The Court – Euromaidan Press documentary on the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court

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Finally, Ukraine is closer to dealing with its top-corrupt than ever before. The High Anti-Corruption Court, which is expected to be launched in 2019, is the final link in the chain of anti-corruption institutions called to bring Ukraine’s corrupt leadership to justice.

The fight for its creation was not easy. President Petro Poroshenko, the author of Ukraine’s judicial reform, resisted the idea till the very last moment. The pressure of society and Ukraine’s western partners made him change his mind. But attempts to render the court powerless continued till the last moment.

The Euromaidan Press documentary “The Court” tells the story of the creation of the court through the eyes of civil society.

Why is the court needed? How had the government tried to avoid its creation? Will proper judges be selected? And what was the role of society and Ukraine’s western partners in the process?

And what happened next? What are the main obstacles on the way to creating an effective court? Read in the article:

5 months after legal start of Anti-Corruption Court, how close is Ukraine to prosecuting its top-corrupts?

Author: Olena Makarenko
Camera: Denis Melnik
Video editing: Dmytro Tiazhlov, Oleksandra Chuprina, Ganna Naronina
Graphics&Design: Ganna Naronina
Editor: Alya Shandra
Sound: Volodymyr Bedzvin
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