Canada begins supplying Ukraine’s military



War in the Donbas

Today Canada began delivering military aid to Ukraine, helping to provide non-lethal support to Ukraine’s forces including bullet-proof vest, helmets, medical kits, surveillance equipment.

Ihor Kozak, a graduate of the prestigious Royal Military College of Canada who served Canada as a decorated officer in the Canadian Forces had this to say about Canada’s involvement:

Dear Minister, Members of Parliament, Ambassador, Commander of 8 Wing Trenton, Mayor of Quinte West, Reverend Fathers, Distinguished Representatives of the Ukrainian-Canadian community, Ladies & Gentlemen:


I am truly honoured to be here with you today as a proud Canadian, as a proud Ukrainian-Canadian, and as a proud member of this family we call the Canadian Forces. This event is especially significant to me as Trenton was my very first posting, from where I deployed to operational theaters, and where I had many unique opportunities to host our counterparts from the Ukrainian Armed Forces visiting Canada on Open Skies missions.


Over the past several months, the people of Ukraine have been fighting, and unfortunately dying, for the very same values we, Canadians, cherish so much – freedom above all, but also democracy, the rule of law, human rights and a better future for their children. Recently, the MH17 tragedy clearly demonstrated that this Russia-sponsored terrorism is not Ukraine’s or even Europe’s problem alone.


Right from the onset of the Ukraine crisis, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Government of Canada, supported by the Parliament and the Canadian society at large, have adopted the most principled position on the issue within the G7, and have been steadfast in their increasing support for Ukraine – political, financial, and now with this important military life-saving equipment. On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of my fellow Ukrainian-Canadians and millions of our brothers and sisters overseas, I would like to express our deep gratitude to the Government of Canada and to all of you for this much needed help, and for doing the right thing. We also strongly encourage Canada to stay the course in maintaining its leadership role in assisting Ukraine and in challenging Putin’s regime, thus standing up for global peace, stability and security, and for our Canadian values. God bless Canada, God bless Ukraine, and God bless us all.

Since you’re here – we have a favor to ask. Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine is ongoing, but major news agencies have gone away. But we’re here to stay, and will keep on providing quality, independent, open-access information on Ukrainian reforms, Russia’s hybrid war, human rights violations, political prisoners, Ukrainian history, and more. We are a non-profit, don’t have any political sponsors, and never will. If you like what you see, please help keep us online with a donation!

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  • Walter Salmaniw

    Wonderful news!

  • Murf

    It is embarassing that Canada is taking such a lead in this battle over the US.
    That being said, Good For you Canada!
    Show us that there is no substitute for the courage to fight the battles that need, MUST, be fought!

    • Russ

      I thought the US was already providing non-lethal aid.

      • Murf

        They are on the verge of fighting one of the most powerful militaries in the world and we send them battlefield happy meals.

        • Donald Casavant

          Battlefield happy meals? Great post!!!!

        • Russ

          I agree. I can’t figure out why we aren’t doing more. It’s like we’re standing on the sidelines cheerleading and filling Gatorade cups.

      • Vince Scopa

        MRE’s what America is doing is shameful. but what America has for a president is shameful. I am an American and a Veteran

  • garyoptica

    I cant believe the stupid amount of respect the world has given the narcissist Putin who was running with a flat tyre in his rigged presidency for his duma benefactors.

    One rule you should never obey is cowering to bullies as they have to be stood up to and chased off.

  • blowtorch_bob

    Hard to believe Canada is supplying military aid to a lunatic asylum like Ukraine.

    • Kruton

      #escaped lunatic

  • Kruton

    Forward Right Sector destroy the mutant Bolshevik scum with our superior Canadian technology!

  • robc

    Thank you Canada, we are thankful to you all!

  • Donald Casavant

    Fantastic news! I hope that Canada’s southern neighbor will follow the lead of this great country and provide more than “battlefield happy meals” as Murf posted below!

    • Murf

      You must be talking a bout Mexico Don because I can not see the current admin doing anything but talking a lot. 500 million for the FSB in Syer,ia who will always hate us but only few million in tent poles for UA who like us and want closer ties. All Obama does is double down on failure.

      • Donald Casavant

        Murf, I agree with you that our current POTUS is a total ahole. He hates our country and he holds our Constitution in total contempt. However, he feels that Putlier lied to him and he is taking it a little on the personnel side. His manhood has been challenged in front of the entire world so I think he will eventually gather the courage to do something good for Ukraine. On the other hand, re-fried beans and jalapinos may do more damage to the Russian Terrorist then anything that liberal, socialist, SOB would do! Another subject. I don’t know why but every time I think of your post about battlefield happy meals I chuckle! One of the best post on this site!!!

        • Murf

          Thanks, one of may better quips.

  • Oknemfrod

    As a Ukrainian-American, I am ashamed the US is falling behind Canada instead of leading the charge of supplying and arming the people valiantly fighting for their freedom against the murderous fascist regime – and all odds. Many Ukrainian ex-pats I know are personally aiding our brethren in Ukraine in their noble struggle with everything we can. I hope lethal help – very badly needed to eradicate the putinoid scourge – will follow soon, from both the US and Canada.

    God bless Canada!
    Slava Ukraini!

  • LorCanada

    I watched the news today with great interest. Am pleased to see the Canadian help is being sent to Ukraine. I do hope they succeed.

  • IrinA

    Спасибо Украинцам Канады за помощь и поддержку. Храни вас Бог.