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Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!

January 6 – 1 Ukrainian military was killed in gunfire in the ATO area, – informed NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

January 6 – Russian tanks were noticed in Kuibyshev district and near Putyliv road junction in Donetsk. The enemy continues to transfer artillery units and armored vehicles to Donetsk. At least two large units consisting of armored vehicles and artillery were spotted in the area in last 2 days.

January 6 – More than 4700 people have been killed and more than 10 thousand injured as a result of the conflict in the east of Ukraine since April 2014 (UN Twitter account).

January 6 – In 2014 Ukraine imported 14.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russian Federation – 11.3 billion cubic meters less than during previous year. Thus Ukraine has reduced its import of Russian gas by almost twofold.

January 6 – Starting today in the ATO area tickets will not be sold for the bus routes and passengers will not be transported to bus stops located in the ATO area. Bus transportation in the ATO area has been terminated to avoid life threatening situations due to possible terrorist attacks by Russian terrorists.

January 6 – Mariupol activists say that they have spotted the separatists, who in April and May last year seized a number of administrative buildings in the city. Mariupol residents have identified 5 persons, who actively participated in occupying the city hall, military base, and the Department of Internal Affairs.

January 6 – Security Services of Ukraine received new proof, that Russian Special Services are involved in the financing and organizing of terrorist acts in Ukraine.

Security Services of Ukraine’s counter- intelligence apprehended one of the fighters in the gang “Svat”, who after special training in an army camp in the city of Sevastopol received an assignment from representatives of the Russian Secret Services to organize and carry out terrorist attacks against peaceful ressidents in Ukrainian cities.

A resident of Mariupol, a citizen of Ukraine with the nickname “Phila”, born in 1988, sentenced for stealing in the past, was brought into an illegally formed fighting brigade “Hiurzoya”. “Phila” was issued an automatic rifle and sent to stand guard on the blockpost of the fighter “Chekhov”. The apprehended one gave the Secret Services of Ukraine staff information about the direct involvement of Russian Special Services in organizing and financing of terrorist activities on the territory of Ukraine. He was a witness of the involvement of contracted soldiers of the RF armed forces in fighting against ATO forces. “Phila” also provided information about the illegal provision by the foreign side through uncontrolled parts of the border of heavy artillery – artillery parts, mine granades, etc.

In the process of the pre-trial research, the fighter provided information that the terrorist attacks using automats with explosions in Ukrainian blogpost in the micro-region “Eastern” in Mariupol and in the region Kominternove of the Donetsk region in the fall of this year were organized all from a mobile telephone and done under the direction of the representatives FSB RF. The radio-controlled automatic explosion was activated by a telephone call from a mobile phone of a member of the Russian Special Services. To get the “salary” for the fighters for doing the sabotages and terrorist activities, the leader of the gang “Svat” personally went to Moscow.

Relations KGB / FSB, GRU, SVR with the French political elite

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Transatlantic Сommunity versus Eurasia – Arising Challenges and New Opportunities”, December 15, 2014

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If Ukraine attempts to spread liberal values to the Donbas Deep South, the region’s “white” elites and Ku Klux Klan will, once again, rebel. Moscow will claim that their rights are being violated by the Ukrainian racists and fascists in Kiev!

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