Moscow freaks out about federalization rally…in Siberia



For months, Moscow has applauded a separatist movement in eastern Ukraine as a justified quest for “federalization.” But when word spread of a planned August 17 “March for the Federalization of Siberia” in Novosibirsk, Russia’s third largest city, the country’s Internet monitoring agency took a less approving stance.

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  1. Avatar Donald Casavant says:

    Gee..I hope this is no surprise to anyone! This is typical double speak and duel rules that Russia applies to all it’s dealing. I think that Putlier will never change until the day he dies. This is a perfect example of how Putlier tries to get what he wants, irregardless of what laws he must bend or break. The only thing that really surprises me is that the people in Russia seem to just go along with what ever he says or does! Like lambs to the slaughter!