Mothers compiled a list of 400 Russian soldiers killed and wounded in Ukraine




The Committee of Soldiers‘ Mothers in the Stavropol Oblast of Russia has compiled a list of four hundred killed and wounded Russian soldiers. This was reported to Dozhd Channel by its chairman Lyudmila Bogatenkova.

“I have a list of about four hundred men. And there are wounded and killed,” she told Dozhd.

The list was compiled from various sources in the armed forces, which the Committee cannot disclose. Based on the data gathered by the mothers, the list contains soldiers from different regions:  Shumlensk, Vladikavkaz, Shali, Borzoysk.”

We are talking about several motorized infantry brigades: the Order of Suvorov and the Red Banner of Labor 19th separate motorized Voronezh-Shumlensk brigade (Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia), 17th separate Guard motorized infantry brigade in the town of Shali (Chechnya), 8th separate Guard Motorised Brigade in Chatou (Chechnya).

According to Bogatenkova, besides those already mentioned in the list there are military servicemen from other units of the Russian army. The list of deaths and injuries is not final and to be constantly updated constantly.

Source: Dozhd, translated by Vitalii Usenko, edited by Alya Shandra


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  • Brent

    Ever make a Slavic mother really angry? Believe it or not, Putin may get in deep sh*t with this!!!

  • arpete29


  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    I would really prefer to focus on the grieving ukrainian mothers

    • Arctic_Slicer

      The relevance of this is that the dead and injured Russian soldiers going back to Russia, reveals as lies, the Russian claims that Russia is not currently conducting military operations in Ukraine.

  • Slitzh

    They died fighting against Kiev-oligarchs and their nazi hords so that aleast the people of Novorossiya could have independence and freedom.

    • sandy miller

      there is no novorossiya… are talking about my ukrainian ancestors lands that they lived on for centuries….no matter how you russians try you will never kill the Ukrainian heart…eastern and southeastern Ukraine will always be the land of the ancient ukrainian cossacks. If you two are ukrainians I ask you to search your hearts why would you wanna give away your Ukrainian homeland to an evil Putler regime?

  • Edison

    Did Putin say anything about this list yesterday? Probably he denied it exists.

  • Thomas2005

    They probably went astray and happened to end up in the Ukraine, where their own artillery killed them?