Russian regular troops invade Ukraine from Tahanroh, says journalist


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Photo: Russian troops near border on Ukraine

Russian regular troops invaded Ukraine from Tahanroh. This was reported by the border guards and soldiers and volunteer battalions that are currently in the area, according to the Facebook page of journalist Roman Bochkala.

From Russia 30 tanks entered as well as equipment and manpower. At the time of the report, they were located 8 kilometers deep into Ukrainian territory. They control 6 border villages. In particular, the villages of Markin, Shcherbakov, Rosa Luxemburg. The invaders have put up checkpoints, leaving 3 tanks and 2 armored personnel carriers at each one, as well as platoon personnel and the moving on. In the Novoazovska suburbs heard shots. In the occupied territories, the Russian military are not concealing their military badges.

Along with them, from the territory of the Russian Federation, representatives of the so-called Donetsk Peoples’ Republic have entered. They are asking the local people to wait out a few days during the “volatile situation” and promised that then “everything will be fine; we will have our own republic.”

Ukrainian military have been forced to retreat under pressure of artillery fire, including “Grad”. There are casualties among soldiers and border guards battalions and some have been seriously injured. Our soldiers are asking for aid and heavy equipment. Otherwise, they say, can not keep Novoazovsk. In event that control of Novoazovsk is lost, the road to Mariupol, will be open, they say.

Source: Facebook page of Roman Bochkala, translated by Olena Wawryshyn

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