Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector

During the years of independency the word “oligarch” has obtained a negative meaning in the minds of Ukrainians. The only associations we have with oligarchs in Ukraine are corruption schemes, theft and criminal dealings.

Today, you have an opportunity to change people’s attitude and stand by their side to avoid further bloodshed in Ukraine. We all understand that you have the decisive economic leverage on Yanukovych, we understand that if he loses your support he will be forced to stop the bloodshed as financing is the only thing that today lets Yanukovych to fight the Ukrainian people.

We appeal to you to stop any support of those in power in Ukraine and to announce a total economic and psychological boycott with the next requirements to Yanukovych:

1. An immediate constitutional reform in Ukraine (taking into consideration the conclusions of the Venice Commission)

2. A creation of a new government coordinated by an authoritative and not politicized person; the government should be formed of the best professionals that should not have political ambitions

3. Dismissal of the government that failed to take responsibility and solve the conflict

4. Resignation of Yanukovych

Your support for these requirements and your pressure on Yanukovych with an aim of their realization will stop the bloodshed in the country and to preserve its unity and sovereignty.

The leader of Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh

Translated by Oksana Poliakova

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