Putin conducting ‘hybrid genocide’ against Crimean Tatars, Muzhdabayev says

Protest against the shutdown of ATR Crimean Tartar TV channel in Crimea by the Russian occupation authorities (Image: krymr.org)

Protest against the shutdown of ATR Crimean Tartar TV channel in Crimea by the Russian occupation authorities (Image: krymr.org) 

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Moscow officials are asserting and some in the West are accepting the notion that local officials in Crimea are to blame for any problems with the registration of Crimean Tatar media outlets such as ATR television, but that is a lie in the case of the former and a self-deception on the part of the latter, Ayder Muzhdabayev says.

The Moscow journalist, himself a Crimean Tatar, says the occupation authorities simply were waiting for the Kremlin’s decision. Had that been other than to close Crimean Tatar outlets, they would have extended ATR’s license “instantly” because this is “a routine bureaucratic” step.

Consequently, he argues, the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin personally must be held accountable for this most unfortunate action as well as for the fact that Moscow has begun “ethnic cleansings” in the Ukrainian peninsula as a first step to what he calls “a hybrid genocide” of the Crimean Tatar nation.

The entirely “intentional” Moscow lies about what is happening in Crimea is “the latest link in a chain of lies about the real situation of the Crimean Tatar people under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and has the following goal: having hid this reality from the world community, to continue the persecution of the Crimean Tatars in an ever more harsh way.”

This situation threatens to take the form of “a repetition of the worst examples of the policies of Stalin and Hitler.” And in the near term, Muzhdabayev says, he is “certain that soon the leaders and employees of ATR will be subjected not only to threats but to administrative and criminal persecution with equally false accusations.”

Foreign diplomats need to recognize that Moscow is lying to them and is moving quickly to “liquidate” the only Crimean Tatar television and radio channels. That is bad enough, but “still worse” is that it is becoming “a signal for the beginning of a new phase of repressions against the Crimean Tatars,” repressions designed to force some to “’voluntarily’” deport themselves.

The actions  if not the words of Russian officials show that that is what they are planning and that the world must speak out against this latest case of “ethnic cleansing,” this time against the Crimean Tatars.  And they must begin with a recognition that “the resolution of the national question” in Crimea is the work of Putin personally not some unknown local official.

The time to speak out against and stop this “hybrid genocide” is now, Muzhdabayev concludes.

The situation is truly dire. As Halya Coynash points out, “As well as lies about the forced silencing of Crimean Tatar TV ATR and plans to replace it with a malleable pro-regime clone, a top figure in Russian-occupied Crimea has proposed that the ‘cult’ of May 18 – the anniversary of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatar People in 1944 should be stopped and Crimeans should instead celebrate a ‘day of joy.’”

The Ukrainian commentator cites the words of Dmitry Polonsky, the first deputy prime minister of the occupation regime, as given to Lenta.ru.  They are truly frightening in their implications for anyone who remembers how Hitler and Stalin lied about what they did at the time and how so many fell for their words.


According to Polonsky, “a joint conference of all major civic Crimean Tatar organizations” on April 2, a statement that itself is a lie because all Crimean Tatars who oppose the occupation were excluded, “expressed the opinion that it is long time to remove the accent from May 18.  This is undoubtedly the anniversary of a tragedy, a day of mourning, however it should be held in memory of the dead, by going to the cemetery and remembering the innocent victims at home.”

“The cult of 18 May among Crimean Tatars was for decades artificially created by the leaders of the so-called mejlis in order to give people an inferiority complex,” Polonsky said. “ It’s impossible to build plans about the successful development of a people on the basis of a tragedy.  That, incidentally, was the great mistake of the Ukrainian authorities that constantly tried to create a cult out of various tragedies, whether Holodomor  or the deportation. It’s impossible to build a strong nation on failings.”

Polonsky said that the pocket Crimean Tatar activists had proposed an alternative Crimean Tatar holiday to occur on April 21, “the day that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a degree about the rehabilitation of victims of the deportation …From a day of mourning we must nonetheless move to a day of joy.  …  You need to remember the dead quietly, and rejoice loudly.”

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  1. Avatar Rods says:

    It is for the people themselves to decide what is important to commemorate and also to celebrate. Not for some ivory towered despot in the Kremlin to dictate what each individual’s thoughts and deeds should be.

    This is a typical response from an evil repressive dictator who want to be each individuals thought repressor, while all the while he is selling the people and country short with his external aggressive actions and International law breaking, while he steals all he can and drives Russia towards bankruptcy.

    Putin has the blood of 300,000 Chechens, 200,000 Syrians and over 6,000 Ukrainians to date. He is the most evil, bloodthirsty dictator that Europe has seen since Stalin and Hitler, yet he is indulged and appeased by weak Western politicians to theirs and ultimately our shame.

  2. Avatar Ambassador says:

    According to most polls and as uphold in the latest Forbes article, “One
    Year After Russia Annexed Crimea, Locals Prefer Moscow To Kiev.” This includes Tartars.

    1. Avatar canuke says:

      Bullsh*t. This most definitely does not include Tartars. And, when the media is absolutely one-sided and from the Kremlin, then what do you expect? The Tartars (and I would also include ethnic Ukrainians) did not accept Russian occupation, one year ago, nor do they do so today.

