Pro-Russian extremists severely tortured captured Donetsk miners




Miners captured by terrorists on May 4 in Novohrodivka in Donetsk Oblast were subjected to brutal torture at the Donetsk Regional State Administration and Regional TV and Radio building controlled by the extremists.  The victims described their ordeal at a press conference in Kyiv on May 8.

According to miners Oleksandr Hurov and Oleksandr Vovk, the prisoners were tortured by former policemen. One of the torturers had a chevron of the special ‘Griffin’ force. “There are many rooms there and people screaming in inhuman voices. Through the window you can see a Russian flag,” said Hurov.

The miners said that when they were bound and being taken to Donetsk there were several police roadblocks along the way, but no one tried to free them.

“At the TV center there is a very large group of fighters — in addition to the Chechens, there are people of Eastern nations with a Russian accent,” said Hurov .

According to him, a Chechen and Russian citizen named Mirza took part in capturing the miners. The victims believe that they were captured with the help of acting Mayor of Novhorodivka, who transmitted data about all patriotic citizens to the separatists. In their view, this person does not have credibility among the citizens and local deputies, and is trying to hold on to his position by supporting the separatists.

They became interested in Hurov after he removed the flag of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ from the city council building. “I was reported to local separatists. I tore off their flag and threw it out. They said that we are the Right Sector. The leadership of the city reported to the separatists’ security service that there is a group of patriots, that the majority of deputies do not support separatists,” said Hurov .

All the captured Novohrodivka miners were beaten and robbed. “The Chechens grabbed my chain with the cross immediately. A ring could not be taken off and they cut it off. A seal did not come off, they cut it off. They stole my sneakers,” said the miner.

Another one of the captured, Kostiantyn Museyko, received the most severe injuries. They beat him for entertainment. They placed a loaded pistol and automatic gun several times to Hurov’s head. “At night, they tied us to benches and threatened to kill me, saying that I was a traitor,” he said. In addition, the terrorists tried, using a broken light bulb, to cut out of his skin his tattoo with the words “Glory to Ukraine.”

On May 4, terrorists seized six people, among whom were miners, in Novohrodivka. On May 6, the hostages, badly beaten and intimidated, were released.



Translated by Olena Wawryshyn

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