This week they want to vote for a pro-Russian Prime-Minister in the parliament. They want to sell our independence for USD 15 billion. That’s USD 15 billion to scatter Maidan and keep power to themselves. Instead of satisfying the demands of Maidan, the government is complying with the Kremlin’s instructions.

We have no right to allow it. The Verkhovda Rada must either comply with Maidan’s demands or stop working. The amnesty law itself does not solve any problems. All names and surnames remain in the prosecution’s files. But no criminal in uniform has been punished.

Ukraine is to become either a European state or a part of the newly-formed imperial creation of Putin. That is why our demand, which we made on Maidan at 9 p.m. on 21 November 2013, remains unchanged: Ukraine should move towards Europe. Because the European way is the direction we fight for on the Maidans: these are fair courts and law enforcement officers, transparent government, and observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

We have no other option. We have already seen the other model dictated by the Kremlin and imposed by the government. It implies the murder of citizens on the streets, the “death squadrons”, torture, and the kidnapping of people.Thus, all our actions should be subordinated to this goal.

This week we ought to prevent the appointment of the Kremlin’s Prime-Minister and block the parliament. With its active efforts, Maidan must stop this scenario of the surrender of Ukraine and make the government meet the demands of Maidan. The only object of the negotiations can be the deadlines for the fulfilment of Maidan’s demands.

Translated by Oleksandra Kondratenko


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