      1. Avatar Ambassador says:

        My dear friend, cannuke, there is no such ethnos as an “ethnic Ukrainian.” There is, however, an ethnic grouping called Slavs. They inhabit today’s Ukraine, Russia and much of Central Europe. Slavs can be divided into dozens of tribes and subclans but, here again, there is no “Ukrainian tribe” according to contemporary or to ancient historians. Russia did not occupy a territory like Crimea, because it was already 90% Russian by history, language and tradition. You may disagree with the opinion polls cited in the Forbes Magazine article, which is independent of Russian media and more objective than Organs of the State like CNN, but I’ve lived in Crimea for four years, 3 under Ukraine and 1 under Russia. As an American expat, I can objectively state that the vast majority of the populace in Crimea, including Tartars that you meet in marketplaces, etc., now have hope for a future, something that did not exist under corrupt, oligarch, Ukrainian governments, in the past. In addition, nearly everyone is extremely thankful that Crimea was spared the genocide perpetrated by stooges of Washington in the southeast. The Kiev junta may hold out committing international war crimes a little longer, but when the US gets distracted by priorities in the Middle East of some other locale, it’s inevitable that a Slavic court will try those that implemented genocide.

        1. Avatar canuke says:

          I need to read no further than your first line denying the existence of the Ukrainian nation. Perhaps I should stoop so low as to deny the existence of the Russian nation,as Muscovy didn’t even exist when Kyiv was founded by the proto-Ukrainian nation. Your chauvinism oozes from your post. I highly doubt your are an ex-pat American. I surely have never met any with your so-called Pan-Slavic bent. According to whom? Idiots like Dugin? The vast, vast majority of experts have no issue with Ukrainian. I do agree with you, however, regarding the corruption that was rampant in Ukraine, and hence the revolution of dignity. Your term, “junta” immediately suggests you are playing from the Kremlin troll work-book. Sure, sure, keep trying with your Putin inspired nonsense.

          1. Avatar Ambassador says:

            Ukrainians and Russians are the same ethnos speaking nearly identical dialects of Slavonic, largely intermarried over the centuries, upholding the same Christian Orthodox faith (except for schismatics like the self-appointed Kiev Patriarch or the Uniate), they adhere to the same Julian church calendar and prior to the US takeover of Ukraine (1992-present) most Ukrainians and Russians considered themselves to be the closest of cousins with
            common, ancestral roots. The contemporary borders of Ukraine were drawn up by the Bolsheviks, with Crimea added by Khrushchev. If you consider the Bolsheviks legit then the borders of pre-Maidan Ukraine are legit. The term Ukraine is relatively new. Quoting from a Ukrainian source: “It took a while for the Ukrainian name to catch on. In the 1880s, activists in Eastern Halychyna still used Rus in the titles of their societies… Even the reorganized Taras Shevchenko Academic Society was still described as a Ukrainian-Rus Society, as was the Rus-Ukrainian Radical Party, the first national-oriented political force of Eastern Halychyna… In their early days, the first Ukrainian budyteli faced a tough challenge: the old ethnonym rusky (Ruthenian) and the new malorusky (Little Russian) had an inevitable common root with the Russians and automatically became part of the Russian cultural environment, part of the Russian World.” “Revolution of dignity,” is
            laughable. One set of oligarchs was replaced by even greedier, bloody group that sold itself out to Washington. Not one penny of IMF, World Bank funds will reach the people – it will be stolen. When a revolutionary council that was not elected launches a genocidal, ethnic cleansing campaign, using aircraft, tanks,
            and even medium range ballistic missiles against civilians, junta is the correct term. Consistent with such, the Kiev junta, with its almost daily parliament fistfights, is rapidly transforming Ukraine into a banana republic. The “nonsense” is made in USA by the likes of Nuland and McCain and has nothing to do with Putin. With its pathological liars, Ukraine could only dream of having such a leader.

          2. Avatar canuke says:

            You must know that Rus does not equate to Russia. Muscovy usurped the word, and the Ukrainian nation. I suggest you read a little more Shevchenko and his disdain for the RuSSian Empire.

          3. Avatar Ambassador says:

            No one usurped any name – Scythian tribes, eventually Rus, inhabited the steppes everywhere in present Ukraine, Belorus, Russia and beyond. After the Turks occupation of “southern Russia-Ukraine” mainly geographic distinctions led to “Malorossiya” (from “small” or “less in number” or today’s Ukraine) and Velikorossiya (from “greater in number” or today’s Russia). Most people lived in peace and mutual respect as cousin tribes until the US-Schiff sent Trotsky from NY in 1918 to organize the USSR. In 1991, the US got involved, again, and the resulting animosities, blood and tears are evident enough. Many, if not most, writers/artists in Russia had issues with authorities. Even Pushkin was arrested and “exiled.” Exile meant living in a city besides St. Petersburg. There are no fewer Shevchenko monuments & museums in Russia than in Ukraine. The “Ukrainian nation,” comprised of many nationalities, was given the priviledge to exist in the year 1991. Agents of the US sitting fat in Kiev destroyed it. Rump Ukraine will continue to break apart – it.