At least five civilians killed, 24 injured by Russian military during a day on 13 March

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On March 13, number of victims of Russian army in Donetsk Oblast increased by 3 killed, 14 injured, Oblast governor reported.

On March 13, Russian occupiers conducted 93 shelling attacks on Kherson Oblast, with Kherson being targeted 4 times. According to the head of the Kherson Oblast military administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, Russia fired a total of 412 shells from heavy artillery and “Grad” rocket launchers during the attacks.

As a result of the Russian shelling, one person was killed and six others were injured. The attacks also caused significant damage to residential areas, including private and multi-apartment houses. Specifically, 13 shells hit residential quarters.

88 individuals were evacuated from the occupied territory of Kherson Oblast on March 13, as reported by Prokudin.

Russian military attacked multiple communities in Sumy Oblast, Ukraine with rocket strikes and explosive drones, resulting in one death and four injuries, according to Sumy oblast military administration. The attack involved 94 direct hits from mortars and artillery, as well as 2 missile strikes and the dropping of 4 explosive devices from drones.

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