Anti award atlas of #CrimeaIsUkraine selfies to be presented to French publisher on Christmas

One of the photos that will go into atlas for Larousse Photo: Bjarne Kim Pedersen 


People from all over the world are taking photographs of themselves holding signs saying “#CrimeaIsUkraine, Larousse, like *my city* is *my country*” to protest the publication of an atlas by the French publisher Larousse where Crimea is pictured as part of Russia. An atlas with the selfies will be given to Larousse as an anti-award on Christmas.

A UK publisher, Oxford University Press, recently also sparked controversy when it released a textbook where Crimea was also published as part of Russia. After appeals from the Ukrainian embassies and a public campaign, Oxford has pledged to correct the textbook, placing Crimea in Ukraine, and replace the erroneous textbooks free of charge. Larousse, however, has declined to comment and respond to public appeals, and continues selling the atlases.

The French NGO Ukraine Action will present an atlas of the #CrimeaIsUkraine photographs to Larousse at Editions Larousse 21 Rue du Montparnasse, 75283 Paris around Christmas as an anti-award for “for deceiving their customers, for ignoring public opinion, for approving a violation of international law.” You are welcome to submit your photographs to the fb event (all photos are from the event):