International protest “Stop Putin’s war in Ukraine” planned on 10 June 2016



An international protest of Ukrainian communities in Europe, Canada, and USA is planned to take place on 10 June 2016. There are 10 cities in EU participating so far, but it is planned that other cities and countries will join.

From the organizers:

“We want to stop the killing of our people in eastern Ukraine – in Donbas. From different sources (from OSCE reports to Ukrainian media) we receive information that the situation in Donbas is getting worse, and that Russia and the pro-Russian armed formations that it supports are not fulfilling the Minsk agreement.

In the last days, citizens of Ukraine are killed and wounded. They are not only servicemen: locals, among them children, suffer from regular shellings as well.

Our heart aches: we cannot calmly observe what is happening, and our conscience does not allow us to stand aside.

Many different communities from different countries have joined our demonstration. We are confident that we can stop Russian aggression against Ukraine. We ask to support us, to at least come out and stand next to us to demonstrate your disagreement with Russia’s policies. We hope for the support of everyone who wants to save the lives of Ukrainians in Donbas.

After the demonstration, several activists in Germany are ready to start a hunger strike.

On Friday, 10 June 2016 at 18:00, the Ukrainian community of Europe, Canada, and USA will join a global demonstration.

We will request:

  1. The full withdrawal of army personnel and military equipment to Russia.
  2. To strengthen the OSCE SMM and expand its operating hours to 24/7. To allow the OSCE SMM access to the Ukrainian-Russian border which is temporarily not controlled by Ukraine. Since Russia is not implementing the Minsk agreements, the situation in Donbas is worsening and people are wounded and killed.
  3. To continue sanctions against Russia, since Russia is not fulfilling the Minsk agreements. It is because of Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine that the shelling is intensifying and Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are dying.”

A map of the existing locations is available below:


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