Anti Terrorist operation: Daily Summary, 26 July 2014



By Roman Burko,

Accumulation of militant forces in the area of Snizhne we wrote about in our previous summaries has grown into a night attack on Marynivka. The attack failed although, as reported by our sources, the fight was pretty tough. In the evening it became known about an attempt to breach in the Starobesheve direction which resulted in the destruction of one of the checkpoints of the ATO forces. Besides, terrorists attacked in the Dolzhanskyi direction. Thus the militants are trying to regain control over the border checkpoints. That is why another attack is possible this night in the specified directions.

In the morning of July, 26 ATO forces began to advance upon Debaltseve. Prior to advance a large convoy of military equipment was observed in the M03 highway; the convoy moved towards a settlement from Krasnyi Luch. Since the convoy was not seen near Debaltseve in the morning, this could mean that terrorists are building up contingency forces in the area of Fashchivka; armored vehicles were transferred towards Debaltseve from Fashchivka several times throughout the day.

The liberation of Debaltseve can become a very important tactical victory as it opens pathways towards Yenakijeve and as a result allows completing the encirclement of Horlivka and entering the eastern outskirts of Donetsk and Makiivka.

As of the evening, Debaltseve has not been completely liberated although in the Internet, as usual, there are hasty reports of victories and complete liberation of the city. At that we again observed armored vehicles in Horlivka which is rather strange because several days ago military equipment moved out of Horlivka via Panteleimonivka.

In the daytime the enemy attempted to carry out reconnaissance of ways from Horlivka towards Dzerzhynsk. We observed movement of terrorists from under Rovenky northwards. Most likely that the militants are building up forces in the area of Stakhanov, possibly for a reciprocal campaign to Lysychansk.

The ATO forces today have attempted to cut off communications from Lysychansk. They attacked from Pervomaisk but the attack did not succeed. In the daytime the ATO forces continued the offensive towards Amvrosiivka and Torez. There were battles in Mala and Velyka Shyshivka.

In our summaries we do not consider places where combat actions have been conducted for several days in a row. Pisky is on of such examples – this is where the ATO forces continue advance upon Donetsk from. We will write about such places later when there is a certain outcome. Similarly we do not consider Donetsk itself – there are street fights there and terrorists continue to shell the airport from peaceful districts.

For the past day two convoys of armoured vehicles passed through Krasnodon from Izvaryne; the exact number of the vehicles is not known, however, the locals claim that in the night the vehicles rumbled for about half an hour and it left dents in the asphalt behind. One of the convoys moved towards Sverdlovsk, the other moved towards Luhansk. This means that the Russian Federation continues to reinforce the terrorists.

It is long time to recognize the Russian Federation as a sponsor of international terrorism.

No sanctions and remonstrance will stop V.Putin. While trying humanistic rhetoric on Putin, his faithful dogs are flooding Donbas, causing death and chaos in Ukraine.

Until Europe understands the simple truth that if there is a fire in your neighbor’s flat, then his neighbor should not moan continuing to drink Pepsi in front of TV expressing his anxiety and concern while looking in TV where they show him the fire in the neighbor’s flat online. His neighbors and he should help extinguish the fire by all means, before the fire spreads to other flats. This was a lyrical digression and cry from the heart…

In conclusion we would like to point out that it is pretty difficult to predict further developments of the situation. On the one hand, terrorists could attack Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk, especially because there is activity in their channels for the collection of information on the specified locations. On the other hand, terrorists could attack towards Dzerzhynsk and Horlivka to draw off the ATO forces advancing upon Debaltseve

It is most likely that militants will continue their attempts to breach southwards especially given the local success of the ATO forces in the direction of Amvrosiivka-Torez which require reciprocal actions from the militants if they want to avoid losing control over the situation.

Despite the actions of the internal enemies, we should not forget about the foreign global threat. The world has turned upside down and if it is easy to annex territories of independent states, if a neighboring country shells the territory of another country from “Grad’, if a country with imperial ambitions becomes a sponsor of terrorists in this civilized European world, who can promise that the next step will not be a rocket attack on peaceful cities and civilians, not only Ukrainian but of the EU countries as well?

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