The wonderful world of Christmas as seen through the eyes of Ukrainian artists

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Editor’s Note

Christmas is a special time of year throughout the world. For some, it means silent prayer, joyful meditation and the birth of Christ, for others – warm family gatherings, sharing and recollection.

In Ukraine, the Christmas period is a unique time of tradition and rejoicing when families gather together to partake of special Lenten dishes, unite in prayer and gratitude and end the festivities with gusty carolling. This exceptional period of the year has also inspired many artists, sculptors, poets and writers.

Here, we present some paintings, drawings, posters (and their authors), many of which have become popular illustrations of Rizdvo (Xmas) in Ukraine and abroad, and have been widely shared on social media and the internet.


Carollers by Dmytro Artym

Carollers by Olha Piliuhina

Carollers by Yaroslav Chyzhevsky

Carollers in the Karpaty by Yuriy Matsyk

Carolling by Nataliya Derevianko

Carolling by Viktoriya Protsiv

Celebration by Yuriy Zhurka

Christmas Carols by Iryna Fartukh

Christmas by Nataliya Korf-Ivaniuk

Christmas by Oleh Shupliak

Christmas Carollers by Tetiana Fyl

Christmas by Iryna Fartukh

Christmas Didukh by Oleh Shupliak

Christmas Eve by Dmytro Dobrovolsky

Christmas Ihor Ropianyk

Christmas in Zakarpattia by Oksana Arkhipova

Christmas Joy by Yuriy Zhuravel

Christmas by Oksana Zbrutska

Christmas Time by Oleksandr Mytsnyk

Christmas Vertep by Taras Danylych

Christmas. The Holy Family by Oleksandr Okhapkin

Christmas. The Three Feasts by Roman and Nadiya Fedyna

Holy Christmas by Sofiya Panchyshyn

Holy Supper by Viktoriya Protsiv

Illustration to Mykola Hohol’s ‘The Night before Christmas’ by Kost Lavro

Joy to the World by Ihor Herchakivsky

The Carollers are on their way by Ihor Ropianyk

The Holy One by Nataliya Korf-Ivaniuk

The Night before Christmas by Yuriy Patsan

Vertep by Kateryna Lukashchuk

Vertep by Viktor Luzhetsky

Vertep by Tetiana Fyl

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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