Facebook Status of Nikolay Gordeev, Zaporizhzhia Activist (Translation from Russian by William Risch)

Separatists are already in Zaporizhzhia! This man (Facebook page: is in business in Zaporizhzhia. He delivers seafood goods for cafés and restaurants where you and I eat. On his page, he calls for unity with Russia, and he hates everything Ukrainian. On his Youtube channel, on January 26 (link:, after people were dispersed and beaten up (a reference to an attempted occupation of the Zaporizhzhian Regional State Administration building by Euromaidan activists – translator), he posted three videos where he made ironic comments about the crackdown on the local Maidan. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had taken part in the beatings. Now he constantly takes part in separatist marches. He should not make money off you or me. I call on you to boycott all cafés and restaurants he works with. Until they refuse his services. You’ll find a complete list of his clients on the website of his company, Filadelfiia. Tell their owners about him. Please repost to the max. Zaporizhzhia should know the faces of its traitors!

Note: The website for the firm Filadelfiia ( was not opening when the translator tried to access it on April 18, 2014.

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