Monday, February 24, 2014

The snipers on Instytutska Street were soldiers of the special operations unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and special operations unit “Omega.” Assisting with the preparation of the special operations was a former first deputy of the Russian Military Intelligence Service (GRU).This information was announced by MP Hennadiy Moskal, who referred to documents obtained with help of Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and MIA employees.

“These documents on the criminal activities of law enforcement officials were collected by patriotic members of the SBU and MIA at great personal risk. Eventually, the plans of the special operations, codenamed ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Khvylya’ (Wave), to forcefully disperse the protesters ended up with me,” Moskal stated.

“I decided to make public certain sections of the ‘Khvylya’ and ‘Boomerang’ operation plans, in particular the documents that prove that the snipers on Instytutska St. were soldiers of the MIA special operations unit, led by Colonel Asavalyuk, and soldiers from the MIA ‘Omega’ unit,” he said.

“Former Interior Minister Zakharchenko ordered the MIA special operations unit ‘Sokil’ to use weapons,” he pointed out.

Moskal also released the names and phone numbers of commanders of the units that participated in the violent dispersal of the protests. “Based on this information, the Prosecutor General’s Office must open criminal proceedings,” he announced.

“Afterward, I will voluntarily turn over to the Prosecutor General’s investigative group the remaining materials that indicate the involvement in the bloody events of former Minister Zakharchenko, who personally announced on February 20 that he ordered the use of live weapons; his deputy V. Ratushnyak; O. Krykun, head of the MIA Department of Public Safety; S. Shulyak, Commander of Internal MIA troops; V. Mazan, acting head of the MIA for Kyiv; O. Yakymenko, head of SBU; his first deputy, V. Totsko; O. Shchoholyev, head of SBU for Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast; and the commanders of SBU’s ‘Alpha’ units,” he added.

Preparation assistance for the MIA and SBU special operations was provided by the former first deputy of the GRU, who lived in Hotel Kyiv during this entire period, his room and board paid for by the SBU. Ukrainian authorities hired a specialist from Russia because our heads of Security and Internal Services turned out to be unqualified (one a pilot, the other a Soviet finance inspector),” he said

“All data on the Russian citizen will be sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office, which will determine the degree of his responsibility in due process. Moreover, I am ready to turn over to the Prosecutor General’s Office materials that prove that, during the violent dispersal of the protests, MIA and SBU acted as an organized criminal group,” Moskal said.

Plans for the Boomerang and Khvylya operations were reported to the top political leadership of the country and executed with their approval, he pointed out, while expressing concern and outrage that “to date none of the officials has been officially declared a suspect, detained, or arrested.”

Diagram of the operations, from Kyivpost

Diagram of the operations, from Kyivpost

As part of the SBU “antiterrorist operation,” law enforcement units attacked the Maidan from Hrushevskiy and Instytutska Street after the peaceful march on February 18. As a result, at least 26 people were killed. SBU maintained that they did not use the “Alpha” units during the storming of the Maidan on February 18.

On the morning of February 20, snipers on Instytutska St. shot at the activists, including medics.

Translated by Anna Mostovych

Edited by Mariana Budjeryn and Robin Rohrback


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