Lithuanians want to rename public square in front of Russian embassy by name of Euromaidan



A new initiative has been launched in Lithuania, which is dedicated to cherish the remembrance of the fight for freedom of Ukrainians in the Euromaidan Revolution. An initiative group of activists has launched a  petition to rename the public square in front of the embassy of the Russian Federation in Vilnius by the name of Euromaidan. As Gintarė Narkevičiūtė, the campaign’s organizer, told Euromaidan Press,

“In this square we do not want to build monuments because those people who were fighting for freedom are not struggling for statues… They are struggling for the future; therefore we encourage creation of modern kids’ playground which will keep pulse of life and strength in front of the eyes of aggressor everyday!”

The author of the idea was created is Mr. Mykolas Majauskas (former adviser to Prime Minister of Lithuania (2008-2012), Founding Curator of Vilnius Hub at World Economic Forum). There is a facebook page opened to support the cause. Also, an official letter was sent to the Mayor of Vilnius with the request to rename this particular square.

Why are Lithuanians want a square with the name of Euromaidan? Gintarė Narkevičiūtė explains that Euromaidan’s significance transcends Ukraine’s boundaries:

We believe that it is of utmost importance to express continuous support for those people who are courageous enough to fight aggression coming from the corridors of Kremlin to the territories of Neighbouring countries. In the last years we have been witnessing war in Georgia (in which territory Russian troops are still present), annexation of Crimea, hybrid war in Ukraine, including a huge information war. Nevertheless, Euromaidan protests have left a deep footprint in the history of Europe and once again united the Ukrainian nation to a peaceful revolution. For those, who know the value of Freedom (like Lithuanians) Euromaidan reminded of the old new threats and called us again to stand together with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Many of us (including me) spent their days and nights in Ukraine during last year, others were gathering there – in front of Russian embassy in Vilnius, being in solidarity with Ukraine’s people. Thus, we believe that the high time has come to give a symbolic meaning to this square, which represents a place of peaceful gatherings in support of struggle for freedom.

On 30 November 2014, a ceremony of the remembrance of first attack of Yanukovych’s regime against peaceful students in Kyiv was held at 1PM at the square in front of Russian embassy in Vilnius. During it, Lithuanians held a moment of silence for Ukrainians that dies from the hands of the Yanukovych regime and defending Ukraine from the Russian invasion, collected clothes for refugees, and placed a  and a temporary name board in the square with the name of “Euromaidan.” These are photos from the ceremony from the Lithuanian outlet



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