Addressing the great “Jewish Communist” conspiracy



This note is a response to a pervasive myth held by those who want to demonise Jews as a whole by pointing to the apparent role Jews played in the Communist movement. But what they point to is complete nonsense. It might be good to look at the way that Communists themselves understood Judaism, beginning with Marx. As we know Marx wrote at a time when the special privileges and restrictions put upon Jews for centuries were still within living memory across many parts of Europe. Under said restrictions Jews were routinely confined to living in close communities or “Ghettos” and forced to engage in particular economic activities such as additional charging for loans as Christianity forbade usury amongst its own communities and other economic activities that Marx himself described as “hucksterism” and the essence of contemporary Judaism.

In 1844 Marx published an essay titled “On the Jewish Question” where he argued that “The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism.” Here Marx wrote using some very crude language that, in his worldview, simple emancipation would not in and of itself free the Jews because they will still be seen as a separate entity within Christian society.

One of the most common antisemitic tropes is that Jews, money and rulers are inextricably linked. And Marx fully bought into it, which is why he branded Polish Jews for example, the “filthiest of all the Races” after reading a number of publications which accused Polish Jews of decisively supporting the German side and resisting Polish national goals with regards to the revolutionary period of 1846-8. For more details on the realities on the ground, see this.


Marx was one of the more famous correspondents to the New York Tribune. At the same time he worked for the newspaper, he shared its pages with columns like this one titled “The Russian Loan” which argues”Thus we find every tyrant backed by a Jew, as is every pope by a Jesuit. In truth, the cravings of oppressors would be hopeless, and the practicability of war out of the question, if there were not an army of Jesuits to smother thought and a handful of Jews to ransack pockets.” There is no record of Marx ever condemning the antisemitism of his fellow writers!


For your information, there is more on Marx’s Antisemitism here.

And there is an additional crux of Communist thought that should be highlighted. Marx along with his followers impugned all religion as not just merely destructive but the preserve of Capitalism itself (as “the opium of the people”) and the above was routinely analysed through the prism of the Marxist concepts of the “base and superstructure.” As long as there is a base of separation, in this case though religion, it will be reflected somehow in the superstructure and hence no true “emancipation” can result.

In Marxist terms, this means denying the Jews their historical Judaism.

Under the Soviet Union, the act of “denying the Jews their historical Judaism” was put into practice by the destruction of Synagogues, the murder of Rabbis, the outlawing of the Torah and so on, much as the Soviet Union was committed to removing Christianity. For an example, see the official communist propaganda video dedicated to the forceful closure and conversion of a synagogue into a “house of culture.”

Beginning in the 1930s, Stalin used the excuse of Anti-Bolshevik “Jewish nationalists” to further increase antisemitic repressions. One of his “solutions” to the “Jewish Question” was to use Birobidzhan and the climatically harsh surrounding territory close to the Chinese border to first concentrate and then pick off the Jewish population in the USSR.

Towards the end of his life Stalin plotted a genocidal programme which if enacted might have been on par with the Nazi-German Holocaust in terms of scale.

During the Holodomor scores of Ukrainian Jews fled to the so-called “Jewish Autonomous Oblast” of which Birobidzhan was the capital thinking that it offered safety, what they found instead was their own deaths. All the meanwhile in the Ukrainian SSR itself Jews were routinely picked off by Stalin’s NKVD on the charge of being Kulaks.


A pre-1914 photo of a wooden synagogue in Talne, Ukraine.

In 1926 the Jewish population was estimated to number 4,169, by 1939 there were only an estimated 1,866 left – the result of the Holodomor, continued Soviet oppression and emigration. The remainder of Talne’s Jewish population suffered an extra blow in Hitler’s Holocaust. This wooden synagogue was destroyed by Soviet authorities in the mid 1920s.

In practice, this meant that those that Neo-Nazis usually paint as “Jewish Communists” such as Kaganovich did not primarily see themselves as Jews but primarily as Marxist-Leninists, and acted upon it.

Kaganovich had Jewish heritage but didn’t associate with it just as Marx never associated with his.


This 1934 list details who comprised the highest organs of the Soviet State. Only 18 out of 69 Central Committee members were classified as “Jewish,” and in the Politburo, Kaganovich was the only “Jewish” member.

It is sometimes said that Jews flocked to the socialist cause in the 1800s. This was only true to the extent that the socialist promise of egalitarianism was seen as an antidote to centuries of stigmatisation. Even so, in the Russian empire, the Bolshevik faction amounted to no more than a tiny minority of the socialist movement, even in 1917 as Orlando Figues has pointed out!


Here’s the list of the first Soviet Commissars in 1917. ONLY Trotsky was “Jewish.”

I have a tendency to call those Neo-Nazis who deny the Holocaust and instead focus on an incoherent “Jewish conspiracy” with regards to Soviet rule as “double genocide deniers.”

They deny the USSR’s murderous antisemitism which means they also deny the murderous consequences of Soviet antisemitism and its Jewish victims.

Russian Neo-Nazis perversely seem to delight in both Nazi and Soviet antisemitism alike. Despite reality, there will remain those who exaggerate the role of “Jewish” communists to demonise all Jews as a whole, and those people are not worth any more time.

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    RuSSians are filthy fascists. They hate everyone.

  2. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    Many if not most Russians are a perfect example of some type of contradiction within a contradiction or as Sir Winston Churchill once described as a “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. The proof: they claim to hate fascism but they are fascists, they hate communism but they are communists, they hate imperialism but they are imperialists, they hate chauvinism but they are chauvinists. Then to add another twist, the Russians claim to be the direct descendants of Kyivan (Kievan) Rus’ but they are actually a mongrel mix of Ilmen Slavs, Finno-Ugrics, Mongols and other fictional characters (re: Putin who is all of those mentioned plus Superman, Batman, Aquaman, the Swamp Thing and so on). The Russians also claim to embrace all of the people of the world but what has been the horrendous cost of the embrace of the Russkiy bear: Their perpetration of the Holodomor/Genocide launched primarily against ethnic Ukrainians during 1932-1933 where at least 5-7 million people perished, never ending pogroms against Jews, the partial destruction and deportation of the Crimean Tatar nation in 1944, the banning and partial destruction of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church following WWII and many, many other sordid accounts of unprovoked invasions, international treachery, deliberate deportations of non-Russians within their so called “Russian World” , illegal imprisonment, torture and murder. Then to add salt to these open wounds, the Russians deny all responsibility for their criminal actions. As such, is it any wonder that Russians and Russia are despised throughout the world?

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      Funny how the world forgets RuSSian genocides.

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      Absolutely right. The home of the ‘protocols’ still has the same imperial ambitions that it had when it was aligned with hitler.

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    ..Russians steal Ukrainian land (Crimea, Don Bass), as the Serbians steal Croatian land…(Srijem, Bosnia, Montenegro, Banat)!…so, both the Croatians and Ukrainians have each other’s history and suffering in common! But, God will eventually destroy Russia and Serbia, so they will NOT haunt their neighbours anymore!