Sexual slavery in occupied Luhansk



Media stays silent about this topic: Sexual slavery is taking place in the occupied town of Luhansk.

In the occupied office buildings of Luhansk Oblast [region], there are not only men in captivity, but also women (girls), but Ukrainian media often unknowingly remains silent about this issue, while Russian TV channels hide it based on orders coming from the Kremlin. As I learned from the parents of Marina K., their 18-year-old daughter was held in the building of the Luhansk SBU, and together with her in a small room with sealed windows there were about 40 other girls from Luhansk, all aged from 17 to 22 years old. Marina’s parents asked for help from Ukrainian police, internal investigative forces, even Russian journalists (since there was no other alternative), but all to no avail. Yesterday, Marina’s mom found my number on Facebook, called me and told me the following story:

“July 6th was the first time when Marina told me (her mom) where she (Marina) was, she called me from an unknown number and said that she was still alive, but was taken by the rebels and was held captive in Luhansk at the SBU building.”

A further telephone conversation went as follows, as explained by the mom:

“What are you doing there, why did you not call me earlier?” –asked Mom.

“I did not call because they don’t allow anyone to make a phone call. Right now all the insurgents are asleep because they are drunk and I was able to quietly take one of their phones and make a call. There are many of us here, about 40 people, all girls about my age, maybe a couple of years older. They (rebels) promise to release us after their victory, but when that actually happens–nobody knows” –answered Marina.

“Why do they need you as their hostage? Do they hit you?” –asked Mom.

“Sit down, it will be hard for you to hear this… they don’t beat us as long as we do what they ask us to do… we help them to… “relax” after the battles. You know what I mean?” –answered Marina.

“They rape you?” –cried Mom.

“They stick us with needles that have some mind-numbing substance, which forces us to stop thinking temporarily, and during that time they do with us whatever they want. Girls here are constantly changing, new ones arrive, while others are taken “to work” at checkpoints, then they do not come back here again. I don’t know what happens to them. I might go mad soon. ” –confessed Marina.

At the end of the conversation, Marina said: “Oh, Mom, I think someone’s coming. I’ll try to call you if I can again…” and hung up.


“She never called me back.” said the mom. “Where she went and what she is doing now, I don’t know. I can’t even imagine what they are doing with these girls at the checkpoints where they are taken to. Surely, they are not taken there to sing songs! ” –said the mother and cried…

After that, I only have one question for the President. When will he give a military order “to invade the town of Luhansk?” Petro (Editor’s note: the Ukrainian President’s first name is Peter), if your Anti-Terrorist attack will continue to unfold at this slow pace, where people in charge tell you they need more time, then Luhansk might not have anymore people left in it much longer, and those who do survive will not want to go on living after the horrors they experienced while living in this occupation.

By Vsevolod Filimonenko, journalist at VEZDE

Translated by Denis Gregoriev and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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  1. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

    I knew this had to have been happening on a wide scale; the kind of lawlessness the LNR types have brought made such atrocities a given.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Well, they are russians…’s who they are, it’s what they do.

      “Torture and rape stalk the streets of Chechnya

      Polish writer Krystyna Kurczab-Redlich visited the region where she witnessed
      the brutal work done by Russia’s soldiers in their fight against

      It seems like almost a whole generation of investigative reporters from russia were murdered and a lot of them involved putin, his kgb, and chechnya. Now that enough people have been murdered, the only ones that want to protest the lies/omissions by the russian govt regarding the conduct of their troops and their paid terrorists just resign from their job. Those stories never make it to them to object to as the higher ups have seen what happens to “not good” news stories.

      Look at what russia did to Chechnya. Look at what russia did to Georgia.
      Look at what russia is doing to Crimea. Look at what russia is doing to Ukraine.
      All of these peoples were allies of russia and look what became of them.
      Winston Churchill was right, russia is a land of rampaging baboons.

      1. Avatar PoeTentiate says:

        when a country imprisons and assassinates their truthful journalists then only those that will lie remain.

  2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    That’s what russians always do. Russians have proven time and time again, throughout history that they are not fit to be with humans.

  3. Avatar Kruton says:

    Its time for the Ukrainian boys to get mean,real mean!

    1. Avatar Sasha Kravets says:

      They are already mean, every day the corpses of invaders are multiplying.

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Нехай Всевишній БЕРЕЖИЙ ЗАХИЩАЙ Тебе, Побратими !
        Слава Україні!

