Russia to create antifascist committee with Nazis and fascists



The 2nd international conference “Russia, Ukraine, Novorossiya: Global problems and challenges” was announced to take place in Yalta, Crimea on August 29-30.  The conference was organized by Coordination center “New Rus,” whose leader is A. Angipolov, a former Ukrainian citizen recruited by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). Among the topics discussed at this Black Sabbath in Yalta are the following:

“The Ukrainian crisis – who to blame and what to do”

“Geopolitcal challenge to Russia: ways of overcoming and perspectives”;

“Configuration of the multi-polar world: centers of power and weakness”

“Ukraine without Crimea and Novorossiya, Serbia without Kosovo, Georgia without Abkhazia – new realities of the modern world order”;

“The USA solving their problems at others’ expense”;

“Forming Russia’s Anti-Fascist council.”

The most interesting part is that the “anti-fascist council” is to be formed by European fascists and Nazis. Naturally, under supervision of the Kremlin’s Fuhrer and including members of human rights councils as well as other “prominent” figures propagandizing Russia’s exclusive right to fight the global and especially Ukrainian “fascism.”

The list of Yalta conference participants featured:

1. Poland


Bartosz Bekier – the leader of the fascist Phalanx, the editor-in-chief of, actively promoting the terrorists’ “success” in “Novorossiya.” This year he has already visited the Donetsk Republic, meeting local terrorists. Earlier, in May, he visited Bashar Assad together with a Belgian Nazi L. Michel, the trip funded by Kremlin money,

Mateusz Piskorski – secretary general of the “European Center of Geopolitical Analysis” – a sham organization funded by Kremlin’s intelligence with a main goal of promoting Putin’s regime. Used to be the publisher of a Nazi magazine “Odala.” Is an antisemite and racists.  Served as an observer at the illegal referendum in Crimea. We’ll cover his achievements in more detail in later articles.

Conrad Renkas – the head of the post-soviet countries department of the “European Center of Geopolitical Analysis.” An antisemite. Just like Piskorski and Bekier, is paid by Kremlin’s intelligence.

2. The United Kingdom

NIcholas John Griffin – the leader of the British National Party. Was interested in neofascizm during his childhood. In the 80s Griffin organized neofascist skinhead band concerts in the UK. In 1998 Griffin was found guilty of disseminating materials promoting racial hatred and sentenced to 9 months of conviction with a parole of 2 years and a fine of 2300 pounds. A Holocaust denier. Declared himself bankrupt in early 2014. His trip to Crimea will probably be paid by the 1st or 2nd secretary of the Russian embassy in the UK.

3. Belgium

Luc Michel – the closest adept and follower of the Belgian Nazi Jean-François Thiriart, leader of a sham organization “European council for democracy and elections.” Attended the illegal referendum in Crimea. For some reason Kremlin propaganda keeps calling him a member of the European Parliament.

Frank Creyelman – a representative of a separatist party “Flemish interest,” was an observer and the illegal referendum in Crimea. Neonazi, Islamophobe, persona non grata in Turkey.

4. Hungary

M. Dendesh, member of the Jobbik party characterized as neo-Nazi and neofascist by several European experts. Hungary’s prosecutor general accuses Jobbik of cooperation with Russian intelligence. Earlier this year M. Dendesh visited Moscow (as a member of Jobbik’s delegation) during which he discussed the issue of Hungarian-Ruthenian autonomy in Zakarpattya, i.e. destabilizing the situation on Zakarpattya region of Ukraine.

These Nazis and fascists will be joined by other ardent “antifascists”:

Sergey Glazyev – advisor to the president of Russia;

Maxim Shevchenko – member of the Russian President’s council for human rights;

terrorists from Donetsk and Luhansk Republics.

Zakarpattya separatists calling themselves “Transcarpathian Ruthenians” – Petr Getsko, Vasility Dzhugan and Anatoliy Sava. It should be noted that these “Ruthenians” don’t live in Zakarpattya. Yet recently (after Jobbik’s visit to Moscow) they started actively claiming to represent 90% of the region (almost the same as the result of Crimea’s “referendum”). Now they are actively cooperating with Jobbik and Russian intelligence to destabilize the situation in Zakarpattya under the pretext of creating a Ruthenian and Hungarian autonomy.   The meeting in Yalta could be a discussion of the details of the “Zakarpattya scenario.”

“Information Resistance” group, “Bravo” section


Translated by Kirill Mikhailov

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  1. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    This is the “whos who” of America haters and anti-Western Communist/Nazi ideologists.

  2. Avatar Murf says:

    They all should wake out in bed with under age male prostitutes to the sound of clicking cameras and have the pics posted on the internet.
    It’s more important to destroy the message than it is the man.
    Sounds cold?
    Google Polonium Poisoning Symptoms and get back to me.
    That what the west is up against.
    Time to play this old school, just Tzar Vlad the First.

  3. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

    A collection of projectionists.

  4. Avatar Marko says:

    “The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.” – Winston Churchill

  5. Avatar Daniele No says:

    We want a proof of A. Angipolov’s recruitment by FSB. And we want know which delegates of DNR and LNR will be present to this meeting. Also, which Kremlin functionaries, otherwise these are only speculations of a conspiracy article.