in Donetsk and Luhansk. It is being done to give Russia an excuse to bring in the Russian Army under the pretext of protecting Russian citizens.”

“Given these difficult circumstances we are forced to appeal to the international community for economic and financial aid to help Ukraine resist foreign aggression,” he said. “We are calling on the international community to continue to put pressure on the Russian Federation to stop the assault on Ukraine and to abandon their politics of aggression that is absolutely unacceptable in the 21st century.”

At the same time the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations expressed hope that the meeting in Minsk on Friday of the Tri-Lateral Contact Group will set in motion negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts and that meaningful steps will be taken to achieve peace.

“The whole world knows that Ukraine is in strict compliance regarding its obligations and today Ukraine is the victim of aggression committed by its neighboring state. We hope that, finally, it will be possible to stop the constant violations of agreements, the murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war and the murder of civilians, and the destruction of educational institutions and other infrastructure by the Russian army and terrorists,” concluded the Ukrainian Ambassador.

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  1. Avatar RedGA says:

    What do you think this cease fire is for? Now they can go around and consolidate things and begin this passport nonsense. Each ceasefire results in something completely worse happening AFTER the fact.

    1. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

      I agree. Putin is up to something. He can’t be trusted. What gall to give out passports to people living in another country. Putin needs to be taught a lesson.

      1. Avatar LorCanada says:

        Where did I read? …..
        Putin wants a “heated” peace, not war.

    2. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Well, at this time there will be a prisoner swap and some humanitarian aid; possibly some negotiating too.

    3. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

      Well, Ukraine is hopefully going to get most if’s POWs released. Also Ukraine can use this break in the fighting to reinforce it’s own positions with equipment it’s receiving from NATO member states. When fighting resumes, and I see this as inevitable, hopefully Ukraine will have a much stronger and prepared army to really inflict some heavy loses on the Russian military; the large number of military losses already suffered in Moscow’s undeclared war are starting to be realized and likely to do political damage. Russia can’t keep Kyiv out of Donetsk and Luhansk without risking many lives of their military; something that will become increasingly politically challenging. It also may eventually become politically necessary for Russia to abandon these territories in exchange for loosening of sanctions against Russia as a faltering economy is also politically untenable for the long term.

  2. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    Putin lies. There is NO threat to Russian speakers in Ukraine. Its Putins hatred of Ukraine and Western Democracy that drives this Stalinist Hitler. Ukraine is not Putins Sudetenland.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Yup, humans are always reminded they can never, ever trust russia or russians…..

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    These passports will be nothing more than kindling to keep the fire barrels running in third-world Russia. Enjoy your buckwheat sandwiches katsaps!

    1. Avatar Dean Venture says:

      I’ve had buckwheat before, but I’ve never heard of a buckwheat sandwich. Sounds horrible! 😉

  4. Avatar Edison says:

    How does giving Russian passports do anything? I thought it was illegal to have dual citizenship in Ukraine. If thousands of people in Donetsk have Russian passports, how will Russia use this as a pretext? It seems like these people would have to be counted somehow, or appear on TV, in order to use this as propaganda. I suppose that if Putin says there are 500,000 Russian citizens in eastern Ukraine, people in Russia will believe him, but nobody else will.

    If he is hoping to have a referendum in Ukraine, where people with Russian passports can vote, was that part of the cease fire agreement?

  5. Avatar John Graves says:

    Even a backwards country like Russia has an occasional good idea, and passing out Russian passports to defective and disloyal Ukrainians is one of the best ideas they have come up with! I even read they were paying 1000 UAH to each Ukrainian that accepts a Russian passport. Ukraine should match that offer, throw in a case of vodka and a carton of cigarettes and a one way bus ticket to Vladivostok for any Ukrainian stupid enough to want Russian citizenship. Ukraine having none of those people would quickly move forward.

  6. Avatar xanderdeafman says:

    Fortress Ukraine!

    Фортеця України!

    Крепости Украины!

    Death to the Kremlin gangster-terrorists! Death to the Kremlin gangster-mercenaries! Death to Kremlin Putin’s bitches!!!

    Смерть Кремля гангстера терористів! Смерть Кремля гангстера найманців! Смерть Кремля Путін суки!

    Смерть Кремль гангстер террористов! Смерть гангстера наемников Кремля! Смерть в Кремль Путин суки!!!

    Glory, Freedom, Independence, Victory for Ukraine!

    Слава, свободи, незалежності, перемога України!Слава, свобода, независимость, победа для Украины!