  4. Avatar Mike Kostelny says:

    Thank you for posting this heart-rending article on a disturbing subject that unfortunately happens in virtually every war-torn nation. RAPE is the forced sexual activity imposed upon a female person against her will. It is an illegal act in every civilized country of the world, even in Russia, but it occurs all too often during armed conflict between nations. All women, especially, young women and older children should be removed from this scene of conflict immediately. It is a sign of innocence or ignorance not to have expected that such disgusting events as these now related would occur in a war zone. The drug referred to here is no doubt the ‘date rape’ drug commonly used throughout the world, either dropped into a drink or administered by needle (as in these cases) which causes the victim to remain conscious but to be totally incapacitated in her efforts to resist her assailant. No doubt this drug was supplied by Putin and his radical Russian regime of rogues and ruffians along with the military equipment and hardware that they now seem to have as an endless supply. As a historical note, when the Russians invaded Berlin at the end of April to the beginning of May 1945, they raped a conservative estimate of 2,000,000 young German girls, many of whom where gang-raped many times over so that a vast number of these helpless victims later committed suicide. NO doubt the same will happen here in Luhansk (the mother’s intuition is correct, unfortunately), as these girls see no way out of their prison except the peace and serenity that the end of life, alas, sometimes affords. The atrocities committed in war sometimes seem to take precedence over what the media sees as a natural consequence of lawlessness and military conflict–the rape of young women and children. But this touching and tragic side of war is a nightmare for all those helpless victims and their loved ones who apparently are powerless to do otherwise. My personal view is GET OUT OF THAT WAR ZONE as soon as possible, as events will undoubtedly become a lot worse than they are now before this conflict is over. Do not trust the Russians! Do not trust Putin! Do not believe their lies that they will set you free when they obtain victory (because Victory will not be on their side!). Forget about your home, your material wealth, your physical possessions, as nothing can reverse and undo the damage that repeated and senseless brutal rape by brutes–Russian or otherwise–can do to the psyche of defenseless children and young women.

    1. Avatar Dave Twigg says:

      As you say, this happens in all war zones and in many places where there
      aren’t even wars, only a lack of respect for women and children or basic humanity!
      Perhaps humans have no real place among the animals on this planet, and
      the coming nuclear nightmare as this pissing contest crosses the
      Atlantic will be a welcomed moment in the history of the universe?

    2. Avatar Василий says:

      TOTAL LIES, from beginning to end. In the style of Hitler propaganda. My congratulations to naive American people who believe this rubbish.

      1. Avatar Rascalndear says:

        Given that these so-called “separatists” were torturing and killing civilian males back in April already, forced prostitution is hardly a surprising development. So-called “date rape” drugs (drugs that numb people’s sense of the consequences of their actions) have existed for quite some time. Interesting that you think everybody is talking rubbish except you, tho you don’t provide any factual evidence to support your sweeping statement. I smell a troll.

        1. Avatar PoeTentiate says:

          “Paid” Troll. There are thousands of them.

      2. Avatar Sasha Kravets says:

        Vasily, it is true and Americans have nothing to do with this. Russian brought this evil to our land and Russia will pay for it.

      3. Avatar MeinOhio says:

        You are the liar.

      4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Lol comraski, because you proclaim it to be a lie, then it is?
        Why is it that in none of the areas where you russians and chechens invaded, there are no freedom of press, videos, etc? Is it because you russians and your ill trained chechens are too busy murdering journalists and kidnapping Ukrainians? is just one website for the sole purpose of exposing your russian putin-ganda BS.

        Here’s from the russian times stating the usa is puting mind altering chemicals in the drinking water and coca cola of Ukraine to alter their minds and have them hate russia:

        “Russian special services have revealed traces of the CIA in an ambitious program for “zombie” of the Ukrainian population. The corresponding statement was made by the Russian FSB, citing its sources in Ukraine.

        Tap water in the house brings people of Ukraine and the “remainder” of the chemical cleaning process, which at first glance seems quite harmless. However, an examination showed that it was nothing more than a “Psychotropic OMZ” (weapons of mass zombie).

        It is used in conjunction with exposure to all types of media (press, television), allowing to introduce the heads of people in the necessary information, the aims and objectives. According to the documentation on the supply of filters, installation began with the western regions of Ukraine, who drink this water with October 2012. Central and south-eastern regions of the country – in March last year. ”

        No wonder no humans want to be sucked back into the middle ages, the dark ages of russia…..

      5. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        Российские спецслужбы выявили следы ЦРУ в масштабной программе по «зомбированию» украинского населения. Соответствующее заявление сделала ФСБ РФ со ссылкой на свои источники на Украине.

        По данным России водозаборные станции по обработке питьевой воды
        применяют для дезинфекции новый материал, который стали использовать примерно 1,5 года назад. Его производят на химических предприятиях в США. Эти компании получают широкую поддержку со стороны Госдепартамента ииспользуются в экологических программах и проектах природоохранной организации «Гринпис», пишет

        Используемые в них химические реактивы не только обеззараживают воду,но также и позволяют сделать ее более мягкой, очистить от примесей и посторонних запахов. В целом, они намного эффективнее применявшегося ранее хлора. Но это только верхушка айсберга. Основная цель создания этих химреактивов лежит гораздо глубже.

