Vitaly Portnikov: This government is apathetic toward Ukraine

Colonel Yevhen Korosteliov. Photo: FB  

Op-ed, Ukraine

It took until the day after Colonel Yevhen Korosteliov’s death for it to be announced that President Zelenskyy had awarded the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi II Class to the Commander of the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade.

By this time, many other dignitaries had expressed their condolences at hearing of the loss of the combat officer. In fact, most politicians and community leaders, even foreign representatives from the embassies of France, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States expressed their condolences. Absent in the number was the Ukrainian president himself, and members of his inner circle.

The military honour awarded to Korosteliov was the government’s “reply to the critics”. The impression is that they are making a show of their lack of fear of angering Putin with their public reaction to this or that event in Ukraine.

The fact is that they are apathetic toward Ukraine. Indifference is like a diagnosis of being colour-blind, and not understanding why you cannot drive through an intersection when the traffic light is red, except for warnings from someone who discriminates the colours normally. Despite these warnings, however, you will never be able to tell the difference between traffic light colours. In this comparison, it isn’t even your fault, just your misfortune. But, when metaphorically colour-blind individuals form a nation’s government, it becomes a misfortune for the entire country. A terrible misfortune!

And so it is here, in Ukraine. Individuals, most of whom have always been apathetic toward Ukraine, have elected individuals that are not only indifferent to Ukraine, but to every other country as well. It all looks very harmonious, but nothing good can come of it. Apathy: this was the notorious proclamation Volodymyr Zelenskyy made as a presidential candidate. His verdict has meant the end of reforms, victories, hopes, and possibilities. It is a verdict that will hit the wallet of the most apathetic, make them victims of new scams, conflicts and wars.

For people who are not indifferent to Ukraine, these pronouncements are a wake-up call. They are the only ones who can rescue Ukraine. They are also the only ones who can be of any help to those who live in Ukraine but will never truly become her citizens. Understandably, this is a difficult task, usually repulsive at that, continually coming to the aid of those who ridicule this country, and who, after having been rescued, return to the ballot box in order to vote once again against the blood, sweat, and tears of those who keep coming to their assistance.

All the same, it must be done. Not only for oneself, but also for all those who are apathetic toward Ukraine. And also as a gesture of remembrance in memory of such men as Colonel Yevhen Korosteliov

Translated by: Jeffrey D. Stephaniuk

Edited by: Christine Chraibi


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