Maidan, February 18, 16:30 Kyiv time

Each one of us has a choice on how to live our life.

Again I appeal to the people in uniform. Stop!

If you enter the territory of the Free Maidan, you accept that choice. Everyone who finds himself on either side of the fence is deciding on a future: either the criminal band, or a free country.

It is time to stop the Ukrainian-Ukrainian war, unleashed by Yanukovych and his bloody henchmen. My son and I stand on the side of the protestors. Those who send you to commit crimes are sitting in their stolen Mercedes, in their airplanes and offices.

We have a common enemy, and this enemy is not the demonstrator. This enemy is Yanukovych and his gang. That gang is robbing you and us. We were the first to shake off the yoke. And you, people in uniform, you have just one step toward your choice.

Stop. Put you shield on the ground. Think about your future. Your wives and children are waiting for you at home — not for some adversary.

My second statement on Maidan: No matter how many of us are here, we remain on the territory of our freedom. In a few hours there will be very many of us. Take all of your heart, your courage and your faith and squeeze them into a fist, then act as you see fit. Those who leave Maidan will not be traitors. Those who stay will be Heroes. Men — show what a free Ukrainian soul, hand and head are capable of.

Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine)!

Source: pravda.com.ua 

Translated by Anna Mostovych

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