Ukraine security chief Danilov insists Russia must be “decolonized” after Ukraine’s victory

Ukraine's NSDC (RNBO) chief Oleksiy Danilov. Photo: RNBO 


The discussion of “dismantling” Russia should start as soon as possible as “decolonization” of the Russian Federation is the only safeguard against its neo-imperial encroachments, Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine’s Security and Defense Council, argues in his oped titled “Russia’s internal decolonization is an inevitable process, which the world must accept,” Ukrinform reports.

Danilov believes that Russia’s disintegration and its disappearance as an integral actor in history and politics can become a safeguard against Russia’s imperial and post-imperial encroachments, ensuring the non-repetition of Russia’s attempts to finally resolve the “Ukrainian issue.”

After Ukraine’s military victory, Danilov believes, Russia’s internal decolonization is needed that should be a complex, well-thought-out effort, which would include several thematic tracks:

  • working out possible scenarios of internal disintegration of the Russian Federation;
  • holding consultations and developing plans to minimize the risks of uncontrolled proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
  • developing a political strategy for interaction with new political territorial entities;
  • drafting an economic model of interaction taking into account the potential and capabilities of new trade entities;
  • establishing contacts and training administrations of national and regional republics;
  • developing the civil society support network; creating and popularizing media platforms to support anti-colonial movements within Russia;
  • working out the system of lustration, search, and extradition to Ukrainian and international law enforcement of war criminals, traitors, and collaborators;
  • implementing the mechanism of war-related damage compensation to Ukraine from the former Russia.

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