Spanish police believe origin of letter bombs was city of Valladolid in northwest Spain – Reuters

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Spanish police said six letter bombs sent to high-profile targets in recent days appeared to have been posted from the northern city of Valladolid, a source close to the investigation told Reuters on December 3.

Ukrainian FM holds urgent meeting with ambassadors as country’s diplomats receive 18 threats in 12 countries

The devices were sent to targets including Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, government offices, a European Union satellite company, and the US Embassy between Nov. 24 and Dec. 2. Most were defused, although an employee at the Ukrainian embassy was slightly injured when one of the devices ignited.

Blast at Ukraine’s embassy in Madrid injures one employee – Reuters

Spanish arms company received letter bomb similar to one sent to Ukraine embassy – Reuters

Mail terrorism: Four Ukrainian embassies, Spanish institutions helping Ukraine receive letter bombs, threats


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