Poroshenko: NATO members will provide support and weapons



Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko reported on the practical and financial support NATO will provide for Ukraine at a briefing after the Ukraine-NATO commission meeting at the NATO summit in Wales, September 4, reports Espreso.TV

“After today’s NATO summit very serious financial support has been declared. Countries have committed themselves to funding four trust funds designed to support Ukrainian security. In particular, it is a question of improving logistics, the chain of command, improving communications and the cyber protection of Ukraine. Specific countries have assumed the responsibility for coordinating these funds. All participants at today’s summit without exception have assumed the responsibility for providing the funding ,” Poroshenko said.

Additionally, Poroshenko said Ukraine expects help in the military-technical sphere within the framework of cooperation with the NATO countries.

“In fact, each country has stated its support for Ukraine as a result of today’s summit. First of all, this applies to aid in military-technical cooperation, including precision weapons. The sphere of our cooperation with NATO member countries is very broad. In the final resolution, there will be language promoting bilateral cooperation, including in the military-technical sphere,” he said.

“Individual countries have promised to provide rehabilitation support for wounded Ukrainian soldiers. Other countries have pledged to supply medical equipment and medicines, ” he added.

Poroshenko did not specify what countries agreed to provide military assistance. However, according to several sources, he held meetings Thursday, September 4, with leaders of the United States, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Canada.

Espreso.TV, translated by Anna Mostovych

Photo: Reuters


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