Lviv mayor comments on attack on his home



Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi said that he has no serious political conflicts and no explanation for the attack on his home.

The city mayor made his comments at a special press briefing convened in connection with the firing on his house with a grenade launcher during early morning hours, July 26, reports ZAXID.NET.

Sadovyi is not calling this incident a terrorist act, stating that this was a “targeted attack.” However, the Lviv city police chief, Serhiy Ziubanenko, stated that investigators are considering the incident a terrorist act.

Investigators are at the crime scene and journalists are not being allowed in the building. While the investigation continues, police will patrol the surrounding area but enhanced security will not be implemented.

Savovyi said he has not requested enhanced protection but may receive it if the police considers it necessary.

Investigators are calculating the trajectory of the fire and establishing the location from which the attack was conducted. As a result of the incident, windows in the house were blown out, including four window panes in the children’s room.

City Police Chief Serhiy Ziubanenko says he has several possible scenarios for this incident but refused to elaborate so as not to hinder the investigation.

At the beginning of the briefing, Sadovyi expressed his condolences in connection with the murder of the mayor of Kremenchuk, Oleh Babayev, whom he knew personally.

As has been reported, unknown persons fired with a grenade launcher at the home of Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi during the early morning hours Saturday, July 26. The Mayor of Kremenchuk was shot dead early morning July 26. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine are investigating if these crimes were terrorist acts.

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  1. Avatar George says:

    ‘…. the Lviv city police chief, Serhiy Ziubanenko, stated that investigators are considering the incident a terrorist act.’ Putler wants to destabilize the whole of Ukraine, there is hardly a border with russia, people come and go, I think more and worse incidents may be planned. Remember Jan. 2000, ‘A series of bomb explosions in Moscow, and other Russian
    cities, last summer was the beginning of Putin’s rise to power.’, he doesn’t want to see a successful Ukraine, it’s what russia may have become under a normal leadership.

  2. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    Now its time for the World to play “hardball” with Putin. The Russians have no reason to be in Ukraine right now because there are no threats to Russian speakers in the country at all. There never were. Putin is trying to take parts of Ukraine out of anger over what he calls “Western encroachment”, after the Ukrainian people turned their backs on him in April. Putin has no legitimate claim on any part of Ukraine. This is a fight to the death.

    Long Live Ukraine!

  3. Avatar Brent says:

    This is how the “KGB” deals with “dissenters”. Intimidation, ‘fraud’ investigations, murder…and yet “Frau Ribbentrop” still cozies up to him, “Comrade Hollande” and the rest of Europe still cozy up to him, sell him military weapons, attack class warships, harbor his and his corrupt oligarchs money. Too bad the economic considerations is more important to Europe than the lives of its citizens, on the ground and in the air…

  4. Avatar llewellynh says:

    It would seem prudent at this point to have police protect for Mayors and for their homes. This is just a very nasty way of getting rid of elected and therefore popular leaders and if not stopped, no one will want to become a civil servant.