        Водопроводная вода приносит в дома жителей Украины и «остаток»
        химического процесса очистки, который на первый взгляд кажется
        совершенно безобидным. Однако экспертиза показала, что это не что иное как «Психотропное ОМЗ» (оружие массового зомбирования).

        Оно применяется вместе с воздействием всех видов СМИ (пресса,
        телевидение), позволяя внедрить в головы людей необходимую информацию, цели и установки. Согласно документации о поставках фильтров, их установка началась с западных областей Украины, которые пьют такую воду соктября 2012 года. Центральные и юго-восточные регионы страны – с марта прошлого года.

        Содержание химреактивов очень незначительное, что позволяет скрыть его от проверки санитарно-эпидемиологическими органами. Единичные дозы угрозы не несут, но при регулярном длительном употреблении такой воды мозг человека готов воспринимать то, что ему внушают. Для этого достаточно всего 3-4 месяца.

        Кроме того, проверка на качество будет проведена и у бутилированной
        питьевой воды, которая изготавливается на территории Украины. Российские следственные органы подозревают наличие «Психотропного ОМЗ» в напитках «Coca-Cola» (США) и «Nestle» (Швейцария).

        По словам многих жителей Крыма, которые не пьют «очищенную»
        украинскую воду, при общении со своими родственниками и знакомыми на Украине они стали замечать постоянное проявление агрессии и неадекватность в поведении, а также личные угрозы в свой адрес.

        Текущая программа «зомбирования» включает внушение украинцам четкой русофобии. Действие препаратов настолько сильное, что оно перечеркивает даже родственные связи между людьми.

        Именно поэтому украинское правительство, возможно, согласно указанию из США стремится перекрыть доступ населению страны к просмотру российских телеканалов, которые ведут альтернативные трансляции текущих событий на Украине. При их просмотре теряется навязываемая сознанию людей определенная точка зрения.

  5. Avatar hammermann says:

    well half the Sep scum are just criminals- they’re taking hostages right and left- this is to be expected. Sure they are stressed, waiting to be exterminated like the bugs that they are. Let’s speed that up, shall we?

  6. Avatar hammermann says:

    Though to be a good journo and devils advocate, this sounds like standard propaganda against any enemy- isn’t the Lugansk SBU under the control of that Vostok Battalion who were so outraged at the looting and lawlessness of the Donetsk clowns? Would they countenance this evil?

    1. Avatar Mat says:

      I’m not in love with the source either so I’m taking it with a grain of salt. Don’t think Vostok cares about this stuff, they’re just violent mercenaries. I think with the looting they wanted pretext to kick out the People’s Militia and other locals from the RSA building and take over. They’re Russians, they don’t care about the locals.


      “This doesn’t matter to me,” he said, staring at me, his face impassive. I froze, thinking something bad was coming. Instead, things got curiouser. “I’m a mercenary from Russia,” he said, seated on a bench next to me in the tiny kitchen. “I don’t give a damn about any of this.”

  7. Avatar Brent says:

    Yes, by Western standards this is abhorrent. BY ANY CIVILIZED COUNTRY’S STANDARDS IT IS. But we are not dealing with civilized people in the hired Russian and Chechen mercenaries that are in control of the DPR and LPR. Very few of the self proclaimed government are actually citizens of the region and most are Russians who have been ‘placed’ by Moscow and who regularly report back to Moscow. It’s time the EU and USA open their eyes to the real tragedy of what is happening in Eastern Ukraine and impose some real and significant sanctions against terrorist supporting Russian government
    >clergy are being murdered and persecuted if they do not bow to the Moscow patriarchy of the Orthodox church
    >ordinary citizens are being abducted and held for ransom that their families must pay for their freedom
    >students who voice any type of liberal ‘non-Russian’ attitude are being threatened

    Yet we are subjected to the propaganda, lies and video evidence from the Russian government and their state controlled media from other theaters of war that are being claimed to have occurred in Eastern Ukraine. There was no ‘white phosphorous’ used by Ukrainian government (video proven to be from Iraq conflict), there was no crucifiction of a 3 year old boy in Slovyansk “Lenin Square” as claimed on Russian tv, no citizen murdered by Ukrainian troops and left in a field (video proven to be from Chechen conflict), and kidnapping Ukrainian citizens and soldiers and exporting them to Russia for ‘show trials’.


    This is the same conduct the Soviet military performed after conquering Germany, the abduction and rape of over 1 million German women. THIS IS THE CONDUCT OF A FASCIST REGIME WITH NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, AND WHOSE LEADERS NEED TO BE CHARGED WITH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND BROUGHT TO THE HAGUE LIKE SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC.

