Russian colonel Zhirinovsky threatens “total annihilation” of Baltics & Poland



Article by: Mat Babiak

Appearing on a talkshow on Russia’s Rossiya 24 network, Colonel Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), issued a series of threats towards the European Union’s easternmost states.

On the show, Zhirinovsky, who is known for his controversial statements, threatened and suggested launching pre-emptive strikes against the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, as well as Poland. He justified the remarks by suggesting that Russia “cannot allow” peripheral nations’ missile defenses and air forces to be within striking distance of Russia, and that Russia should seek to destroy them ‘a half hour before they launch.’

The language used in the broadcast was especially inciteful, not only calling for the carpet bombing of the four countries, but their entire annihilation.

“What will remain of the Baltics? Nothing will remain…in Poland, the Baltics, they are doomed. They’ll be wiped out.”

“Let the leaders of these dwarf states reconsider this. Eastern European states will place themselves under the threat of total annihilation, and only they will be to blame.”

.”..we’ll have to teach them the lessons of May 1945.”

Recall that Zhirinovsky has personally aided Russian insurgent groups in Luhansk, and his party has openly set up terrorist training camps in the embattled Luhansk region. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry launched criminal charges against him in July for financing these groups.

The LDPR is Russia’s fourth largest political party.

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  1. Avatar Bill Roy says:

    Well with the suggested indication that Putin thinks he can use so-called ‘limited nuclear attack’ and can beat NATO by such methods we also now have this direct threat to annihilate the Baltic States and Poland. Can anyone with at least two connected brain cells now doubt that Russia is an enemy of the free world?
    Let me be clear here, the Putin premise that he could restrict the use of nuclear weapons is indeed an old Soviet philosophy, indeed it is well documented that the USSR were prepared to use them (battlefield nuclear weapons) during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the belief that America would not respond. As has now also been shown this was a miscalculation on the part of the USSR as it is now on the part of Russia. But it also means that now certain contingencies will already have been brought to the front of military planning by the Free World nations, and the protocol already put in place for a direct nuclear response against such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. will already be in envelopes sailing the oceans.
    There is of course another aspect that Putin, the Kremlin, and indeed Russia has failed to take into account, and one aspect that will cost Russia dearly, namely the perception of doing business with Moscow both diplomatically and economically. Only in the past few days has Putin asked western businessmen to be pragmatic about the ‘sanctions’ against Russia, in other words he was asking them to ignore them. Now such companies must ask themselves what is the business sense in doing business with a country or another company based in a country that threatens to launch a nuclear attack against other smaller neighbouring countries and/or annihilate such smaller countries. Doing business with a country like this becomes so risky and would inflict such bad public relations that even such a monstrous company as Exon will have to think again.
    The point made above actually pales into insignificance though when considered against the damage these kind of utterances and beliefs held in Russia will do on the diplomatic front. Here let us first consider one of Russia’s assumed allies (both militarily and economically), the country in question is Belarus. Already Belarus warned earlier in the week that it considered itself independent and would defend itself against attack from ANY direction. Then yesterday Belarus and Ukraine announced a total lifting on any existing trade restrictions between the two countries. These acts indicate that Russia is becoming more isolated by the day. But the biggest problem for Russia is not in Europe at all, it is its far eastern neighbour and money rich energy hungry neighbour to its east – China.
    China is not a democracy, China does not see the world how other countries see the world, and that includes Russia. Perhaps the best way to think of China politically is as a hugely successful business organization, and like all businesses those at the top, the ones who actually create policy and make overall decisions, do not want anything to upset their business. In the past few months China has managed to acquire a hugely important and very profitable energy deal for Russia to supply if with gas, a deal Putin and the Kremlin thought made China dependant on Russia. This alone was a major strategic misunderstanding on the part of Putin and his Kremlin brethren. Of the two sides it is now obvious that China got by far the better deal of the two countries. But the deal is only a good deal for China if, and I will stress the ‘IF’, it does not detract from other business investments and opportunities. The actions of Putin and the Kremlin towards thinking of war, and nuclear war at that, and destroying other countries will undoubtedly cost China extensively in its present markets throughout the world should it decide to either side with Russia or try to maintain some weird façade of neutrality, and of course such costs would not be good business for China PLC.
    There is also one other aspect with regard to China. Siberia could easily be seen as a province of China, one that should be ruled from Beijing and not Moscow, and with the present calls from some Siberians for ‘Federalisation’ and/or ‘independence’ from Russia the Siberian region could well be enthused by Chinese support to obtain independence. Of course should war erupt between the Free World and Russia then the world would turn a blind eye to China acquiring Siberia by military occupation or conquest, perhaps even allowing an independent Free Siberia to exist but with special trade terms for China.
    Putin is no strategic thinker, but he has begun to believe his own publicity that advocates he is. This is when Putin and his Kremlin hoards are both at their most dangerous but also at their weakest, and this is demonstrated nowhere better than the proxified Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian proxyified invasion was supposed to be a simple and quick dismantling of Ukraine gathering huge swaths of Ukraine into Russia. It has proved a disaster, with the full extent and cost of that disaster yet to be seen. The idea of ‘limited nuclear war’ and annihilation of Poland and the Baltic States will be magnitudes greater a disaster for Russia than even their Ukraine debacle.

