Refugee in Odesa supermarket: “You are greedy animals, you should all be executed…”



A refugee from around Luhansk, who has been accepted for temporary accommodation in Odesa, started a grand scandal in Silpo supermarket. The woman did not like the fact that the cashier noticed her machinations with her purchases. This was reported on “Odesa Forum” by the eyewitnesses, reports Press of Ukraine.

“I was shopping with my child in Silpo. In front of me was a seemingly well-mannered women of about 45, at the cash register. First she started picking on the cashier – why is everything so expensive in the shop. And then the cashier noticed her purchases in the plastic bags and asked how she weighed them, the woman went red and started screaming that “in your Banderite Odesa, you’re not people, you are greedy animals etc. and everyone should be executed…,” tells an Odesa resident.

As such, the scandalous woman shouted that the was “a refugee from Luhansk,” and also that in the sanatorium that accommodated her, the government fed her the kind of food she did not year. Therefore the “refugee” was forced to buy the food she needed at the supermarket.

“I took a look at her purchases: a bottle of cognac, 2 bottles of beer, marshmallow, cheese, tomatoes (there were about 2 kilos in the bag, and the receipt said 700 grams, which is why the cashier noticed) and about 2 kilos of peaches and nectarines that she weighed (the shop has a self-service system) as carrots,” an eyewitness details the machinations of the “poor” temporary migrant.

The cashier closed the desk and went to weigh the goods one more time. Meanwhile the scandalous woman was approached by two young men and a girl which were in line at the neighboring cash register. The young men took the woman by the elbows and said that in “welcoming Odesa,” which accommodated the refugees, “there is no place for people like her” and now they would help her to “go home to the Motherland, to Luganda.”

Where the activists sent the woman is unknown, the buyers saw through the shop window that she was put into a car.

“When they led her out of the hall, she was screaming and cursing, someone said loudly: Glory to Ukraine! There was a very loud and unanimous response by dozens of voices: To the heroes Glory!” the woman notes the reaction of her compatriots.

“Even my child of 4 added her own small voice to the chorus! I believe that we are starting to build a new state. I believe our people. I believe in Ukraine!” The Odesa resident finished her tale.

Source: UAPress

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina


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