Letter from Vitaliy Markiv: “My fight is ongoing!”


International, War in the Donbas

A few days ago, Yuliya Babych received a letter from Vitaliy Markiv, the young Ukrainian National Guardsman sentenced to 24 years in an Italian prison.

Vitaliy remains optimistic and writes that the fight for Ukraine continues on all fronts, and he is also fighting his battle on his own front line. Vitaliy is an example for us all, a strongly motivated young man who never gives up and is ready to stand up for his country wherever he may be.

Excerpts from Vitaliy’s letter:

“…My fight is ongoing. But, rest assured – they have not frightened me with this trial and sentence! On the contrary, they have kindled the desire to win!

I am honoured and proud to defend my own dignity and that of all Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian military units that have been fighting for over five years for the right to exist as an independent state and a free people! I have endured all the trials and tribulations for the sake of my family, my brothers, the National Guard of Ukraine, and for all the people who care about me and my future! That is what I must do! And I will do it!….

…When we were deployed to the anti-terrorist operation zone in 2014, Arsen Borysovych spoke the following words: “This is the situation in our country today: in the army, readiness and combat training stands at 90%, but morale is at 10%. But, it’s the opposite within your ranks! So, I ask you to pass on your patriotic spirit to all the others.”

And so we did. And I remember it well! My duty is to uphold the dignity and honour of my country and all the men and women who fight for it.”

Sergeant V. Markiv

Слава Україні! (Glory to Ukraine!)

On the envelope Vitaliy wrote: “Veni.Vidi.Vici.”

On the other side he noted: “National Guardsmen never seek an easy way out!”



Yuliya Babych (left) with Diana Markiv (right)

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Facebook

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