As we fought to win the National Revolution and realized a range of challenges and dangers that threaten to our not fully independent Ukraine, we agreed to peace. We proposed our vision of resolving the crisis to both the opposition leaders and some distinct members of the ruling regime who can still think clearly.

Yet most of our demands have not been met sufficiently. The hostages have been released very slowly. The regime is only letting them out on pre-trial leave instead of granting a complete exemption from criminal charges. Under such circumstances, we see no reason to continue peace. As long as the hostages continue getting released, we will try to avoid any active hostilities but make no guarantees.

Considering that the regime does not look for a real compromise but is becoming even more arrogant, we appeal to the people of Ukraine along with the opposition, the Maidan security corps, Automaidan, the Afghan War veterans, and other protesters to prepare for a nationwide mobilization with a perspective of blocking the government.

We remind everyone that our final goals strongly remain the same. We are fighting to eliminate the present anti-Ukrainian regime along with the resignation of Yanukovych and early Presidential and Parliamentary elections that would plant patriotic ideas to the process of the future state-building. We demand the prohibition of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine as their activity is explicitly anti-Ukrainian. We advocate for an efficient lustration. We demand a limit to the influence of oligarchs who must share their assets with our state and give up their political ambitions. We are looking to create the national mechanisms of state governance executed by the people when useless bureaucracy and an excessive centralization of power are replaced by an authority of competent communities.

We urge everyone who wants the National Revolution to win stop regarding the West as the main guaranty of our victory. We are left to build our destiny with our own hands as the West has shown itself in continuing its cooperation with the anti-Ukrainian regime. We must present the West with some accomplished achievements after which they will decide whom they want to work with – the legitimate national authorities or a regime that has been dying back.

Once again, we emphasize the importance of preparing for and, most of all, bringing to fruition a nationwide mobilization. In the immediate future, we must be ready to block the work of the main units of the present regime. Let’s speak the language the regime can understand, which is a language of force!

Glory to the National Revolution!

Dmytro Yarosh, “Pravyi Sector” Leader

Translated by Olya Boychuk

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