    1. Avatar Randall Cook says:

      America will do unrecoverable damage to the territory and people of Russia, in the event of hostilities going to their ultimate stage. Yes, Putin, Zhironovskiy et al will hurt those countries which they target with nuclear weapons–it will be the final act of Russia as a nation, however. They will be completely wiped out.

      1. Avatar Julian Petkov says:

        “America will do unrecoverable damage to the territory and people of Russia”

        Wishful thinking! What with, if you don’t mind me asking? America doesn’t have the physical capacity to take on Russia, …and forget about the nukes! That’s a Jesuit hoax, pedestrian knowledge by now.

        1. Avatar Piliger Black says:

          The Russian army is a rag tag collection of drunken teenagers and half trained welfare recipients.

          1. Avatar Nissanfan says:

            lmfao sure. Everyone is always ready to defend Poland, only when that situation comes, “allies” are nowhere to be found. Polish government should shut their mouth, cause it will lead replay from 1939.

          2. Avatar Mindaugas says:

            Russians should shut their mouth, becuase they are now like Germans or Japanese were in WW2. Or whatever… let them talk, drunk Ruskies are done already anyway…

        2. Avatar Randall Cook says:

          You’ll find out very soon, chum–you and your fascist country. Be seeing you 🙂 Putin Huilo.

          1. Avatar Paddy Keely-Bugler says:

            keep using the word Fascist, i don’t think it means what you think it means

          2. Avatar Randall Cook says:

            Oh I meant to say Russian Nazi vermin…howzat Asshat?

    2. Avatar Murf says:

      I think this business in UA has unleashed forces that Putin never considered. After all if it can work in Crimea why not Siberia?
      Remember China does not have friends, China has interests.

      1. Avatar Randall Cook says:

        Independence for Siberia, Chechnya, TransCaucasus Caliphate, Sakhilisnsk & Kurile Islands. Putin-Huilo.

        1. Avatar Murf says:

          Yep, that’s a lot of separatists.

    3. Avatar Julian Petkov says:

      There is no need to restrict something that doesn’t exist. Nukes are a Jesuit hogwash. Save yourself a lot of typing and just say: “I am mindless hater!”

      1. Avatar DDJ says:

        Yes I agree Julian. You are a ‘mindless hater’. You and your fellow ‘tough guys’ are the butt of jokes all over the world. Especially in the Ukraine. lol

      2. Avatar Murf says:

        “Nukes are a Jesuit hogwash.” Dude who ever told you that is probably telling you other lies also.
        What does that even mean?

        1. Avatar Veljak says:

          Apparently people believe nukes don’t exist, and that they’re a hoax created by the Jesuits.

