February massacre in Kyiv carried out by “criminal organization headed by Viktor Yanukovych”

Heavenly Hundred Memorial Walk on Maidan

Heavenly Hundred Memorial Walk on Maidan 


The investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada that is dealing with the inquiry into the shooting of protesters in Kyiv on 18-20 February, believes that the mass murder of people on Maidan was carried out by a criminal organization headed by Viktor Yanukovych.

On his official website, the head of the investigative commission, MP Henadiy Moskal, stated that the commission will send all of available materials to the Prosecutor General’s Office on July 7th.

The investigative commission concluded that the organizers and perpetrators of the shooting of Maidan protesters should be classified as a criminal conspiracy.

“The commission has reached the conclusion that ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is the de facto leader of this criminal organization since “he did not implemented any means, foreseen by the articles 106, 107 of the Constitution of Ukraine, to stop the civil confrontation that led to numerous victims amongst Ukrainian citizens,” states the report.

According to the commission, this “criminal organization” consisted of:

The full composition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which voted in favor of unlawful decrees Numbers 12,13,and 14 on the 22nd of January 2014, that according to the commission, led to the clashes on the 18th of February (presently these decrees have been revoked by the administrative district court of Kyiv);

  • Ex-Minister for Internal Affairs Vitalii Zakharchenko;
  • Commander of (Ministry of the) Interior troops Stanislav Shulyak;
  • Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs Viktor Ratushnyak;
  • Deputy Chief of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Kyiv Valeriy Mazan;
  • Deputy Chief of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Kyiv Petro Fetchuk;
  • Chief of the Department of Civil Security of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Kyiv Oleh Marynenko;
  • Chief of the “Berkut” special sub-unit of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Kyiv, Serhiy Kusiuk;
  • Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Yakumenko;
  • First Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Volodymyr Tockiy;
  • Chief of the “Alfa” special sub-unit of the Security Service of Ukraine Oleh Prysiazhnii;
  • Chief of the Anti-terrorist center of the Security Service of Ukraine Andrii Merkulov;
  • First Deputy of the Minister from the Cabinet of Ministers Vladyslav Zabarskii;
  • Full composition of the operational headquarters, created by the orders of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Yakymenko, for the purpose of carrying out an Anti-Terrorist Operation against Maidan;
  • Full bench of the judges of the Kyiv Pechersk district court, who committed a miscarriage of justice by issuing a decree on the 9th of January 2013, that prohibited the gathering and movement of citizens, in particular, blocking the roads, hence in fact, banning the Maidan (№ 757/27190/13-Ц);
  • Officials of the Kyiv City Council, who have breached Statute 33 of the Constitution of Ukraine by appealing to the Kyiv Perchersk District Court, which then issued a verdict on the 9th of January 2013.
  • “The actions of these individuals fall under Statute 225 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – “Formation of a criminal organization,” highlights the Investigative Commission in its report.

Source: Pravda.UA

Translated by Dasha Darchuk

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  1. sandy miller says:

    wow do they have anyone left in government?

    1. Milton Devonair says:

      That’s been the problem with most countries after a break up like that–a puppet is left in charge and they loot the whole country.
      The bright side is Ukraine is strong enough and fill with good enough people they can recover and build their own country.

  2. Milton Devonair says:

    Here’s a military/police round, 7,62x54r at maidan. Civilians don’t have access to that type of weapon in Ukraine and it would be big enough to be seen. I’d bet though most of the shooting victims at maidan were by either ak-47 or ak-74, which isn’t this round. You can see the police shooting these down at maidan. There would have been shell casings on the ground also.

    From where this round was, there could only have been the svd or another style of scoped ‘sniper’ rifle.

    On all the videos/pictures of maidan, there were a few pistols and two shotguns and the scoped ‘rifles’ just pellet rifles.


  3. katia breslawec says:

    This is excellent information. I would, however, like to see Raisa Vasylivna Bohatyriova’s name on one of these lists. I cannot come to terms with someone approving the removal of injured people from hospitals for further torture and death. She may not have pulled the trigger, but she is a murderer.