1620387_235447913305685_1459552656_nYanukovych did not name the date of these elections. Besides, Yanukovych initiated the return to the 2004 Constitution and called upon the forming of the government of national trust.

The President of Ukraine is initiating early presidential elections, according to the appeal the head of government issued on Friday 21 February. The appeal was published on on the head of government’s official website.

Besides, the President initiated the return to the 2004 Constitution with redistribution of power towards towards Parliamentary Republic. Moreover, Yanukovych called for the forming of a new Cabinet – “the government of national trust”. This appeal is, in essence, an official confirmation of the Agreement about the regulation of the crisis in Ukraine that was reached during negotiations with the opposition, and the ambassadors from EU and Russian Federation. The signing of the Agreement was announced to take place in the President’s Administration at 12 noon. The Agreement was to be signed by all sides – the President, the opposition and the representatives of international community. However, at the present moment there is still no confirmation that the Agreement has been signed.

The appeal of President Yanukovych:

“Dear fellow citizens!

During these tragic days when Ukraine is suffering from grave losses, when people on the both sides of the barricades have died, I consider it to be my duty to the blessed memory of the deceased to announce that there is nothing more important than a human life. And there are no measures we, all together, should not take to restore the peace in Ukraine.

I announce the measures to be taken to restore the peace and avoid more victims of the confrontation.

I declare that I initiate early presidential elections.

I also initiate the return to the 2004 Constitution with redistribution of power towards Parliamentary Republic.

I call for the forming of the government of national trust to begin.

As the President of Ukraine and the Guarantor of the Constitution I fulfil my duties towards the people, Ukraine and the Lord in the name of the preservation of the state, people’s lives, and peace in our land”.

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