Some notes from the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Ukraine, 19 July 2014


War in Donbas

Maria Nasiedkina

In general – UK, USA, most EU countries blame Russia for supporting separatists and being responsible directly and indirectly for the accident and for the crisis in Ukraine. China abstains. Ukraine presents vast evidence of presence of Russian military and support of separatists and puts full responsibility on Russia. Russia from the other side blames Ukraine, new government etc. All actors call for urgent investigation of the catastrophe involving international experts and monitors. The situation in Ukraine went beyond the country.

– Dark moments for international community. The causes must be established quickly. Full international investigations are needed and must be done as soon as possible.
– We call on Russia to influence the arm-separatists to stand back, so we can make investigation.
– This is was not the first plane that has been shoot. Several Ukrainian planes have been hit earlier and separatists and pro-Russian terrorists.
– We know that Russia is lying, we know that leaders of so-called Donetsk Republic are Russian citizens, we know that weapons are supplied by Russia. We urge Russia to react on the situation they created. Russia destabilized the neighbor country and we condemn them.
– Arm groups in Donetsk do not represent Ukraine. Without the Russian support they would vanish.

– Full investigation is required
– Russia is providing support to the Russian separatists
– Ukrainian helicopters and jets have been hit down by separatists earlier
– Russia may try to cover evidence of their involvement in the accident, we must act quickly
– Because of the continues support of Russia, separatists in Ukraine exists
– If Putin continues supporting the war, we continue our sanctions and actions. But we don’t want this, no one wants to see people being killed in this conflict. Poroshenko made a number of steps towards peaceful regulation of the conflict, but there is no will to establish peace from Russia
– Russia must stop

– Russia supports terrorists
– There are Russian military units in Ukraine
– Chechya soldiers are in Ukraine
– Russian media channels use propaganda
– Russia must respect international laws
– We urge Russia from direct or indirect support of separatists
– Diplomatic solution is possible. Ukrainian borders and independence must be respected.

We are shocked by the downing of the plane in eastern Ukraine. We ask for investigation. We respect borders of Ukraine.
No word about Russian involvement in the conflict.

– Russia must end provocations and stop supporting separatists
– Russia must withdraw large amount of their troops in Ukraine
– It’s time for international community to stand as one

We welcome Ukrainian efforts to establish peace. Proper investigation must be done as soon as possible.

– Separatists in Ukraine behave like bandits
– Those who supplies them are responsible
– Moscow’s actions to cooperate for peace have not been heard
– We must put an end to the escalation of the conflict

Respect the borders of Ukraine. Investigate the conflict.

Sorry, but I cannot quote Churkin. He is just insane and lives in a parallel reality.

A recording of the meeting is available here.

Source: Maria Nasiedkina’s FB

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