Balashov: Putin will kill tens of thousands



Putin is not only a danger to the world, but for Russia itself. His illness is progressing. Having convinced himself of his own invincibility, exceptionality, the President of Russia is slowly but surely headed towards international isolation. Few are interested in the fact that his inner circle will suffer. Their accounts have already been frozen, companies blocked, they can no longer enter Europe, the US. America and Europe will continue tightening the bolts in regard to Putin’s associates. However regular people living in Russia are facing a real threat. As soon as Putin is shamefully beaten out of Ukraine, as soon as his terrorists are sent to the underworld, he will ravenously take on his own citizens. He will be unable to explain his defeat, he will be unable to stop the Internet, social media, which will deliver the truth to the Russians regardless. And in this case deaths may be counted not in hundreds, like in Ukraine, but tens of thousands, because Putin will resort to civil war. He is similar to Bashar Assad, who is ready to drown in blood all those who interfere with his dictatorship to retain his post.

We have to remember: in the history of humanity there has not been a single case of someone being capable of overcoming a country burning with revolution. Putin attacked weak Ukraine, and as a result it exited the conflict with a capable army, and is receiving the status of a US ally. Ukraine and its army will be financed and supplied with all the essentials. And Ukraine will be an example to demonstrate how backwards Putin’s Russia is.

Taking into account Putin’s psychological peculiarities, his desire to be a macho man (which is evidenced by his fighter jet flights, topless fishing and the habit of giving harsh orders) is his psychological defense. He is afraid of having his weakness revealed, his worthlessness, his stupidity, and is therefore trying to create an illusion of power, significance and intellect. Putin completely lacks a sense of humor, and this means that psychologically he has reached the development of a 13-year-old. And this adult child is in charge of a state with nuclear missiles! I am horrified to assume he is simply incapable of stepping back. And the only one who understood this was Obama. It is senseless to talk with Putin.

Having once put himself up onto a pedestal, he will never want to leave it. Therefore Putin is dangerous to the Russians. How many Russians may be killed in the possible fratricidal war, nobody knows. Putin will be forced to send the proletariats, the declassified elements he has bred in huge numbers, Chechen mercenaries to the freedom-loving parts of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Possible, the system of GULAGs will return to life, to which many human rights activists and active anti-Putinists will be sent for correction by criminals.

And I am writing this not to scare the Russians, but to expose the void that opened with the passenger airplane crash, that was downed by a Russian missile complex of the latest generation, which was imported to Ukrainian territory on Putin’s orders. 280 passengers and 150 crew members died, out of which there were 154 Dutch, 27 Australians, 23 Malaysian citizens, 11 Indonesians, 6 Brits, 4 citizens of Germany, 4 – of Belgium, 3 Philippines citizens, 1 Canadians. Among the deceased, there are 3 babies.

Now Putin is a murderer in the eyes of the entire world and he has nowhere to run. The next victims will be Russian citizens.

Source: Balashov

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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