  8. Avatar suro says:

    Putin is increasingly delusional, this blog explains Phantom Czar Putin

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Maybe he’s been drinking the zombie making water that the USA is shipping to Ukraine? lol.

  9. Avatar Vit Lobanov says:

    If some one want to search the truth, he/she should not do it neither in text from this web-site nor another “independent and honest” sites. Of course this anti-Russian web-site posts only anti-Russian info and that Ukrainian troops are gentle, good, brave, honest and holy. Search facts in amateur videos from eyewitnesses.
    That is I believe in:
    Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lugansk, Krasniy Liman… Not for children!: (Results of shelling by Ukrainian troops from rocket system “Grad” area in Lugansk) (school) (Snegnoe, especially 10th minute)

  10. Avatar gooserooster says:

    You have to be joking. This is so incredibly bogus. This is just propaganda. The website and hosting paid for by a U.S. congress funded NGO. This is all part of the information war. War by another means. Syria, Libya, Ukraine…Why send soldiers when you can send social workers, and “Pro-Democracy” groups, and women’s rights organizations to convince the people of a country to turn on it’s government. It is very effective, but the world is watching, and learning. Counter measures are being developed.

    1. Avatar Horsewoman says:

      Not bogus. Russia is the most prolfic human trafficker in the world. We also recieve reports from Ukrainian citizens; the Russian terrorists rape children in public!

      1. Avatar PoeTentiate says:

        It’s not their fault, the Americans make them do it

      2. Avatar QuibONO says:

        FYI: ISRAHELL (Israel) takes that DIShonor; tied for second & third is Jewnited states & britain.

  11. Avatar Petronius says:

    “A retired Russian military officer turned separatist leader in eastern Ukraine, who is suspected of downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17, was allegedly involved in the 1992 Serbian ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the eastern Bosnian town of Visegrad.”

  12. Avatar Horsewoman says:

    Horrific, and no surprise, since Russia is the most prolific human trafficker and purveyor of Ukrainian black market organs in the world. You can find this information in many trustworthy NGO reports.

    Personal reports to Ukrainian Canadians inform us Russian soldiers rape women and children in public, in front of families.

    These are the same knuckledraggers who slouched into Kyivan Rus’ 1100 years ago, raping and murdering Ukrainians. They then joined forces with Khan’s Mongolian hordes to further decimate our gentle, matriarchal people.

    Now these Russians call themselves “Slavic” in order to fraudulently claim entitlement to our resources. They are monsters, the dregs of the earth. Career rapists and murderers.

  13. Avatar Info-News says:

    One small remark concerning the translation. The proper names are not translated, if Petro Proroshenko’s name is Petro, so he’s Petro and not Peter.

  14. Avatar SgtKF says:

    Oh yeah….that’s believable……NOT!

    1. Avatar John P. Dolan says:

      What did you see in your last trip to Donbass?

      1. Avatar SgtKF says:

        Cyborgs running away! In fact the the Ukies when camped on the edge of the villages were going door to door abducting girls for their rape parties on most evenings. The girls have been found dead or still missing. So stop your nazi BS dummy….you are busted!

        1. Avatar John P. Dolan says:

          You are stuck on stupid and exposed yourself as both a troll and an idiot. You are the typical sort who hides in anonymity because even you are ashamed of the stupid crap that pours out of your mouth. So the answer is no, you have never been to Donbass, have no family there, are unaware of the detention/interrogation/sex cells at Eastern Luhansk University, and are paid a few bucks to spread Putin propaganda. You are either absent the knowledge or ignore the army of recruited Chechans, Kazak, and criminal agents being trained by Russian troops. Most are paid in what they have stolen, extorted or can force themselves on. Even the copper tubing, refrigerators, and meager farm implements are gone. Thanks for playing and be gone SgtKF “Felcher.”

          1. Avatar SgtKF says:

            I have family in Donetsk and lived just across the border in Russia. I know the whole story. The NAF will never give up….you have lost the area for ever and you need to draw up the new borders officially …unless you want to wait until we take Odessa too and then go
            hang Poroshenko by the neck off his balcony.

          2. Avatar John P. Dolan says:

            Like I said. You are just a little troll SgtKF Felcher. Probably a janitor before you became a criminal insurgent wannabee. Keep on posting in anonymity. Hiding in the dark is what you little cowards do best. Your economy is crap and the only friends you have are North Korea and Iran. That says something about the quality of today’s Russia. Again, thanks for playing.

          3. Avatar SgtKF says:

            Warning: The Surgeon General has warned that trying to suck your own dick may be dangerous to your back.

          4. Avatar John P. Dolan says:

            How long have you been paralyzed SgtKF Felcher? Is that the best your Troll Pimp can hand you?