“Leninopad” (“Falling Lenins”) This Night in Ukraine


Friday, February 21, 2014, 3.57 pm

Photo and video added at 12.40 pm

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

On the night of February 21, in downtown Zhytomyr, on Soborna Square, activists of the Right Sector movement and regular townsfolk toppled a monument to Lenin.

The attack on the monument started after 10 pm. First, they threw Molotov cocktails and poured gasoline over it.

“Later, people started to stop passing vehicles and ask drivers to lend them tow ropes, in order to firmly hold Illyich and help him come down to the people”, as stated by Zhytomyr.info.

Around midnight, with the help of a fishing rod, they managed to throw a rope noose over Lenin’s neck, but as they started to pull, the rope broke.  In a few minutes the rope was back again, and the attempt was repeated.

As of 12.30 am there were over 500 people around the monument, mainly spectators, and around 100 vehicles.  Activists stopped a truck with Post Office insignia and tried to convince the driver to help topple the monument.

At 12.55 pm Lenin fell.

Euromaidan group on FB also informs that activists toppled Lenin monuments in Boyarka and Brovary (Kyiv Oblast).

Photo: Photo: Lenin in Boyarka, www.pravda.com.ua

During the day Lenin in Slavuta (Hmelnytsk Oblast) was also pulled down.

On February 21, in Bila Tserkva, a group of unidentified people also toppled Lenin’s monument.

Photo by Reuters

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