          Yeah, I was just as dumbfounded as you are.

          1. Avatar Murf says:

            That’s pretty high of the Stupid Shit-O-Meter. Even for a Russian.

  2. Avatar Murf says:

    That’s the thing about Russians; they always talk big.
    If they want to take on Poland they had better bring more to the party than that 40K freak show they threatened UA with in the spring.
    The Poles with eat them for lunch and do with a smile.

  3. Avatar Kruton says:

    CCCP=clowns chuckleheads crackpots and poseurs

  4. Avatar Julian Petkov says:

    Zhiro is of-course the foremost authority to quote, and no less than Putin’s personal spokesman!! Hello, …Euromaidan, Facepalm! 😀 The Onion page does a better job writing comedy nonsense!

    1. Avatar Randall Cook says:

      Julian–sweety/darling, try not to post on here, when you are drunk on Rusty-ruski vodka. B’bye, huilo.

    2. Avatar jwz says:

      Then he shouldn’t be running off at the mouth whenever he gets near a microphone. Zhirinovsky is the poster child for what happens when you let brothers and sisters mate, and throw in fetal alcohol syndrome as a bonus.

    3. Avatar Mat says:

      It’s only nonsense if it’s made up – this isn’t. Fact remains he’s the leader of the 4th largest party and managed by Putin himself.

  5. Avatar Piliger Black says:

    NATO and the EU need to take this warning seriously. This faction in Russia has Putin’s full endorsement.

  6. Avatar Tuuli Reinsoo says:

    can anyone doubt Russia is a faschist country? they call estonians nazis. well that aint possible. we are individualists. you cannot force 2 estonians to think alike. you can never make this nation bend to authority like the russians do as one. but we would never attack Russia cause that land is just stolen from finno-ugric nations. our brothers live there – the maris, komis, udmurts etc. so I beg the world not to attack. it is not Russia you attack, it is an occupied land of finno ugrians. Russia, give the land back to who you took it from. what amazes me the most is not that Russia is aggressive and plans war but that they release dangerous criminals from prisons, send them on a rampage to Ukraine and no one catches these murderers, pedophiles, arsonists, robbers? Putin, what the hell? instead of threateing Estonia, these morons should catch the criminals. platnoi country, all you know is how to steal and rob, never bloody worked a day in your filthy life. but even Putin or Zhirinovky dont live forever. repent, before you are dead. you dont have much time left. do the right thing before you kick the bucket. you dont reincarnate and you just rot in the ground soon anyway. try to be fucking useful you losers. your life means nothing. some day you die and you havent achieved anything to be remembered for. you dont even deserve your grave marked.

    1. Avatar aD13N15 says:

      The main problem for the West is that they think they understand (and are able to predict) the logic of Kremlin next move.
      In fact, they don’t. You have to spend years together with Russians, preferably in Russia to realize that there is no common sense at all. Instead, the whole country (or at least 86% of population) will believe whatever propaganda machine wants them to. If Putin says tomorrow “we need to attack Baltics and Poland” for any reason, the day after tomorrow all broadcasters will name that reason the main problem on the way of Russia’s prosperity. And 3 days later the whole country will absolutely believe in it.
      Zhirinovsky is of course an idiot, meanwhile, his rhetoric is a good indicator what is the general direction for Kremlin and what he can afford according to that.
      I agree completely to Bill Roy and even more – perhaps some western companies that work closely with Russians and are lobbying against the sanctions, should be embargoed too. Or, at least, their names should be published.

      1. Avatar Donald Casavant says:

        I agree that the names of companies that are working closely with Russia and are lobbying against sanctions should be published. Then the people would stop buying their products. It would not take long to change their minds!

  7. Avatar Robert Kowalski says:

    Id say if such an imbecile can be colonel in Russian Army, NATO has very little to worry about. Russian Army probably will blow itself to pieces by mistake, before it manages to blow anybody up.

    1. Avatar Adam Rytwiński says:

      Dobry koment Robercie 🙂
      (translation: good comment Robert)