How Much Propaganda Can You Get Into 15 Minutes of News?

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кузщкеукBy Boris Reitschuster So much propaganda, in 15 minutes of news:   The main ‘news stories’ on Russia’s ‘First Channel’, tonight:

  • Germany is a nation occupied by the United States of America. Germany cannot even promote someone to Colonel without American approval.
  • The United States has spent $5 billion on the putsch in Ukraine.
  • The goal of the United States is to force Ukraine into NATO; and install a missile defense system in Ukraine.
  • America dreams about destroying Russia with a nuclear first strike; but to do so America needs a missile defense system in Ukraine.
  • Most important for America are the areas along the Ukraine-Russia border, but the people there are against the USA.  Therefore the Ukrainian Army is currently exterminating these people, with American consent.

The problem: people who listen to such lies, every day, at some point start to believe some or all of them. At the moment the best reporting on German TV, radio and in print is to summarize – in ten to fifteen lines – the main news of Russian State TV, as above.  Information about the current propaganda on Russian TV would hugely aggravate lobbying by Putin-defenders. By ‘Focus’ reporter Boris Reitschuster, edited by Jon Barrow

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    This article details Russian propaganda against American geopolitics in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Deutscher EU-Austritt

    “Germany is a nation occupied by the United States of America. Germany cannot even promote someone to colonel without American approval

    Don’t know about the rest – but as a German I can confirm this part is true.

    • Sandy Miller

      Unfortunately, you’re either a Putin propagandist or a German idiot spreading stupidity. For years, Germans have tried to prove to the world that they were intelligent, civilised people. They’ve have shown once again as in WW2 their true colors. Stupid and cruel in their behavior towards Ukraine.

  • ZzeeGerman

    As a German and a former conscript member of the German Army who served in the Ministry of Defence, as well as someone with a degree in the field of War Studies, I can say that the above comment is total bullshit. Germany is not occupied by the US, and the US has absolutely no input into German military promotions and appointments. In fact only someone who has lost sense of reality would claim othterwise.